Wednesday, February 26, 2014

January Ontario Electricity Global Adjustment Finalized, February Estimate Out

The actual global adjustment for January is out on the IESO website and it is really low, both overall and compared to the first estimate. The first estimate was 3.63 cents per kilowatt hour versus the final value of 1.26 cents per kilowatt hour. Likely the reason was high overall power use from people using supplemental electrical heating during the unusually cold January combined with low green energy production (solar is going to be weak in dark January). Interestingly, that's a big difference from the overall record global adjustment for November of 8.47 cents per kilowatt hour and last year's value of 5.00 cents per kilowatt hour.

The February first estimate is out and it is rather low as well at 2.23 cents per kilowatt hour compared to 4.81 in 2013. No doubt that's due to the fact February was quite cold. March looks like it will be starting off cold as well so expect that month's global adjustment to be lower than 2013's value of 4.93. 

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