Friday, April 21, 2017

Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change 2016 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Update: Click here for the 2016 Ontario Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Sunshine List (released March 2017)

Here is the 2016 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Environment and Climate Change (released March 31th, 2017). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 396. The total salaries on the list is $43,824,949.37, with the average salary for someone on the list of $110,669.06. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other ministries can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,816,610.51
Total Salary earned by the top 25: $4,007,238.60

Here is the top 25 salary earners:
1. Paul Evans $242,375.85
2. Robert Fleming $195,891.93
3. Susan Lo $186,310.05
4. Alexander Wood $180,617.09
5. James Whitestone $179,636.18
6. Murray Dixon $173,783.18
7. Heather Taylor $169,611.07
8. Tareq Al-Zabet $168,452.96
9. Michael Longpre $161,843.93
10. John Vidan $158,088.27
11. Paul Nieweglowski $155,560.78
12. Doris Dumais $154,506.15
13. Mary Hennessy $154,506.15
14. Gregory Sones $154,506.15
15. Jacques LeGris $149,277.35
16. Joseph Odumeru $145,300.12
17. Becky Taylor $145,300.12
18. Orna Salamon $145,299.21
19. Ling Mark $144,590.69
20. Dolly Goyette $143,363.69
21. Robert Kaszas $143,070.13
22. Kathleen Hedley $142,944.34
23. Corinna Belo $142,428.11
24. Garth Napier $135,008.43
25. Lucia Lau $134,966.67

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Senior Program Advisor14$103,328.49
Project Manager11$107,349.77
Senior Air Engineer11$102,028.88
District Engineer10$102,174.41
Senior Policy Advisor9$105,239.94
Senior Wastewater Engineer6$102,233.04
Engineer, Air Pollution Control5$101,784.85
Senior Policy Coordinator5$104,854.15
Senior Noise Engineer5$102,026.30
Manager, Technical Support5$105,407.76
Senior Waste Engineer / Ingenieur principal, evaluations relatives aux dechets5$102,049.22
Senior Regulatory Toxicologist4$103,889.15
Senior Water Engineer4$102,155.42
District Manager4$105,622.46
Senior Analyst4$101,370.94
Senior Review Engineer4$102,040.16
District Project Engineer3$102,145.90
Senior Waste Engineer / Ingenieure principale, evaluations relatives aux dechets3$102,233.04
Pollution Control Engineering Advisor2$102,233.04
Group Leader, Surface Water Specialist / Chef d'equipe, specialiste des eaux de surface2$102,626.68
Engineer, Air Pollution Control / Ingenieure, lutte contre la pollution de l'air2$102,233.04
Assistant Director2$112,108.14
Manager, Regional Water Compliance / Chef, conformite en matiere d'eau potable, regions de l'Est et du Nord2$106,286.58
Senior Wastewater Engineer / Ingenieure principale en traitement de l'eau2$102,233.04
Director, Indigenous Relations / Directrice, relations avec les Autochtones2$138,496.38
Issues Project Coordinator2$101,972.89
Emissions Trading Engineer2$102,233.04
Drinking Water Treatment Engineering Specialist en genie, traitement de l'eau potable2$102,233.04
Assistant Deputy Minister, Chief Drinking Water Inspector / Sous-ministre adjointe, inspectrice en chef de l'eau potable2$165,804.63
Senior Environmental Officer2$131,426.58
Director, Environmental Intergovernmental Affairs / Directeur, affaires intergouvernementales et environnement2$112,281.02
Manager, Program Development2$112,181.38
Senior Program Support Coordinator2$101,707.15
Senior Laboratory Scientist, Microbiology / Scientifique principale de laboratoire, microbiologie2$104,107.54

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Nuhaad Abbas242Project Manager$103,260.69$167.91
Fatima Abdulrasul72Manager, Air Policy Instrument / Chef, Instruments en matiere de politiques atmospheriques$115,967.27$173.19
Scott Abernethy207Surface Water Evaluator/Team Leader / Evaluateur de la qualite des eaux de surface et chef d'equipe$104,135.90$159.00
