Monday, May 25, 2015

Ontario's April 2015 Employment Numbers

Finally getting around to looking at Statscan Ontario employment numbers for April.

Employment dropped by 14,300 month to month. However full-time employment went up 30.3 thousand while part-time went down by 44,400 jobs. That seems somewhat strange and is pretty much a mixed bag. Monthly number seem quite volatile, although I don't think one can argue that April was a particularly strong month.

From December 2014 employment actually went up by a mere 2,800 which is quite weak over four months and the working age population went up around 36,200 in that period. That can't be good for tax revenues versus tax expenditures. However over this period full-time employment went up 40,600 while part-time decline 38,700 so again that's a good thing. 

One thing I will say though is that the weaker dollar in 2015 hasn't seem to have led to any great job gains. It could take longer to filter through, although maybe it doesn't happen. These numbers don't look like they will help make the government's prediction of 2.7% GDP growth in fiscal 2015-2016.

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