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Ontario Ministry of Northern Development and Mines 2016 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Update: Click here for the 2016 Ontario Northern Development and Mines Sunshine List (released March 2017)

Here is the 2016 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Northern Development and Mines (released March 31th, 2017). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 66. The total salaries on the list is $8,050,259.95, with the average salary for someone on the list of $121,973.64. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other ministries can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,788,766.30

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. David de Launay $239,986.85
2. Christine Kaszycki $195,812.53
3. Cindy Blancher $195,491.59
4. George Ross $189,018.59
5. Robert Merwin $185,483.66
6. Scott Mantle $169,016.43
7. Helen Mulc $155,915.83
8. Susan Capling $154,608.79
9. Bernard Hughes $154,498.23
10. Robert Campbell $148,933.80

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Senior Policy Advisor3$109,017.68
Senior Geoscience Leader / Chef, geoscientifique3$106,203.31
Assistant Deputy Minister, Mines and Minerals Division / Sous-ministre adjointe, Division des mines et des mineraux2$164,079.57
Trade and Investment Specialist2$100,207.21
Quaternary Geoscientist / Geoscientifique quaternaire2$105,278.28
Deputy Minister2$214,502.72
Land Use Planning and Policy Coordinator de la planification et des politiques d'amenagement du territoire2$101,028.46
Senior Aboriginal Liaison Officer / Agent principal de liaison avec les Autochtones2$107,468.04

