Thursday, July 13, 2017

City of Cornwall 2016 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2016 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for City of Cornwall (released March 31th, 2017). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 88. The total salaries on the list is $10,359,045.36, with the average salary for someone on the list of $117,716.42. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other municipalities can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,498,188.39

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. Maureen Adams $174,416.38
2. John St. Marseille $158,680.38
3. Myles Cassidy $157,132.96
4. Mark A. Boileau $151,055.57
5. John Irwin $146,181.90
6. Pierre Baril $142,728.10
7. Luc Richer $142,691.77
8. Robert Cotnam $142,454.79
9. Geoffrey Clarke $141,423.27
10. Pierre Voisine $141,423.27

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Fire Fighter34$111,471.87
Captain - Fire Services9$132,851.54
Platoon Chief - Fire Services4$140,850.64
Commander - Paramedic Services4$107,863.37
Supervisor Social Services3$100,396.92
Chief Administrative Officer2$147,415.79
Fire Prevention Officer - Fire Services2$118,010.52
Deputy Chief - Paramedic Services2$117,229.00

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Maureen Adams1Chief Administrative Officer$174,416.38$1,486.56
David Aitken12Captain - Fire Services$138,626.86$1,243.22
Tracey Bailey37General Manager - Financial Services and Treasurer$114,858.04$992.72
Michel Baril48Fire Fighter$111,307.93$1,048.22
Pierre Baril6Platoon Chief - Fire Services$142,728.10$1,312.42
Patrice Barque67Fire Fighter$106,983.59$1,017.93
Kenneth Bedford78Division Manager - Planning Services$100,396.92$870.14
Elizabeth Bissonnette79Supervisor - Information Technology$100,396.92$870.14
Mark A. Boileau4General Manager - Planning, Development and Recreation$151,055.57$1,277.52
Richard Bourdeau80Operations Supervisor - Recreation Services$100,396.92$870.14
Jack Burelle64Fire Fighter$108,748.41$1,017.93
Ian Butcher43Fire Fighter$113,345.40$1,017.93
Myles Cassidy3General Manager - Shared Services$157,132.96$1,337.30
Tyson Chadwick33Fire Fighter$116,960.83$1,017.93
Geoffrey Clarke9Director of Human Resources$141,423.27$1,212.04
Dominic Cote47Fire Fighter$111,491.43$1,017.93
Robert Cotnam8Platoon Chief - Fire Services$142,454.79$1,312.42
Cliff Crites23Senior Fire Prevention Officer - Fire Services$125,284.12$1,204.16
Jason Crites49Fire Fighter$110,843.57$1,017.93
Bill De Wit51Division Manager - Municipal Works$110,594.81$960.97
Jody Dewar17Captain - Fire Services$135,245.84$1,243.22
Bruce Donig15Deputy Chief - Fire Services$135,917.14$1,089.73
Anna-Maria Donihee87Supervisor - Outreach Glen Stor Dun Lodge$100,396.91$870.14
Brian Dufresne77Commander - Paramedic Services$101,473.81$851.65
Fay Emerton-Proulx81Supervisor Social Services$100,396.92$870.14
James Fawthrop52Division Manager - Parks and Recreation$110,594.81$960.97
Murray Alexander Fenton20Training Officer - Fire Services$130,972.50$1,234.45
Enrique Figueredo-Kamm82Transportation Engineer$100,396.92$870.14
Helen Finn44City Clerk$112,711.27$978.24
Richard Gagne61Fire Fighter$109,152.37$1,017.93
Charles Gagnon71Fire Fighter$105,480.95$987.53
Kevin Gillis46Commander - Paramedic Services$111,620.42$883.10
