Friday, June 5, 2015

Canada's May 2015 Employment Numbers Are Out and They Are Good

Statscan released the Canadian jobs numbers for May and there was a big jump, up 58,900 compared to a loss of 19,700 jobs in April. One could look at this as the weak first quarter of 2015 continued into April, but now job growth has accelerated in May (and possibly the overall economy has accelerated in May as well).

Both full-time and part-time jobs were up, 30,900 and 27,900 respectively, so there's no trading full-time for part-time jobs that was seen earlier in the year.

Over five months, from the start of the year employment is up 102,300 which isn't nearly as impressive (although still not bad). The labour force was up 133,600 in that time span.

All and all it is an impressive jump for May and maybe the start of a positive trend. I'll look at Ontario's and Alberta's numbers on the weekend.

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