Friday, April 21, 2017

Ontario Ministry of Finance 2016 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2016 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Finance (released March 31th, 2017). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 286. The total salaries on the list is $32,887,435.41, with the average salary for someone on the list of $114,991.03. Last year's list is available here.
Sunshine lists and statistics for other ministries can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $2,030,866.32
Total Salary earned by the top 25: $4,433,384.29

Here is the top 25 salary earners:
1. D. Scott Thompson $296,441.58
2. Mahmood Nanji $213,728.39
3. J. Dave Lynch $200,424.44
4. Helmut Zisser $198,292.66
5. Sriram Subrahmanyan $196,407.34
6. Leah Myers $195,916.05
7. Maria Mavroyannis $185,340.71
8. Barry Goodwin $182,905.16
9. Michael Weir $180,793.20
10. Allan Doheny $180,616.79
11. Agatha Garcia-Wright $175,357.03
12. Brian Lewis $169,324.76
13. Nancy Kennedy $168,739.75
14. Ali Ghiassi $166,667.01
15. Kathleen Ward $164,728.17
16. Alvaro del Castillo $163,371.04
17. Steven Bridcut $158,328.15
18. Scott Nelms $155,475.96
19. Diane Ross $154,911.45
20. Anna Langleben $154,838.04
21. Dianne Lone $154,439.78
22. Robert Lowry $154,135.71
23. Linda Gibney $154,067.04
24. Kostas Plainos $154,067.04
25. Sandra Roberts $154,067.04

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Senior Policy Advisor21$104,654.76
Senior Program Advisory Specialist15$101,446.60
Senior Economist13$105,978.95
Senior Program Analyst10$100,891.44
Senior Investigator8$107,977.39
Senior Policy Consultant8$111,085.54
Senior Economic Advisor6$107,681.76
Economic Specialist5$101,555.18
Senior Forensic Accounting Investigator4$106,074.69
Associate Deputy Minister4$190,921.45
Senior Program Specialist3$101,140.34
Special Policy Advisor and Executive Assistant3$104,676.63
Project Lead3$100,252.95
Senior Appeals Officer3$100,252.95
Manager Pension Benefits Standards Policy / Chef, politique des normes de prestations de retraite2$108,169.70
Senior Revenue Integrity Advisor2$100,252.95
Regional Manager Program Delivery / Chef regionale, Prestation des programmes2$107,486.69
Senior Project Analyst2$101,952.27
Strategic Lead, Security Services and Emergency Management2$105,158.92
Senior Manager2$123,485.62
Director, Financial Institutions Policy Branch / Directeur, Direction des politiques relatives aux institutions financieres2$137,412.73
Assistant Deputy Minister/Chief Economist, Office of Economic Policy / Sous-ministre adjoint / economiste en chef, Bureau des politiques economiques2$135,572.95
Senior Manager, Audit2$117,068.29
Senior Manager Strategic Communication / Chef, communications strategiques2$101,563.07
Senior Legislation Design Specialist2$104,607.83
Senior Revenue Integrity Analyst2$100,252.95
Senior Economic Analyst2$100,252.95
Senior Group Manager, Electricity Act Field Audit / Chef de groupe, verification sur place, Loi sur l'electricite2$105,391.98
Manager, Strategic Business Unit2$111,697.55
Director, Strategic Quantitative Research Branch / Directeur, Direction de la recherche quantitative strategique2$128,684.43

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Olaoluwa Agboola196Senior Advisor$103,519.02$167.68
Mark Ahonen55Manager, Municipal Funding Analysis Unit / Chef, Unite de l'analyse des politiques de financement des municipalites$118,372.55$184.88
Colleen Alleyne-Umrah158Senior Tax Legislation Specialist$106,126.37$169.97
Bruno Amara56Manager, Revenue Forecasting Unit$118,372.55$184.88
Teshome Amare139Senior Economist$106,955.87$173.10
Abtin Aminzadeh Dezfuli202Manager, Personal Income Tax Design Unit / Chef, conception en matiere d'imposition des particuliers et de charges sociales$103,205.42$161.26