Sushant Agarwal261Senior Air Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Aziz Ahmed70Manager, Approvals and Licensing / Chef, approbations et delivrance des permis$116,026.12$184.91
Rosalinda Ahmed262Senior Air Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Tareq Al-Zabet8Assistant Deputy Minister, Environmental Sciences and Standards / Sous-ministre adjoint, normes et sciences de l'environnement$168,452.96$259.62
Kelly Andreoli335District Engineer$101,646.74$164.20
John Antoszek263Pollution Control Engineering Advisor$102,233.04$166.23
John Armiento134Manager, Waste Diversion / Chef, reacheminement des dechets$109,509.86$170.99
Tracey Armstrong357Senior Engineer / Ingenieure principale$101,138.18$162.85
Rosemary Ash374Team Lead, Brownfields Filing and Review / Chef d'equipe, depot et examen des dossiers lies aux friches contaminees$100,252.95$163.05
Harvey Asiedu-Akrofi372Budgets Coordinator$100,273.43$154.26
Sean Avery368Engineer, Air Pollution Control$100,607.61$162.04
Chris Bahaviolos129Senior Policy Advisor$109,545.57$173.01
John Bailey227Research Scientist, Northern Lakes Monitoring / Chercheur scientifique, surveillance des lacs du Nord$104,091.83$236.94
Gualter Bairos83Project Manager$113,886.53$244.26
Peter Balaban86Manager, Field Operations$113,616.05$177.38
Ganesharam Balagopal208Senior Regulatory Toxicologist$104,109.05$236.94
Todd Barranger344Manager, Operational Services Office / Chef, bureau des services operationnels$101,403.21$158.09
Sheri Beaton53Project Manager$118,787.85$173.10
Teodros Belayneh258Senior Water Scientist$102,397.94$233.16
Corinna Belo23Director$142,428.11$211.90
Katrina Benesch328District Project Engineer$101,971.62$166.23
Zafar Bhatti264Senior Water Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Satyendra Bhavsar209Research Scientist, Contaminant/Sport and Juvenile Fish / Chercheur scientifique, contaminants/poisson gibier et alevins$104,109.05$236.94
Robert Bilyea71Manager, Strategic Planning / Chef, planification strategique$115,985.77$173.19
Nadia Biran391Executive Assistant$100,241.51$161.59
Diane Blachford345Senior Policy Advisor$101,390.24$161.05
Laura Blease360Senior Policy Advisor$101,032.47$163.11
Shelly Bonte-Gelok265Engineer, Nutrient Management / Ingenieure en gestion des elements nutritifs$102,233.04$166.23
Steven Borg187Senior Policy Coordinator$105,767.33$173.10
Amy Bougiouklis367Senior Divisional Strategic Planner / Planificatrice strategique principale de la Division$100,648.71$161.65
Darcy Boyd64Manager, Climate Change Science Unit / Chef, Unite de la science du changement climatique$116,682.50$180.43
David Bradley245District Manager$103,233.19$161.26
Gordon Brank Brdar355Senior Noise Engineer$101,301.45$163.99
William Briggs192Great Lakes Analyst$105,441.43$159.98
Sheri Broeckel170Water Compliance Supervisor$107,154.58$149.89
Andrea Brown266District Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Kevin Brown147Project Manager, Project Control / Chef de projet, controle de projet$108,946.76$177.12
Terri-Lynn Bulman56Regional Project Lead$117,468.29$183.41
Jeffrey Burdon267District Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Stephen Burns66District Manager, Ottawa / Chef, Ottawa$116,335.12$180.94
Michelle Burr167Senior Manager, Events Opportunities and Stakeholder Relations / Chef, evenements et relations avec les intervenants$107,474.47$164.42
Jeff Butchart332Supervisor, Project Management / Superviseur, gestion des projets$101,739.58$163.82
Brian Cameron190Manager, Technical Support$105,555.42$177.38
Christine Campbell130Team Leader, Drinking Water Emergency Planning / Chef d'equipe, planification des mesures d'urgence concernant l'eau potable$109,538.55$172.99
Cynthia Carr104Assistant Director, Environmental Monitoring and Reporting Branch / Directrice adjointe, Direction de la surveillance environnementale$111,444.37$175.61
