Sunday, January 10, 2016

Canada and Ontario December 2015 Employment Numbers Analysis

Statscan released the December numbers on Friday and they were better than I was expecting (which wasn't much). Canada's seasonal adjusted jobs numbers increased by 22,800 in December. Unfortunately, full-time employment actually decreased by 6,400 jobs, while part-time jobs increased by 29,200 jobs. Year over year, jobs increased by 158,100. Full-time jobs increased by 151,000 versus 7,100 more part-time jobs.

However there does appear to be some caveats. In the Statscan writeup for the month, "In December, the number of self-employed increased by 40,000, while the number of private and public sector employees was little changed." So people could be declaring themselves self-employed out of necessity and there wasn't actually any private sector hiring. 

Ontario had a great December. Jobs increased by 34,900 in December. Full-time jobs increased by a massive 42,200, while part-time jobs decreased by 7,300. Year over year, jobs increased by 80,700.  Full-time jobs increased by 141,600 and part-time jobs actually decreased by 61,800.

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