John Anania97Manager Economic Forecasting / Chef, previsions economiques$110,838.32$173.19
Jack Anthopoulos176Manager Investigations$104,712.24$163.46
Vinod Armoogum164Manager Pension Benefits Standards Policy / Chef, politique des normes de prestations de retraite$105,507.08$159.09
Bojan Avram243Senior Economist$100,252.95$163.05
Raffi Baronian133Program Specialist$108,264.82$136.90
Robert Battiston207Senior Tax Analyst$102,768.58$162.17
Tammy Beatty244Senior Revenue Integrity Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Christl Beck62Senior Manager Alcohol Policy / Chef, politiques en matiere d'alcool$118,141.27$184.88
Amanda Bell Suzuki65Senior Manager, Operations$117,468.29$183.41
Jonathan Bendiner145Senior Economic Advisor$106,433.18$158.25
Elmo Benedict67Senior Program Auditor$117,226.02$206.27
Adam Beston180Economic Analyst$104,365.62$162.80
Anne Bird82Senior Policy Advisor$112,946.17$173.89
Susan Bishop161Senior Economic Advisor$105,792.28$0.00
Rhonda Blair216Regional Manager Program Delivery / Chef regionale, Prestation des programmes$102,022.32$158.36
Paul Bland187Manager, Risk and Performance Management / Chef, gestion de la performance et des risques$103,902.24$162.88
Scott Blodgett173Senior Media Relations Advisor$104,911.82$163.05
Heather Bowie86Director Compliance Branch / Directrice, Direction de la conformite$111,815.24$174.76
Simone Boxen76Manager, Personal Income and Payroll Tax Design Unit / Chef, Unite de la conception en matiere d'imposition des particuliers et de charges sociales$113,616.05$177.38
Stephen Boyd42Director Strategic Human Resources Services Branch / Directeur, Direction de la gestion strategique des ressources humaines$132,190.96$197.86
Connie Boyes245Senior Program Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Daniel Braithwaite146Senior Policy Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
Veralyn Bramble233Senior Policy Advisor$101,228.53$164.73
Jaswinder Brar129Senior Investigator$108,524.70$166.11
Steven Bridcut17Director Advisory, Objections, Appeals and Services / Directeur, Direction des conseils, des oppositions, des appels et des services$158,328.15$167.55
Chris Broughton36Director Property Tax Policy / Directeur, politiques en matiere d'impot foncier$134,207.41$208.56
Avril Bundy175Senior Policy Advisor$104,714.65$163.05
Rory Burke138Senior Manager, Program Services and Relationship Management / Chef, services relatifs aux programmes et gestion des relations$107,106.96$167.58
Nicole Burley103Senior Forensic Accounting Investigator$110,760.84$172.66
Ray Buzza182Team Lead Resource Systems$104,234.09$168.48
Manuela Cameron246Senior Project Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Marie Campbell122Strategic Lead, Security Services and Emergency Management$109,060.66$170.41
Teresa Carreiro Mrowiec232Strategic Lead, Security Services and Emergency Management$101,257.17$143.55
Colleen Carson247Senior Program Advisory Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Aidan Carter98Manager Strategic Policy and Research / Chef, recherche et politiques strategiques$110,838.32$173.19
Franco Cava143Senior Economist$106,501.63$173.10
Maria Cece44Manager, Insurance and Cooperatives Policy Unit / Chef, Unite de la politique applicable aux compagnies d'assurance et aux cooperatives$124,166.19$192.38
Lester Chan197Senior Program Advisory Specialist$103,509.64$168.24
Brandon Chaput90Director Strategic Policy and Organizational Renewal / Directeur, politiques strategiques et renouvellement organisationnel$111,508.30$173.23
Kaitlin Chaput205Senior Manager, Electricity Agency Oversight / Chef, Surveillance des organismes generateurs de revenu (secteur de lelectricite)$102,974.21$158.98
Kelvin Kim Cheng43Senior Policy Consultant$127,776.44$0.00
