Friday, April 21, 2017

Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth / Research, Innovation and Science 2016 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Update: Click here for the 2017 Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Growth Sunshine List (released March 2018)

Here is the 2016 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Economic Development and Growth / Research_ Innovation and Science (released March 31th, 2017). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 159. The total salaries on the list is $18,497,316.44, with the average salary for someone on the list of $116,335.32. Last year's list is available here.
Sunshine lists and statistics for other ministries can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,781,676.57
Total Salary earned by the top 25: $3,934,986.16

Here is the top 25 salary earners:
1. Giles Gherson $268,769.21
2. Victor Severino $180,793.20
3. Daniel Keating $179,784.84
4. Robert Burns $179,362.67
5. Ann Hoy $168,889.29
6. William Mantel $168,653.67
7. John Marshall $168,298.35
8. Kevin Perry $156,903.48
9. Gregory Wootton $155,623.25
10. Steve Romanyshyn $154,598.61
11. Nelson Janicas $154,067.04
12. Clare Barnett $151,661.56
13. Betty Morgan $146,245.26
14. David Onley $146,198.00
15. Isolina Kuzminski $145,097.59
16. Guy Poirier $145,097.59
17. Allison Barr $144,590.69
18. Richard Kikuta $144,569.46
19. Alfred Spencer $144,246.07
20. Susan Picarello $144,037.31
21. Mary Bartolomucci $143,070.13
22. Katherine Gibson $143,070.13
23. Rachel Simeon $134,431.11
24. Brian Love $133,678.47
25. George Cadete $133,249.18

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Senior Policy Advisor30$106,162.71
Senior Program Advisor8$104,829.54
Team Lead6$107,058.31
Special Advisor3$106,377.00
Executive Assistant3$101,875.33
Policy Coordinator2$103,124.03
Manager, Contracting and Issues / Chef, attribution des contrats et gestion des questions d'interet2$112,090.09
Manager, Research Programs / Chef, programmes de recherche2$114,150.65
Project Lead2$104,489.90
Senior Transaction Specialist2$120,641.25
Director, Analytics and Advanced Technology / Directeur, analytique et technologies de pointe2$144,833.52
Program Lead2$106,433.18

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Akin Alaga34Director, Regional Economic Development / Directeur, Developpement economique regional$123,712.54$190.16
Shelley Allison88Senior Policy Advisor$106,433.18$172.62
R. Joanne Anderson35Director, Technology Adoption and Regional Growth / Directrice, Direction de l'adoption des technologies et de la croissance regionale$122,969.71$190.16
Stephanie Appave129Director, Policy Coordination and Business Climate / Directrice, Direction de la coordination des politiques et de l'optimisation du climat des affaires$103,527.05$166.92
Clare Barnett12Vice President, Investment Growth / Vice-presidente, croissance des investissements$151,661.56$223.70
Allison Barr17Director, Office of the Chief Science Officer / Directrice, Bureau du scientifique en chef$144,590.69$223.02
Reed Barrett38Director, Funding Administration / Directeur, Direction de l'administration du financement$120,061.37$191.61
Joel Bartczak145Policy Coordinator$100,252.95$163.05
Mary Bartolomucci21Director, Standards Policy and Coordination / Directrice, politiques et coordination en matiere de normes$143,070.13$215.01
Alma Beard121Manager, Freedom of Information and Privacy and Information Management / Chef, acces a l'information, protection de la vie privee et gestion de l'information$104,470.49$163.12
Thomas Bedford109Manager, Automotive / Chef, secteur automobile$105,937.27$227.30
Anne Bermonte26Director, Regulatory Modernization / Directrice, Direction de la modernisation de la reglementation$132,621.37$200.13
Guy Bethell125Director of Stakeholder Relations / Directeur des relations avec les intervenants$104,142.48$169.38
Miranda Bisnauth146Senior Policy Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Kim Blackmore84Chief Operating Officer / Directrice generale des operations$107,480.98$173.88
Jennifer Brown132Manager, Accessibility Policy / Chef, politiques d'accessibilite$103,205.42$161.26
Barbara Brownlee134Senior Policy Advisor$102,003.84$165.55
Andrea Bruce113Manager, Regulatory Centre of Excellence / Chef, centre d'excellence en matiere de reglementation$105,553.04$174.28
Wendy Bryan122Manager, Digital Communications$104,470.49$163.12