Paul Huntley21Fire Fighter$127,487.45$1,048.22
John Irwin5Captain - Fire Services$146,181.90$1,243.22
Mary Johnson53Director of Nursing$110,594.81$960.97
Chad Kilger72Fire Fighter$105,332.74$987.54
Andrew Kinstler24Fire Fighter$124,612.51$1,078.62
Annette Lacelle42Registered Nurse$113,929.09$795.46
Lloyd Lalonde59Captain - Fire Services$109,164.66$1,048.22
William Lalonde18Captain - Fire Services$133,550.75$1,243.22
Morris Lamer29Fire Prevention Officer - Fire Services$118,001.38$1,134.85
Jeffrey Lauzon11Captain - Fire Services$139,079.19$1,243.22
Terry Lauzon28Fire Prevention Officer - Fire Services$118,019.66$1,134.86
Jeffrey Trent Leadston39Fire Fighter$114,633.57$1,048.22
Michel Legault70Fire Fighter$105,881.96$1,017.93
Bruce Leger76Fire Fighter$102,084.02$962.53
Normand Levac27Chief Administrative Officer$120,415.19$964.97
William Lister31Deputy Chief - Paramedic Services$117,229.00$1,017.30
Wade A. Lloyd14Captain - Fire Services$136,183.83$1,243.22
Larry G. Macdonell83Supervisor Social Services$100,396.92$870.14
Brent Macnab73Fire Fighter$105,239.62$962.53
Richard Mailhot69Fire Fighter$106,823.35$1,017.93
Ryan Major56Fire Fighter$109,852.67$1,017.93
Wayne Markell65Commander - Paramedic Services$107,897.21$899.27
Morris Mccormick45Division Manager - Environmental Services$111,794.81$960.97
James Mcdonald34Fire Fighter$116,319.44$1,048.22
Jeffrey Mcintyre62Fire Fighter$109,082.58$1,017.93
Frank Mcneely58Fire Fighter$109,516.16$1,017.93
Jocelynne Menard84Supervisor Social Services$100,396.92$870.14
Kelly Michaud26Captain - Fire Services$120,980.29$1,170.60
Lee Montford55Commander - Paramedic Services$110,462.02$917.00
Mellissa Morgan-Dobson75Supervisor Community Housing$103,752.52$877.46
Charles Morrissette25Mechanic - Fire Services$121,128.36$1,169.56
Sally Munroe88Assistant Director of Nursing$100,312.77$870.14
Jason Norman68Fire Fighter$106,900.66$1,017.93
Steven O'Reilly16Platoon Chief - Fire Services$135,527.91$1,312.42
Steve Parthenais57Fire Fighter$109,788.39$1,017.93
Daniel Patton74Fire Fighter$104,003.92$987.53
Addison Pelkey66Fire Fighter$107,826.97$962.53
John Powers30Fire Fighter$117,245.84$1,017.93
Norm Quenneville19Administrator Glen Stor Dun Lodge$131,719.87$1,142.83
Rejean Quenneville22Fire Fighter$125,385.96$1,078.62
Eric Richer50Fire Fighter$110,650.20$1,025.25
Luc Richer7Platoon Chief - Fire Services$142,691.77$1,312.42
Ian Robertson60Fire Fighter$109,161.04$1,017.93
Paul Rochon85Roads Supervisor - Municipal Works$100,396.92$1,523.65
Christopher Rogers54Chief Building Officer$110,594.81$1,683.78
John St. Marseille2General Manager - Infrastructure and Municipal Works$158,680.38$1,359.36
Leonard Tapp86Division Manager - Transit$100,396.92$870.14
Andre Turbide32Deputy Chief - Paramedic Services$117,229.00$1,017.30
Bradley Vallance63Fire Fighter$108,919.04$1,017.93
Andrew James Van Veen13Captain - Fire Services$136,650.55$1,243.22
John Vandrish41Fire Fighter$114,121.96$1,021.59
John Vipond40Fire Fighter$114,134.19$1,078.62
Pierre Voisine10Chief - Fire Services$141,423.27$1,212.04
Garry Waldroff36Fire Fighter$115,314.65$1,017.93
Bryan Ward35Fire Fighter$115,410.29$1,078.62
Stephen Wintle38Division Manager - Infrastructure Planning$114,726.82$767.82

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