Victoria Chiodi51Director, Objections, Appeals and Services / Directrice, Oppositions, appels et services$120,251.61$190.16
Andrea Chow174Manager Policy Analysis Unit / Chef, Unite de lanalyse des politiques$104,768.14$163.67
Fred Chow248Senior Program Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Susan Coates188Senior Forensic Accounting Investigator$103,864.26$242.37
Yvonne Coe108Senior Manager Risk Assessment and Data Management / Chef, evaluation des risques et gestion des donnees$110,251.99$150.39
Suzette Collins53Manager Access Privacy and Information Management / Chef de l'acces a l'information, de la protection de la vie privee et de la gestion de l'information$119,149.59$116.37
Peter Conforti111Senior Forensic Accounting Investigator$109,569.21$157.57
Victoria Coste94Manager, Office Budget Secretariat / Chef, Bureau du secretariat du budget$111,126.24$173.55
Joseph Cox35Senior Manager$136,132.93$171.94
Brent Crocker77Manager, Sales and Commodity Tax Data Analysis Unit / Chef, Unite de l'analyse des donnees sur la taxe de vente et la taxe a la consommation$113,616.05$177.38
Denise Dagenais116Policy Lead, Fees / Responsable des politiques, Direction des politiques en matiere d'alcool et de droits a payer$109,524.73$177.12
Sandra Dale249Senior Program Advisory Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Gordon Darling185Appeals Officer$103,933.18$168.93
Mary Davis99Senior Manager$110,838.32$173.56
Nick De Maria157Senior Investigator$106,285.66$167.31
Jenarra De Souza214Special Policy Advisor and Executive Assistant$102,088.57$156.19
Alvaro del Castillo16Director, Financial Institutions Policy Branch / Directeur, Direction des politiques relatives aux institutions financieres$163,371.04$220.75
Patrick Deutscher220Assistant Deputy Minister/Chief Economist, Office of Economic Policy / Sous-ministre adjoint / economiste en chef, Bureau des politiques economiques$101,821.13$26.00
Paul Devnich128Director Program Policy and Analytics / Directeur, Politiques relatives aux programmes et analytique$108,528.07$190.16
Svetlana Diomin200Senior Economist$103,251.19$163.05
Sean Dionne222Senior Policy Advisor$101,626.38$161.55
Allan Doheny10Assistant Deputy Minister, Provincial Local Finance Division / Sous-ministre adjoint, Division des relations provinciales-municipales en matiere de finances$180,616.79$273.35
Keith D'souza250Senior Program Advisory Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Laura Duggan251Project Lead$100,252.95$163.05
Kimberly Dunn215Senior Operations Officer Risk Assessment / Agente principale des operations, evaluation des risques$102,035.77$147.78
John Dutton208Economic Specialist$102,743.70$162.22
Camilla Dzikowski241Senior Policy and Legislative Design Specialist principale de lelaboration de politiques et de lois$100,387.93$163.43
Dean Eastman183Manager Tobacco Operations / Chef des operations, tabac$104,115.73$168.69
Mustafa Erksoy112Senior Economist$109,538.48$172.99
Selena Esmail134Director, Office of the Budget / Directrice, Bureau du budget$108,134.75$170.54
Daniela Evtimova Klassen224Senior Legislative Design Specialist$101,469.10$165.02
Jill Eymann71Senior Manager, Audit$115,997.90$179.79
Evelyn Fernandes242Senior Policy Advisor$100,252.96$163.05
Hugh Finnigan252Economic Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Graham Flanagan239Senior Policy Advisor$100,461.14$163.05
Mark Foard235Regional Manager Program Delivery / Chef regional, prestation de programmes$100,877.29$156.85
Adrian Fox217Economic Specialist$101,998.70$162.22
Amanda Frank80Manager, Data Management / Chef, gestion des donnees$113,443.85$177.14
Berthy Franken155Senior Manager, Investigations / Chef des enquetes$106,430.78$165.48
Cheryl Frost95Strategic Lead, Advisory and Assurance Services / Responsable strategique, services de consultation et d'assurance$111,112.32$174.12