John Bullen42Manager, Cabinet Office Liaison / Chef, liaison avec le Bureau du Conseil des ministres$116,865.98$182.56
Carrie Burd27Director, Public Sector Liaison and New Economy Regulation / Directrice, liaison avec les entites du secteur public et reglementation pour la nouvelle economie$132,621.37$200.13
Derek Burgess53Manager, Regional Economic Policy / Chef, politiques economiques regionales$111,903.67$176.82
Robert Burns4Chief Administrative Officer/Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Services Division / Directeur general de l'administration/Sous-ministre adjoint, Division des services ministeriels$179,362.67$266.64
Rita Byvelds89Senior Program Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
George Cadete25Director, Scale-up Services / Directeur, services pour l'expansion$133,249.18$202.02
Richard Caine43Manager, Trade Policy Advice and Disputes / Chef, conseils et differends en matiere de politiques commerciales$116,865.97$182.56
Nancy Calabro147Senior Program Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Hugo Cameron28Director, Trade Policy / Directeur, politiques commerciales$132,621.37$200.13
Patricia Carroll-Tougas148Freedom of Information and Privacy Coordinator de l'acces a l'information et de la protection de la vie privee$100,252.95$163.05
Michael Cascone138Senior Policy Advisor$101,286.71$219.97
Aaron Chan119Team Lead$104,836.43$166.54
Clara Chan37Director, Funding Administration / Directrice, Direction de l'administration du financement$120,097.70$189.28
David Chan127Accounting Lead / Responsable de la comptabilite$103,933.18$168.93
Christopher Chen158Senior Policy Advisor$100,067.87$164.12
John Cotsomitis149Senior Program Coordinator$100,252.95$163.05
Bill Cowper116Senior Business Analyst$104,985.80$159.63
Robert Crabtree112Manager, Scale-up Programs / Chef, programmes pour l'expansion$105,558.36$164.87
Lesley Cunningham108Senior Policy Advisor$105,971.35$167.79
Andy Dabideen137Senior Policy Advisor$101,298.21$164.55
Trevor Dauphinee39Vice President, Strategic Accounts / Vice-president, comptes strategiques$119,705.04$210.61
Leigh Davison49Manager, Contracting and Issues / Chef, attribution des contrats et gestion des questions d'interet$113,935.28$177.94
Brad Defoe78Special Advisor$108,946.76$177.12
Kevin Dilamarter120Manager, Research Programs / Chef, programmes de recherche$104,579.57$170.08
Carolyn Doering61Manager, Relationship and Contract Management / Chef, gestion des relations et des contrats$110,828.38$173.19
Ruth Dorenfeld69Senior Policy Advisor$109,538.43$172.35
Tamer Douara100Senior Program Advisor$106,405.63$173.07
Damian Dupuy56Manager, Technology and Innovation Strategies / Chef, technologie et strategies d'innovation$111,344.35$173.19
Patricia Dyl29Director, Investor Services / Directrice, services aux investisseurs$132,249.65$198.19
Robin Esco65Manager, Contracting and Issues / Chef, attribution des contrats et gestion des questions d'interet$110,244.90$168.39
Michael Falconi52Manager, Business Improvement / Chef, amelioration operationnelle$112,153.04$169.96
Costanzo Fasciano57Manager, Office of the Special Advisor for Accessibility / Chef, Bureau du conseiller special pour l'accessibilite$110,838.32$173.19
Harald Feldhoff140Team Leader - Services / Chef d'equipe - services$100,980.61$233.74
Charles Finlay31Chief of Staff$129,056.72$209.88
Alex Finlayson103Senior Policy Advisor$106,238.51$172.71
Julia Gallo87Manager, Social Enterprise / Chef, Bureau pour l'entrepreunariat social$106,621.08$171.68
Paola Gemmiti45Director, Communications Branch / Directrice, Direction des communications$114,812.20$179.86
Giles Gherson1Deputy Minister$268,769.21$4,628.84
Lisa Gibbens150Team Leader$100,252.95$163.05
Katherine Gibson22Director, Entrepreneurship and Start-up Services / Directrice, services pour l'entrepreneuriat et le demarrage$143,070.13$215.01
Melinda Gibson130Executive Assistant$103,387.22$161.26
Karla Giraldo Morris90Senior Policy Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
Bruce Graham151Senior Project Lead$100,252.95$163.05
Dorin Greenwood157Senior Communications Advisor$100,180.24$158.58
Cesar Guerra66Team Lead$110,176.01$168.85
Emmanuel Gunaratnam111Manager, Web Marketing / Chef, marketing Web$105,911.73$226.84
Andrew Guy75Director, Head of Practice - Digital Technology and Life Sciences / Directeur et responsable de la gestion des pratiques - Direction de la technologie numerique et des sciences de la vie$109,154.26$169.06
