Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Air Canada Back Servicing Montreal from Hamilton Munro Airport

Air Canada announced today that they are back serving Hamilton, with two flights per day to Montreal. Certainly a good thing for Hamilton and the somewhat beleaguered airport, especially after New Leaf, the new discount carrier after announcing service seems to have hit a fairly significant bump in the road.

Ottawa would have been nice too, but with basically only service to Frankfurt and London, it doesn't provide the possibilities of flying on to Europe from Montreal. Would a Hamiltonian rather fly from Hamilton to Montreal and then on to Europe or go to Pearson and fly direct? Depends on the person and where they live in Hamilton. If you live on the Mountain and only fifteen minutes away by car, then maybe.

Hopefully the service does well and Air Canada expands to Ottawa eventually as well. That's pretty much all one can hope for in terms of Air Canada at Hamilton airport.

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