David Fujimagari87Senior Economist$111,755.93$172.95
Cesar Furtado283Senior Policy Advisor$100,167.26$162.24
Michelle Gall199Manager, Revenue Stewardship / Chef, Unite de ladministration des revenus$103,317.62$161.51
Agatha Garcia-Wright11Assistant Deputy Minister Tax Compliance and Benefits / Sous-ministre adjointe, observation fiscale et avantages fiscaux et prestations$175,357.03$268.06
Ali Ghiassi14Chief of Staff$166,667.01$275.43
Linda Gibney23Director, Corporate Planning and Finance Branch / Directrice, Direction de la planification ministerielle et des finances$154,067.04$229.79
Barry Goodwin8Assistant Deputy Minister, Revenue Agencies Oversight Division / Sous-ministre adjoint, Division de la surveillance des organismes generateurs de revenu$182,905.16$285.02
Alison Gorham253Senior Program Advisory Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Joel Gorlick91Director, Financial Institutions Policy Branch / Directeur, Direction des politiques relatives aux institutions financieres$111,454.43$173.19
Colin Graham100Manager Corporate Tax Policy Unit / Chef, Unite des politiques concernant l'impot sur les societes$110,838.32$173.19
Kathleen Grant49Strategic Lead, Business Planning and Resource Allocation / Directrice des activites strategiques, Planification des activites et affectation des ressources$120,882.09$188.84
Robert Gray39Director Economic Policy Branch / Directeur, Direction des politiques economiques$132,621.37$200.13
David Hall85Senior Manager Revenue Integrity / Chef, integrite des revenus$111,948.92$171.93
Ross Hamilton57Manager, Labour and Skills Unit / Chef, Unite de la main-d'uvre et des competences$118,372.55$184.88
Jayne Harten211Special Policy Advisor and Executive Assistant$102,431.47$161.14
Norman Helfand26Director, Income Security Modernization / Directeur, modernisation en matiere de securite du revenu$153,933.17$229.13
Eric Henry172Senior Economist$104,928.18$173.10
Jeff Hernandez203Strategic Lead Financial Controllership$103,205.42$161.26
Manir Hossain147Senior Economic Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
Valerie Hotton236Manager, Business Operations / Chef, services operationnels$100,862.75$157.55
Linda Hubling120Manager, Objections and Appeals / Chef, Oppositions et appels$109,482.49$163.12
Qaizar Hussain148Senior Economist$106,433.18$173.10
Maria Iannaci70Manager, Legislative Design / Chef, elaboration des lois$116,293.19$181.63
Alena Ingram218Senior Program Analyst$101,945.13$165.70
Lily Jiang228Senior Research Analyst$101,390.18$162.42
Camille Jones79Manager/Senior Policy Lead$113,587.85$171.29
Andrew Jourard284Senior Forensic Accounting Investigator$100,104.46$162.28
Louis Kalikow89Senior Policy Consultant$111,678.01$172.89
Lauren Kappius166Senior Manager Pension Initiatives / Chef, initiatives relatives aux regimes de retraite$105,469.42$160.30
Jawhar Kassam74Senior Manager Program Design and Implementation / Chef, conception et mise en uvre des programmes$114,843.52$178.99
Helen Katz212Manager, Research and Information Services / Chef, services de recherche et d'information$102,430.55$154.82
David Kearney92Senior Policy Consultant$111,250.30$0.00
Heather Kearney237Senior Manager Strategic Communication / Chef, communications strategiques$100,530.97$157.08
Maureen Kelly45Director, Account Management and Collections / Directrice, gestion des comptes et perception$123,712.54$190.16
Shelley Kemp254Senior Program Analyst$100,252.95$163.02
Marta Kennedy162Senior Legislation Design Specialist$105,727.72$166.29
Nancy Kennedy13Associate Deputy Minister$168,739.75$261.12
Angie Kerr255Senior Appeals Officer$100,252.95$163.05
Cho Khong256Senior Program Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Alex Killoch31Director, Broader Public Sector Pensions / Directeur, Direction de la revision des regimes de retraite dans le secteur parapublic$144,387.33$221.96