Paul Haynes91Senior Program Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
Shuxian He159Senior Policy Advisor$100,035.63$162.69
Bruno Helfinger156Senior Policy Advisor$100,244.04$163.05
Brenda Hogan92Senior Investment Manager des investissements$106,433.18$173.10
Laurie-Ann Hossein81Project Lead$108,726.86$176.44
Miranda Hotrum93Senior Policy Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
Ann Hoy5Assistant Deputy Minister, Accessibility Directorate / Sous-ministre adjointe, Direction generale de l'accessibilite$168,889.29$261.87
Christopher Huey85Manager, Burden Reduction and Transformation / Chef, reduction des formalites administratives et renouvellement$107,021.05$167.03
Daniel Iadipaolo136Executive Assistant$101,361.92$220.48
Nelson Janicas11Director$154,067.04$229.79
Preet Jaswal72Senior Policy Advisor$109,526.78$173.03
Katharine Johnstone41Associate Director$117,043.58$182.26
Panaghiotis Kalogiannides32Senior Transaction Specialist$128,267.99$180.02
Dhanindarjit Kaur94Senior Policy Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
Daniel Keating3Director, Special Projects / Directeur des projets speciaux$179,784.84$176.85
Katherine Kelly30Director, Science and Research / Directrice, Direction des sciences et de la recherche$130,933.70$197.26
Richard Kikuta18Director, Analytics and Advanced Technology / Directeur, analytique et technologies de pointe$144,569.46$222.91
Stephen Kobryn95Special Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
Jack Krepel96Program Lead$106,433.18$173.10
Ashley Krishna144Senior Project Manager$100,276.18$163.05
Ivan Krmpotic83Team Lead$108,024.22$172.17
Christina Kucharchuk115Director, Strategic Human Resources Business Unit$105,067.60$166.51
Ed Kung79Senior Policy Advisor$108,946.76$177.12
Isolina Kuzminski15Executive Lead, Transfer Payment Transformation / Directrice generale, projet d'optimisation des paiements de transfert$145,097.59$225.71
P. Robert Lachance40Manager, Sales Marketing / Chef, commercialisation$117,962.10$184.22
Doug LeClerc107Policy Coordinator$105,995.11$171.63
Catherine Lee71Senior Policy Advisor$109,538.08$173.01
Margaret Lem124Senior Policy Advisor$104,157.92$169.46
George Loo47Chief Financial Officer$114,509.69$177.12
Brian Love24Director, Head of Practice - CleanTech and Advanced Manufacturing / Directeur et responsable de la gestion des pratiques - Direction des technologies propres et de la fabrication de pointe$133,678.47$205.69
David Lucescu97Program Lead$106,433.18$173.10
Phillipa Lue152Senior Program Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Mirjana Lukac-Vulovic58Manager, Research, Talent and Awards / Chef, bourses et talents en recherche$110,838.32$173.19
Carrie Manchuk64Manager, Site Selection / Chef, selection de sites$110,332.07$173.19
Irfan Mandozai68Senior Policy Advisor$109,538.45$173.01
William Mantel6Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Programs Development and Delivery Office / Sous-ministre adjoint, Bureau de l'elaboration et de la prestation des programmes strategiques$168,653.67$260.61
Brigitte Marleau55Manager, Issues and Correspondence / Chef, questions d'interet et correspondance$111,597.22$166.59
Andrew Marsden98Senior Policy Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
John Marshall7Assistant Deputy Minister, Commercialization and Scale-ups / Sous-ministre adjoint, Division de la commercialisation, du demarrage et de l'expansion$168,298.35$258.69
Steven Matheson153Project Lead$100,252.95$231.54
Michael Mathiu54Senior Policy Advisor$111,857.15$172.07
Jason Maurier44Manager, Access to Capital / Chef, Unite de l'acces au capital$115,967.27$173.19
Kathryn McLachlan77Manager, Strategic Initiatives / Chef, initiatives strategiques$109,060.66$170.41
Catherine McLinden59Manager, Policy Coordination / Chef, Direction de la coordination des politiques$110,838.32$173.19
Greg Michener70Senior Policy Advisor$109,538.43$173.01
John Millen51Senior Transaction Specialist$113,014.51$183.75
Peter Molnar101Senior Policy Advisor$106,348.98$172.92
Betty Morgan13Director$146,245.26$197.38
Tehani Mott82Senior Policy Advisor$108,291.33$173.01
Yassar Muttaqi128Special Advisor$103,751.07$168.99
Claude Myre63Manager, Information and Communications Technology / Chef, technologies de l'information et des communications$110,420.93$173.19