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Stephane Baffier-Rochonnat31Executive Assistant$110,838.50$172.38
Andrew Bajc39Senior Quaternary Geologist / Geologue principal du Quaternaire$107,939.40$233.16
Cindy Blancher3Assistant Deputy Minister, Mines and Minerals Division / Sous-ministre adjointe, Division des mines et des mineraux$195,491.59$245.92
Paul Bradette60Trade and Investment Specialist$100,252.95$163.05
Martin Broks61Northern Development Analyst - Sudbury / Analyste du developpement du Nord Sudbury$100,252.95$163.05
Thomas Brown55Manager, Geoscience Mapping / Chef, cartographie geoscientifique$102,416.36$159.87
Abigail Burt34Quaternary Geoscientist / Geoscientifique quaternaire$109,730.34$211.11
Robert Campbell10Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Northland Transportation Commission / Sous-ministre adjoint, Commission de transport Ontario Northland$148,933.80$230.98
Susan Capling8Director - Negotiations and Policy Coordination / Directrice - Coordination des negociations et des politiques$154,608.79$232.66
Annina Chiarelli14Director Communications Services / Directrice des services de communication$134,128.67$208.12
Lori Churchill15Director - Aboriginal Community and Stakeholder Relations / Directrice des relations avec les communautes autochtones et les intervenants$133,899.85$200.13
R. Leigh Colpitts36Manager Sault Ste. Marie Area Team / Chef d' equipe du secteur de Sault Ste Marie$109,208.21$170.99
Lauri Cunningham26Senior Policy Advisor$115,192.57$173.10
Tracey Dawson-Kinnonen42Mineral Exploration and Development - Manager (Sudbury) / Chef, exploration et exploitation des mineraux - Sudbury$105,735.80$163.76
David de Launay1Deputy Minister$239,986.85$8,976.97
Ed Debicki33Senior Manager, GeoServices Section / Chef, Section des services geologiques$110,573.23$169.16
Ruth Debicki59Land Use Planning and Policy Coordinator de la planification et des politiques d'amenagement du territoire$100,268.59$160.37
Roy Denomme17Director, Mining Act Modernization / Directeur, Modernisation de la Loi sur les mines$132,621.37$200.13
Stephen Devos56Land Use Planning and Policy Coordinator de la planification et des politiques d'amenagement du territoire$101,788.33$161.36
Manuel Duguet51Precambrian Geoscientist / Specialiste du precambrien$102,688.26$211.11
Michael Easton44Senior Geoscience Leader / Chef, geoscientifique$105,181.42$233.16
Michael Feenstra43Chief of Staff$105,713.88$172.83
Robert Ferguson24Senior Manager, Resident Geologist Program / Chef, programme des geologues residents$117,176.84$160.60
Sandra Ferguson41Chief Accountant$106,424.95$166.93
John Guerard20Director, Regional Economic Development / Directeur, developpement economique regional$123,712.54$190.16
Stewart Hamilton30Senior Geoscience Leader / Chef, geoscientifique$110,896.66$232.61
Christine Hansen38Manager Kenora Area Team / Chef d'equipe du secteur de Kenora$108,388.44$169.26
Cheryl Marie Hart66Trade and Investment Specialist$100,161.48$162.93
Ariane Heisey35Senior Policy Advisor$109,284.47$173.10
Amanda Helderman52Senior Policy Advisor$102,576.00$166.60
Bernard Hughes9Director, Aboriginal Relations / Directeur, relations avec les Autochtones$154,498.23$232.13
Bob Jeffery62Strategic Initiatives Advisor / Conseiller en initiatives strategiques$100,252.95$163.05
Stan Kaczmarek25Mining/Geotechnical Engineer / Ingenieur en geotechnique et des mines$115,355.76$187.50
Victor Karwacki32Manager Policy Analysis and Development / Chef de l'analyse et de l'elaboration des politiques$110,838.32$173.19
Christine Kaszycki2Assistant Deputy Minister, Strategic Policy Division / Sous-ministre adjointe, Division des politiques strategiques$195,812.53$298.67
Jamesene King16Assistant Deputy Minister, Mines and Minerals Division / Sous-ministre adjointe, Division des mines et des mineraux$132,667.55$217.75
Lisa Legatto47Assistant Director$104,349.68$159.51
Jean-Gilles Lemieux53Manager, Strategic Programs Unit / Chef, Unite des programmes strategiques$102,559.33$160.22
Marc Leroux23Manager, Trade, Investment and Marketing / Chef, commerce, investissement et marketing$117,234.09$177.71
Gordon MacKay13Director, Mineral Development and Lands/ Directeur, exploitation des mineraux et gestion des terrains miniers$143,027.00$215.01
Scott Mantle6Chief Administrative Officer / Assistant Deputy Minister / Directeur general de l'administration et sous-ministre adjoint$169,016.43$676.06
Andrea Marich57Quaternary Geoscientist / Geoscientifique quaternaire$100,826.22$211.11
Melanie Mathieson37Senior Aboriginal Liaison Officer / Agente principale de liaison avec les Autochtones$109,027.85$162.98
Teri McDonald29Land Claims Specialist and Team Lead / Specialiste des revendications territoriales et chef d'equipe$111,232.36$173.07
J. Kevin McLean58Senior Policy Advisor - Aboriginal / Conseiller principal en politiques des autochtones$100,501.67$172.95
Brian Mcmahon49Manager, Rehabilitation, Inspection and Compliance / Chef, rehabilitation des sites miniers, inspections et conformite aux reglements$103,800.86$162.22
Robert Merwin5Executive Advisor$185,483.66$156.48
Susan Mills63Senior Strategic Initiatives Lead / Responsable principale des initiatives strategiques$100,252.95$163.05
Helen Mulc7Assistant Deputy Minister, Northern Development Division / Sous-ministre adjointe, Division du developpement du Nord$155,915.83$242.39
Patrick O'Gorman45Senior Manager, Editorial Services and Communications Planning / Chef, services de redaction et planification des communications$104,546.77$163.12
Jack Parker21Director, Ontario Geological Survey / Directeur, Commission geologique de l'Ontario$123,320.58$188.33
Brian Pountney40Manager Timmins Area Team / Chef d'equipe du secteur de Timmins$106,613.38$169.26
Desmond Rainsford54Senior Geoscience Leader / Chef, geoscientifique$102,531.86$233.16
Clayton Ralph50Senior Aboriginal Liaison Officer / Agent principal de liaison avec les Autochtones$103,436.53$166.35
George Ross4Deputy Minister$189,018.59$330.51
Caroline Savarie11Director, Human Resources / Directrice des ressources humaines$145,121.71$225.82
Jason Scott48Manager, Transportation and Infrastructure / Chef, transport et infrastructure$103,827.25$162.28
Richard Scott46Manager, Coordination and Analysis / Chef, coordination et analyse$104,470.32$162.36
David Shaw28Senior Aboriginal Liaison Officer / Agent principal de liaison avec les Autochtones$111,499.56$171.15
Mark Speers12Director$143,070.13$215.01
Marc St. Louis64Senior Business Planner / Planificateur principal des activites$100,252.95$163.05
Ronald St. Louis65Stakeholder Outreach Specialist (designated) / Specialiste de la liaison avec les intervenants (designe)$100,252.95$163.05
Priya Tandon18Director, Corporate Policy Secretariat / Directrice, Secretariat des politiques ministerielles$132,405.89$197.16
Sharon Tansley19Director, Strategic Initiatives / Directrice, initiatives strategiques$132,049.64$197.04
Bernadette Thompson22Senior Manager, Controllership Office / Chef, Bureau du controle des services financiers$117,517.60$181.77
Kim White27Director, Business Planning / Directrice, planification des activites$111,597.88$173.85 

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