Saturday, October 17, 2015

Alberta Actually Has Created More Jobs Per Capita in 2015 Than Ontario

I recently made a post about the September 2015 jobs numbers, mainly emphasizing that for Ontario they weren't good, either for the month or year to date. I compared the numbers for Ontario and Alberta.

However looking again at the year to date numbers, 23,000 jobs created in Ontario versus 15,000 in Alberta it occurred to me that while the Ontario ones were higher, on a per capita basis, they probably weren't. And sure enough dividing by the Statscan population numbers for Ontario and Alberta (13,792,052 and 4,196,457 for the third quarter respectively), Ontario created 0.00166763 jobs per capita in 2015 so far versus 0.0035744 in Alberta.

So the narrative that Alberta is totally in the tank economically while Ontario isn't doesn't seem to be particularly true at least in job creation terms. 

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