Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hamilton Mountain Denies Liberal Majority

There's been articles written about support for wind turbines costing Dalton McGuinty rural seats and thus a majority. However with the Liberals only being one seat away from a majority, any seat lost denied them a majority. Hamilton Mountain had previously belonged to Liberal cabinet minister Sophia Aggelonitis before the election and was lost to NDPer Monique Taylor in the Ontario election. Taylor won with 20,558 votes versus 14,716 for Aggelonitis and 8,461 for Tory Geordie Elms.

This result should not have been particularly surprising, as Aggelonitis had 17,383 votes in the last election, while the NDP had 15,649 and the Tories 10,991 as the popular vote for the Liberals went down across the province, while the NDP went up. I'm wondering if there may have been a bit of strategic voting by Tories for the NDP to deny the Liberals a majority. Unlikely, but it looks like the Liberals are almost done in Hamilton federally and provincially which is a pretty big reversal of fortune.

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