Steven Carrasco356Assistant Director/Manager, Program Design and Evaluation / Directeur adjoint/chef, conception et evaluation des programmes$101,268.63$165.39
Victor Castro259Group Leader, Surface Water Specialist / Chef d'equipe, specialiste des eaux de surface$102,397.94$233.16
Ferid Chabchoub268Engineer, Air Pollution Control$102,233.04$166.23
Loraine Chan375Senior Program Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Rick Chappell80District Manager, Owen Sound / Chef, Owen Sound$114,350.89$177.38
Chris Charron155Manager, Air Monitoring and Trans Boundary Science / Chef, surveillance de la qualite de l'air et de la pollution atmospherique transfrontaliere$108,322.19$162.18
Doris Chen151Chief Accountant/Controller / Chef comptable/Controleuse$108,695.21$169.75
David Cheng269Engineer, Clean Air Action Plan / Ingenieur, Plan d'assainissement de l'air$102,233.04$166.23
Rekha Chetlur193Manager, Information Management and Business Solutions / Chef, gestion de l'information et des solutions technologiques$105,334.49$164.38
Patrick Cheung376Team Leader, Drinking Water Monitoring / Chef d'equipe, surveillance de l'eau potable$100,252.95$163.05
Jenny Chiu377Team Leader, Financial Management and Reporting / Chef d'equipe, gestion financiere et production de rapports$100,252.95$161.91
Sameer Chopra162Manager, Divisional Integration / Chef, integration des services de la Division$107,683.86$167.52
Andrei Chtcherbakov346Atmospheric Modeller / Modelisateur des conditions atmospheriques$101,390.24$161.62
Karen Clark27Director, Air Policy and Climate Change / Directrice, politiques atmospheriques et changement climatique$133,787.22$206.31
Gemma Connolly191Supervisor, Service Integration / Superviseure, integration des services$105,500.68$164.75
Deborah Conrod236Supervisor, Groundwater and Well Stream Water Monitoring Unit / Superviseure, Unite de la surveillance des eaux souterraines et des eaux de puits$103,505.53$161.59
David Cook44Manager, Strategic Projects / Chef, projets strategiques$122,209.35$189.91
Joanne Cordell256Senior Advisor/Project Manager / Conseillere principale et chef de projet$102,459.51$161.07
Frank Coschi253Senior Engineering Specialist$102,527.99$166.60
Caroline Cosco331Senior Program Advisor$101,795.73$165.60
Cindy Cowin61Water Inspector$117,177.68$158.35
Charlene Cressman378Senior Program Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Mona Crivat270Engineer, Air Pollution Control / Ingenieure, lutte contre la pollution de l'air$102,233.04$166.23
Annamaria Cross54Manager, Environmental Assessment Services / Chef, Services devaluation environnementale$118,371.51$184.88
Kenneth Cunningham379Senior Analyst$100,252.95$163.05
Paul Davison380Senior Policy Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Rita Dawood205Manager, Quality Management / Chef, gestion de la qualite$104,283.42$162.89
Katie DePalma135Manager, Toxics Reduction Unit / Chef, unite de la reduction des substances toxiques$109,509.86$170.99
Louis Des Rosiers325Project Manager$102,053.12$165.81
Solange Desautels228Supervisor, Project Coordination / Superviseure, coordination des projets$103,993.83$155.80
Satish Deshpande96Team Leader, Drinking Water Standards / Chef d'equipe, normes de qualite de l'eau potable$113,339.18$184.29
Navdeep Dhaliwal271Air Emissions Quality Control and Data Analysis Engineer / Ingenieur, analyse des donnees et controle de la qualite des emissions atmospheriques$102,233.04$166.23
Murray Dixon6Senior Toxicity Assessment Specialist principal des evaluations toxicologiques$173,783.18$192.44
Daniel Dobrin246Manager, Technical Support$103,205.42$161.26
Michael Doggett200Assistant Director, Program Services / Directeur adjoint, services relatifs aux programmes$104,761.45$163.67
Ian Drew196Senior Policy Advisor$105,254.26$162.13
Peter Drouin210Senior Laboratory Scientist, Spectroscopy / Scientifique principal de laboratoire, spectroscopie$104,109.05$236.94
