Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Hamilton's Darts Spending

Hamilton's DARTS funding for disabled public transport seems to inexorably rise every year. Here's Spec article dealing with increased funding requirements for Hamilton having to provide services for those with cognitive disabilities rather than just physical.

I would love to see how DARTS funding has changed over the years, as I'm guessing there's been massive increases over the years. It would be interesting to contrast that to funding increases for the HSR for the same time periods. Maybe that info is buried somewhere on the city's website.

Some interesting info from the article:

"Every passenger now using DARTS services will be grandfathered, Hull said. However, if a new user who would have been eligible under the previous rules — for example, with a wheelchair or scooter — is able to function on HSR buses, they will not have a spot on DARTS buses."

So at least the low floor HSR buses should limit new DARTS passengers with physical disabilities, although I would be curious to see how this plays out in practice.

Also, wouldn't it be cheaper just to use taxis for the cognitively disabled?

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