Wednesday, October 29, 2014

US Steel Idles Hamilton Coke Plant

The Spectator is reporting that US Steel is idling the coke making operation at their Hamilton facility which is under creditor protection.

From the article it isn't exactly clear whether it will be shut down completely which basically ruins the operation or hot idles it allowing it to be restarted.

In terms of pollution, the coke making operation is pretty much the dirtiest part of the steel making process (and the blast furnaces are shut at Hamilton anyways) so shutting them completely or hot idling them will likely reduce air pollution in Hamilton (although in Hamilton car exhaust now likely dwarfs the coke making as a source of air pollution). Getting a license for a new coke making operation is supposedly quite difficult in the US and Canada so it has some value, maybe to Arcelor Dofasco. The world is awash in steel however, so maybe this is the end for all the operations at the US Steel Hamilton site.

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