Barry Duffey157Assistant Director/Manager, Air Issues / Directeur adjoint / chef, questions concernant la qualite de l'air$108,197.83$165.13
Tina Dufresne112Director, Central Region / Directrice, region du Centre$110,887.57$174.07
Doris Dumais12Director, Modernization of Approvals / Directrice, modernisation des processus d'autorisation$154,506.15$232.13
Mark Dunn393Manager, Regional Delivery / Chef, prestation des services regionaux$100,196.00$158.55
Binh Huyen Duong338Senior Waste Engineer / Ingenieur principal, evaluations relatives aux dechets$101,553.13$163.78
Atif Durrani124Manager, Policy Development$110,282.21$171.23
Beverly Dutoff390Senior Program Advisor$100,244.04$163.05
Donald Earl57Assistant Director, Investigations and Enforcement / Directeur adjoint, enquetes et application des lois$117,468.29$183.41
Susan Ecclestone120Executive Assistant, Deputy Minister's Office / Attachee de direction, bureau de la sous-ministre$110,513.48$173.19
Timothy Edwards272District Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Jonathan Espie98Chief of Staff$112,695.44$183.57
Paul Evans1Deputy Minister$242,375.85$12,143.50
Katharine Faaren182Manager, Deloro Mine Site Cleanup Project / Chef, projet d'assainissement de l'ancien site minier Deloro$106,243.72$166.02
Patrick Fancott148Project Manager$108,946.76$177.12
Ghasem Fani118Manager, Regulatory Program Reporting Section / Chef, Section des rapports sur les programmes de reglementation$110,620.86$170.19
Luz Felipe-Sharp396Senior Program Advisor$100,014.53$162.00
James Filman273Senior Water Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Todd Fleet274District Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Robert Fleming2Assistant Deputy Minister, Climate Change and Environmental Policy Division / Sous-ministre adjoint, Division de l'action en matiere de changement climatique et des politiques environnementales$195,891.93$299.18
Rachael Fletcher127Manager, Biomonitoring Section / Chef, Section de la surveillance biologique$110,015.00$172.39
Timothy Fletcher114Manager, Water Standards / Chef, normes de qualite de l'eau$110,838.32$173.19
Paul Froese184Drinking Water Policy Specialist des politiques en matiere d'eau potable$106,013.96$172.38
Vasile Furdui211Senior Laboratory Scientist, Inorganic Chemical Analysis / Chercheur principal de laboratoire, Analyses chimiques inorganiques$104,109.05$236.94
Dale Gable89Supervisor, Approval Services Team 1 / Superviseur, equipe des services d'autorisation 1$113,583.61$178.19
Tymothy Garside238Supervisor, Investigations and Enforcement Branch Northern Region / Superviseure, Direction des enquetes et de l'application des lois, region du Nord$103,378.11$155.52
Theresa Gavin108Manager, Policy and Special Projects / Chef, politiques et projets speciaux$111,128.11$173.99
Andy Gemza131Information Management Coordinator de la gestion de l'information$109,538.48$173.05
Neil Gervais248Senior Drinking Water Program Advisor / Conseiller principal, programmes lies a l'eau potable$102,994.23$160.33
Brian Gildner87Manager, Certified Training and Client Services / Chef, formation accreditee et services a la clientele$113,616.05$177.38
Richard Gillies275Engineer, Air Pollution Control$102,233.04$166.23
William Gilmore145Coordinator, Air Standards and Risk Management / Coordonnateur, normes de qualite de l'air et gestion des risques$109,106.74$176.19
Jane Glassco115Assistant Director$110,838.32$173.19
Michael Gluck105Assistant Director, Northern Region / Directeur adjoint, region du Nord$111,344.35$173.19
Pradeep Goel212Senior Surface Water Scientist, Nutrient Management / Scientifique principal des eaux de surface, gestion des elements nutritifs$104,109.05$236.94
Barbara Goff204Divisional Business Manager, Services operationnels de la Division$104,376.67$157.45
Craig Golding113Manager, Cap and Trade / Chef, plafonnement et echange$110,878.25$173.19