Melissa Kittmer38Director, Statistics Transformation / Directrice, optimisation des services des statistiques$133,462.90$200.13
Laureen Knights68Facilities Planner$116,993.28$153.39
Anthony Koh124Senior Economic Advisor$108,946.76$177.12
Robert Krmpotic142Manager, Revenue Integrity Analysis / Chef, analyse de lintegrite des revenus$106,535.26$166.35
Paul Kryst257Senior Corporation Tax Appeals Officer / Agent principal des appels de l'imposition des societes$100,252.95$163.05
Miroslaw Kuratczyk184Manager Data Analysis and Modeling / Chef, analyse et modelisation de donnees$103,974.65$161.61
Nancy Kutas96Manager. OMPF Policy Unit$111,013.74$173.01
Anna Langleben20Director, Corporate and Commodity Taxation / Directrice, impots sur les societes et taxes a la consommation$154,838.04$233.85
Rebecca Langstaff160Senior Legislation Design Specialist Coordinator$105,871.99$173.10
Mark Laschuk230Senior Program Advisory Specialist$101,356.22$161.73
Indira Latchana225Team Lead Accounting and Financial Services / Chef dequipe, services de comptabilite et services financiers$101,440.65$163.74
Sean Laughlin258Senior Revenue Integrity Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Stephen Laurent109Manager, Federal Provincial Relations Unit / Chef, Unite des relations federales-provinciales$109,817.95$172.66
Nicole Lauzon81Regional Manager Program Delivery / Chef regionale, Prestation des programmes$112,951.06$142.53
Lynn Lawson101Manager, Sales Taxes / Chef, taxes de vente$110,838.32$173.19
Dean Leach231Senior Investigator$101,286.14$164.67
Robert Ledgerwood132Investigator$108,305.42$204.69
Brenda Lee259Project Lead$100,252.95$163.05
Paul Leforestier34Senior Manager Program Implementation / Chef, mise en uvre des programmes$136,604.37$161.22
Jennifer Leung198Senior Legislation Design Specialist$103,487.94$172.37
Brian Lewis12Assistant Deputy Minister/Chief Economist, Office of Economic Policy / Sous-ministre adjoint / economiste en chef, Bureau des politiques economiques$169,324.76$264.23
Paul Lewis41Director, Economic and Revenue Forecasting and Analysis Branch / Directeur, Direction des previsions et de l'analyse en matiere d'economie et de revenu$132,548.32$197.91
Robin Lewis58Manager, Corporate Tax Design Unit / Chef, Unite des mesures touchant l'impot sur les societes$118,372.55$184.88
Chong Hsien Li227Economic Specialist$101,390.24$162.22
Horn-Chern Lin260Senior Economist$100,252.95$163.05
Malik Ljutic72Manager, Employment, Incomes and Demographic Issues Unit / Chef, Unite de l'emploi, des revenus et des questions demographiques$115,967.27$173.19
Christian Lo194Senior Program Advisory Specialist$103,625.40$163.05
Dianne Lone21Director$154,439.78$231.73
Anne Marie Long171Senior Program Analyst$104,945.66$163.13
Catherine Longfield149Policy Lead$106,433.18$173.10
Paul Love48Director Project Management / Directeur, gestion des projets$122,686.39$129.22
Robert Lowry22Director Municipal Funding Policy / Directeur, Direction des politiques de financement des municipalites$154,135.71$227.79
J. Dave Lynch3Associate Deputy Minister$200,424.44$283.56
Anita Lyon261Senior Program Advisory Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Jim Ma262Senior Economic Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Janie Mackay169Senior Manager Business Process and Support / Chef, traitement des operations et services de soutien$105,145.07$164.22
Bryan MacKinnon263Senior Appeals Officer$100,252.95$163.05
Douglas Malone150Senior Policy Consultant$106,433.18$158.25
M. Martha Maloney210Senior Manager Strategic Communication / Chef, communications strategiques$102,595.16$0.00
Murray Mann151Senior Policy Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
Michael Marr152Senior Economist$106,433.18$173.10