Nick Nelson123New Media Producer / Concepteur, nouveaux medias$104,198.82$161.75
Diana Nuredini118Business Planning Consultant$104,849.56$159.08
David Onley14Special Advisor for Accessibility / Conseiller special pour l'accessibilite$146,198.00$0.00
Seema Opal139Special Advisor to the Vice President, Strategic Accounts / Conseillere speciale du vice-president, comptes strategiques$100,982.95$163.05
Karen Paquin48Manager, Analytics, Tools and Business Intelligence / Chef, analytique, outils et veille strategique$114,412.61$180.26
Sharmila Pathmanathan143Senior Sector Policy Advisor / Conseillere principale en politiques sectorielles$100,420.73$163.47
Allen Paul36Senior Policy Advisor$120,887.21$104.79
Christopher Paulin135Senior Policy Advisor$101,389.77$161.42
Kevin Perry8Assistant Deputy Minister, Open For Business / Sous-ministre adjoint, L'Ontario propice aux affaires$156,903.48$233.08
Susan Picarello20Assistant Deputy Minister, Employment Strategy / Sous-ministre adjointe, Strategie d'emploi$144,037.31$220.04
Guy Poirier16Director, Analytics and Advanced Technology / Directeur, analytique et technologies de pointe$145,097.59$225.71
Dmitri Prokopiev73Senior Policy Advisor$109,526.78$173.03
Brian Ritchie67Senior Program Advisor$109,538.46$173.05
Steve Romanyshyn10Director, Innovation Economy Strategies / Directeur, strategies pour l'economie de l'innovation$154,598.61$229.13
Kathryn Royal86Director, Business Planning and Finance Branch / Directrice, Direction de la planification des activites et des finances$106,858.79$166.51
Asokan Sadasivan102Controller, Business Planning and Finance / Controleur, planification des activites et finances$106,301.33$166.11
Victor Severino2Assistant Deputy Minister, Business, Climate and Funding Administration / Sous-ministre adjoint, Division de l'optimisation du climat des affaires et de l'administration du financement$180,793.20$273.81
Michael Shackleton104Senior Inspection Analyst principal de l'inspection$106,227.59$163.07
Shahrokh Shahabi-azad99Team Lead$106,433.18$173.10
Navdeep Sidhu110Manager, Public Education and Partnership / Chef, partenariats et sensibilisation du public$105,915.78$166.32
Phil Simeon106Manager, Standards and Development / Chef, normes et elaboration$106,084.16$165.77
Rachel Simeon23Director, Strategic Programs Delivery / Directrice, prestation des programmes strategiques$134,431.11$210.08
Simonida Simonovic50Manager, Regulator Issues / Chef, questions de reglementation$113,447.48$175.26
Anne Smith141Executive Assistant$100,876.85$162.39
Alfred Spencer19Director, Outreach and Strategic Initiatives Branch / Directeur, Direction de la liaison et des initiatives strategiques$144,246.07$221.21
Allison Stuart80Team Lead$108,946.76$177.12
Katherine Tangorra114Manager, Ontario Investment and Trade Centre Operation / Chef, operations du Centre ontarien des investissements et du commerce$105,461.37$164.75
Neil Trotter154Senior Communications Planner / Planificateur principal des communications$100,252.95$163.05
Stan Tsang74Senior Policy Advisor$109,526.78$173.03
Elizabeth Turnbull60Manager, Strategic Marketing / Chef, marketing strategique$110,838.32$173.19
Aneesha Vaidya Neville155Senior Program Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Joseph Van Overberghe62Manager, Southwestern Ontario / Chef, Sud-Ouest de l'Ontario$110,825.79$173.19
Joe Veloce46Director, Head of Practice - Auto Manufacturing and Technology / Directeur et responsable de la gestion des pratiques - Direction de la fabrication automobile et de la technologie$114,638.80$183.50
Mansoor Wani76Senior Program Advisor$109,066.99$172.85
Julie Washburn133Manager, Advanced Technologies / Chef, technologies de pointe$103,205.42$161.26
Nicholas Wedgwood126Team Lead$103,933.28$169.08
Nancy Westaway131Asstistant Director, Strategic Communications / Directrice adjointe, Communications strategiques$103,267.98$163.33
Ireen Wieditz105Senior Policy Advisor$106,101.55$164.55
Leon Williams117Manager, Central Ontario / Chef, Centre de l'Ontario$104,902.31$163.93
Gregory Wootton9Assistant Deputy Minister, Research, Science and Strategy / Sous-ministre adjoint, Division de la recherche, des sciences et des strategies$155,623.25$239.30
Jane Worton33Manager, Research Programs / Chef, programmes de recherche$123,721.73$155.07
Amanda Wouters142Senior Policy Advisor$100,601.85$117.48 


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