Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hamilton Council Says No to Windmills

Here's a Spec article on council passing a motion about windmills:

"Johnson’s motion first asked for a province-wide moratorium on industrial wind turbines. However, after pushback from her council colleagues, Johnson dropped the request for an all-out provincial ban on wind turbines and instead asked for a comprehensive health study and a ban on the turbines in Hamilton alone. It passed unanimously.

Johnson — who worked for Environment Hamilton before becoming a city councillor — says she was torn between her environmental background, the potential revenue the turbines can bring into the agricultural sector, and the concerns coming from her constituents."

Wow. I can't believe that motion passed unanimously. Are there that many anti-wind turbine cranks in Hamilton that they can get every councillor to approve this motion? I live in Ward 2 and am wondering why my councillor Jason Farr went along with it. Are there really voters in Ward 2 demanding wind turbines be banned in all of Hamilton?

I lived in Germany for just over three years and there were vast numbers of wind turbines in Saxony, the state I lived in. On the train from Dresden to Berlin you could look out and see them for large parts of the trip. This technology has been around for a while and the grief it's getting in Ontario health-wise is ridiculous. Oppose them because they're not economical I can understand, but this is silly.

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