Maria Mavroyannis7Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Partnerships and Program Policy / Sous-ministre adjointe, Partenariats strategiques et politiques relatives aux programmes$185,340.71$275.25
Steven Maw264Senior Program Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Ashley Mccall137Senior Policy Advisor$107,691.31$173.19
John McCarville144Senior Investigator$106,444.36$173.10
Donald McDavid140Human Resources Business Advisor aux ressources humaines$106,953.29$167.04
Tara McGrath135Manager, Fiscal Framework / Chef des cadre financier$108,036.73$173.94
Francis McKenna117Manager, Research and Analytics / Chef, recherche et analytique$109,509.86$170.99
Wendy McQuoid219Manager Performance Analysis / Chef, analyse du rendement$101,905.94$159.17
Tammy Mepstead193Senior Project Analyst$103,651.59$163.05
Angela Merlo130Manager, Program Advisory / Chef, services consultatifs sur les programmes$108,388.44$169.26
Connie Milks265Project Lead$100,252.95$163.05
Denise Miller266Senior Appeals Officer$100,252.95$163.05
Mashood Mirza46Director, Benefits Transformation / Directeur, amelioration de l'administration des prestations$123,712.54$190.16
Barry Misener267Senior Program Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Maryam Moadel88Senior Policy Consultant$111,692.58$173.10
Rebecca Morier204Assistant Director$103,205.42$161.26
Naomi Morita170Senior Group Manager, Electricity Act Field Audit / Chef de groupe, verification sur place, Loi sur l'electricite$105,087.64$163.12
Ellen Mulrooney268Senior Program Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Alexandre Munger113Senior Economist$109,538.48$173.05
Tatiana Muntean234Senior Policy Advisor$101,081.44$163.77
Lynne Murdoch229Manager Business Systems$101,385.87$158.36
Robert Muscat105Senior Group Manager, Mining Tax Field Audit / Responsable de groupe, verification regionale des impots sur la taxe miniere$110,477.68$172.50
Luba Mycak106Senior Manager, Deposit Taking Institutions Policy Unit / Chef, Unite de la politique applicable aux institutions de depot$110,455.45$170.53
Leah Myers6Assistant Deputy Minister, Income Security and Pension Policy Division / Sous-ministre adjointe, Division des politiques en matiere de securite du revenu et de regimes de retraite$195,916.05$299.29
Harvey Naglie186Senior Policy Advisor$103,918.45$164.13
Mahmood Nanji2Associate Deputy Minister$213,728.39$328.26
Prakash Neerohoo269Senior Program Advisory Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Scott Nelms18Assistant Deputy Minister, Electricity Oversight Division / Sous-ministre adjoint, Division de la surveillance du secteur de lelectricite$155,475.96$241.02
Howyi Nelson110Senior Manager, Innovation Initiatives / Chef, initiatives d'innovation$109,641.83$170.41
Brenda Newbatt270Senior Program Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Huan Nguyen125Lead Demographic Advisor$108,946.76$177.12
Robert Nicholson121Manager Current Economic Analysis / Chef, analyse de la conjoncture actuelle$109,208.35$170.63
Colin Nickerson29Director Securities Reform Policy / Directeur, politiques de reforme de la reglementation des valeurs mobilieres$144,989.05$217.44
Jason Noble223Senior Investigator$101,570.99$164.23
Daniel Padro75Manager, Deposit Taking Institutions Policy Unit / Chef, Unite de la politique applicable aux institutions de depot$114,317.38$172.59
Diane Painter61Manager, Strategic Business Unit$118,225.48$183.70
Theresa Parzei167Senior Economist$105,451.18$172.92
Jayne Patterson286Program Analyst$100,045.42$116.99
Denise Paulin66Senior Manager Program Delivery Tax and Benefits / Chef, prestation de programmes relatifs aux taxes et aux avantages fiscaux et prestations$117,468.29$183.41
Christopher Pearce178Senior Policy Advisor$104,534.42$0.00
