Saturday, December 6, 2014

Hamilton November 2014 Employment Numbers

Here's a look at the Statscan employment numbers for Hamilton for November 2014. Compared to a year ago the population was up 6.4 thousand to 639.7 thousand. The labour force was up 12.1 to 408.2 thousand, while the number of employed was up 16.1 thousand to 385.5 compared to a year ago.

That's pretty impressive, especially considering the increase was considerably over the population increase. Maybe that was just a particularly good interval, but it is over a year.

Strangely, unemployment was 22.7 thousand down a comparatively large 4.0 thousand. Where did those people go, as there's always the danger they just dropped out of the labour force. However the participation rate was up to 63.8% an increase of 1.3%, which means people weren't just dropping out of the labour force.

So good year over year numbers for Hamilton, especially considering the numbers for the province overall weren't that impressive.

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