Heather Persad165Senior Policy Advisor$105,485.81$171.22
Kostas Plainos24Director, Personal Tax Policy and Design Branch / Directeur, Direction des politiques et de la conception en matiere d'imposition des particuliers$154,067.04$229.79
Jeannette Platt206Senior Program Specialist$102,915.11$162.42
Cindy Pollard271Senior Revenue Integrity Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Robert Pomykacz50Manager, Public Sector Pension Policy Section / Chef, Section des politiques des regimes de retraite du secteur public$120,882.09$188.84
Robin Purnell272Senior Program Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Rudy Quadrini159Senior Program Advisory Specialist$106,007.87$177.75
Catherine Rae47Senior Manager Operations and Finance / Chef, Fonctionnement et finances$122,941.66$156.32
Anjali Raghunath181Senior Policy Advisor$104,267.43$165.60
Dev Ram163Senior Group Manager, Electricity Act Field Audit / Chef de groupe, verification sur place, Loi sur l'electricite$105,696.31$164.68
Carla Rhody273Senior Policy Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Allison Rickaby30Director$144,919.25$221.32
Sid Ripley54Senior Manager, Forensic Investigations / Chef des enquetes medico-legales$118,377.06$182.55
Sandra Roberts25Director Financial Services Regulation Modernization Secretariat / Directrice, Secretariat de la modernisation de la reglementation des services financiers$154,067.04$227.43
Eduardo Rojas126Senior Economic Advisor$108,946.76$177.12
Jennifer Rook33Director Pension Policy Branch / Directrice, Direction des politiques des regimes de retraite$142,935.87$214.57
Diane Ross19Director Assessment Policy and Legislation / Directrice, politiques et lois en matiere d'evaluation$154,911.45$234.27
Frances Ryan238Senior Policy Advisor$100,485.08$163.05
Mary Schippers274Senior Program Advisory Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Thomas Schoeps63Senior Manager, Audit$118,138.67$182.55
Heather Schramm179Senior Policy Consultant$104,515.96$169.46
Timothy Schuurman27Assistant Deputy Minister, Office of the Budget / Sous-ministre adjoint, Bureau du budget$149,156.55$226.46
Fabian Seto275Legislative Design Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Marc Sharrett37Director Strategic Stakeholder Relations / Directeur des relations strategiques avec les intervenants$133,661.47$205.58
Sukhvinder Singh73Manager, Industrial Sector Policy Unit / Chef, Unite des politiques des secteurs industriels$115,536.95$180.39
Rajasundaram Sivakumar276Senior Revenue Integrity Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Somchine Sivilay177Senior Program Advisory Specialist$104,670.35$162.39
Vivienne Skoberne118Special Policy Advisor and Executive Assistant$109,509.86$170.99
Jeffrey Smith84Senior Manager Tax Advisory Services$111,980.03$173.19
Mark Smith78Manager, Benefits Policy Unit / Chef, Unite des politiques relatives aux avantages sociaux$113,616.05$177.38
Michele Snow285Manager Audit$100,059.95$154.53
Benjamin Somers192Director Gaming Policy Branch / Directeur, Direction des politiques en matiere de jeux$103,705.63$173.19
Lindsay Speed127Senior Policy Advisor$108,602.77$83.37
Orsola Spencer277Senior Program Advisory Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Jason Stanley107Director Strategy Stewardship and Risk Management / Directeur, Strategies et gestion des services et des risques$110,335.78$173.23
Ionis Stasinakis189Senior Investigator$103,864.26$166.11
Janice Steele278Senior Program Advisory Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Nicole Stewart32Assistant Deputy Minister Revenue Agencies Oversight / Sous-ministre adjointe, surveillance des organismes generateurs de revenu$143,050.36$215.01
Anthony Stillo59Manager Macroeconomic Policy / Chef, analyse des politiques macro-economiques$118,372.55$184.88
Sriram Subrahmanyan5Assistant Deputy Minister, Taxation Policy Division / Sous-ministre adjoint, Division des politiques fiscales$196,407.34$301.96
Damian Suffoletta279Senior Economic Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Sharmila Sukhdeo114Senior Policy Advisor$109,538.48$173.05
Renukar Swaminathan280Senior Program Advisory Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Jeffrey Sweeting195Senior Manager Tobacco Policy / Chef, politique sur le tabac$103,620.99$159.18
Collin Taggart64Senior Investigator$117,587.42$164.67
Stephen Taylor104Director, Strategic Quantitative Research Branch / Directeur, Direction de la recherche quantitative strategique$110,672.65$172.74
Dimas Terron93Senior Policy Advisor$111,195.23$173.10
D. Scott Thompson1Deputy Minister$296,441.58$23,820.56
Daniel Tiburcio201Manager Fiscal Policy Coordination / Chef, coordination des politiques budgetaires$103,247.36$161.26
Ava Tomlinson131Senior Manager Business Services$108,388.44$169.26
Carolina Torres Acevedo136Manager Assessment Policy$107,724.15$168.31
Helen Trochluk156Senior Policy Consultant$106,330.58$173.10
Yuen Tsang123Senior Policy Consultant$109,007.24$171.93
Sara Tune190Manager, Strategic Policy Liaison / Chef, Unite de la liaison concernant les politiques strategiques$103,820.99$161.64
Andrew Vanoosten191Senior Computer Forensic Investigator principal en informatique judiciaire$103,791.77$166.93
Alan Veerman40Project Director$132,621.37$200.13
David Verschuuren60Senior Investigator$118,255.55$164.23
Anne Vuong213Manager, Ontario Municipal Partnership Fund Analysis / Chef, analyse du Fonds de partenariat avec les municipalites de l'Ontario$102,169.26$165.39
Kathleen Ward15Executive Lead-Cooperative Capital Markets Regulatory / Directrice generale, Regime cooperatif de reglementation des marches de capitaux$164,728.17$203.22
Michael Weir9Associate Deputy Minister$180,793.20$273.81
Michael Weisman153Senior Policy Advisor$106,433.18$173.10
Keith Whalen240Team Lead Corporate Programs and Organizational Strategies / Chef dequipe, programmes ministeriels et strategies organisationnelles$100,434.48$163.29
Charles Whitfield28Director, Strategic Quantitative Research Branch / Directeur, Direction de la recherche quantitative strategique$146,696.20$210.75
Cheryl Whittam119Manager, Tax and Legislative Coordination / Chef, coordination fiscale et legislative$109,509.86$170.99
Stuart Wilkinson209Manager Financial Services Regulation Policy / Chef, politiques relatives a la reglementation des services financiers$102,683.31$158.69
Rhonda Williams-Anceriz168Manager, Strategic Business Unit$105,169.62$163.34
Elsa Wong154Senior Economist$106,433.18$173.10
Mimi Wing Yu Wong52Director, Business Services Branch / Directrice, Direction des services aux entreprises$120,235.84$139.76
Wing-Yee Wong83Strategic Lead$112,778.81$175.30
Roland Woo Chik Chong281Senior Program Advisory Specialist Designated / Specialiste-conseil principal en matiere de programmes (designe)$100,252.95$163.05
Claire Woodcock102Manager Pension Benefits Standards Policy / Chef, politique des normes de prestations de retraite$110,832.32$198.45
Raj Woomed221Senior Corporations Tax Appeals Officer / Agent principal des appels de l'imposition des societes$101,771.54$165.45
Diana Wright69Senior Policy Advisor and Lead$116,972.22$178.83
Elizabeth Yeigh141Director, Gaming Policy Branch / Directrice, Direction des politiques en matiere de jeux$106,688.88$160.92
Alula Yimam115Senior Economic Advisor$109,538.42$172.99
Ping Yuan226Economic Specialist$101,390.29$162.22
Stephanie Zilinski282Senior Program Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Helmut Zisser4Assistant Deputy Minister/Chief Administrative Officer$198,292.66$307.12 

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