Tracey Goodwin358Special Advisor/Freedom of Information Coordinator / Conseillere speciale et coordonnatrice de l'acces a l'information$101,124.00$162.78
Charles Goulet276District Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Dolly Goyette20Director, Environmental Approvals Access and Service Integration Branch / Directrice de l'acces aux autorisations environnementales et de l'integration des services$143,363.69$216.51
Olga Grabovska213Senior Research Toxicologist / Chercheuse principale, toxicologie$104,109.05$236.94
Catherine Grant63Engineering Specialist, Air Standards and Risk Management / Specialiste en genie, normes de qualite de l'air et gestion des risques$116,855.08$187.50
Scott Grant75Engineer Specialist, Air Pollution Control and Risk Assessment / Specialiste en genie, lutte contre la pollution de l'air et evaluation des risques$115,355.76$187.50
Ian Greason73Supervisor, Approval Services Team 4 / Superviseur, equipe des services d'autorisation 4$115,954.60$187.53
Dajana Grgic373Group Leader, Groundwater Monitoring Network / Chef d'equipe, reseau de controle des eaux souterraines$100,253.11$158.99
Edward Griffin109Manager, Regional Water Compliance / Chef, conformite en matiere d'eau potable, regions de l'Est et du Nord$111,039.78$172.39
Michelle Grinstein381Program Advisor, Special Projects / Conseillere en programmes, projets speciaux$100,252.95$163.05
Kimberley Groombridge197District Manager$105,083.70$161.10
Alena Grunwald106Manager, Partnerships$111,306.47$173.02
Stefanos Habtom277Senior Wastewater Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Daniel Hahn382Senior Program Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Rosanne Hahn58Manager, Modelling and Analysis / Chef, modelisation et analyse$117,468.29$183.41
Yvonne Hall81Supervisor, Air Modelling and Emissions / Superviseure, modelisation et emissions atmospheriques$114,104.65$178.19
Chunyan Hao214Senior Laboratory Scientist, Mass Spectrometry / Scientifique principale de laboratoire, spectrometrie de masse$104,109.05$236.94
Bruce Harman254Groundwater Evaluator/Team Leader / Evaluateur des eaux souterraines et chef d'equipe$102,526.96$159.00
Mahmood Hasan250Supervisor, Brownfields, Environmental Clean-Up and Financal Assurance Service Unit / Superviseur, friches contaminees, assainissement de l'environnement et service de garanties financieres$102,673.92$220.33
Yue He278Senior Wastewater Engineer / Ingenieure principale en traitement de l'eau$102,233.04$166.23
Kathleen Hedley22Director, Environmental Approvals / Directrice, evaluations environnementales$142,944.34$215.01
Sherif Hegazy232Manager, Pesticides / Chef, pesticides$103,569.76$168.15
Robert Heidrich383Senior Program Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Paul Helm163Senior Research Scientist, Great Lakes / Chercheur scientifique principal,$107,503.34$244.71
Mary Hennessy13Director, Indigenous Relations / Directrice, relations avec les Autochtones$154,506.15$232.13
Shyrin Hirji241Project Manager$103,323.82$163.34
Cindy Hood93District Manager$113,518.96$176.54
Jodie Lea Horihan279Senior Review Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Todd Howell164Great Lakes Ecologist / Ecologiste,$107,503.34$244.71
Han Zhuo Huang280Senior Air Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Jeffrey Hurdman33Director, Program Management / Directeur, gestion des programmes$132,621.37$200.13
Richard Hurstfield-Meyer235Project Manager$103,516.88$168.75
Lubna Hussain52Manager, Technology Standards / Chef, normes technologiques$119,508.20$186.54
John Hutchison384Senior Policy Advisor, Air / Conseiller principal en politiques, air$100,252.95$163.05
Patricia Inch281Regional Project Engineer / Ingenieure de projet regionale$102,233.04$166.23
Susanne Jakobsen176Project Manager$106,433.18$173.10
Al-Noor Jamal136Senior Policy and Project Advisor$109,509.86$170.99
Thomas Jenkins385Team Lead, Marketing Communications$100,252.95$163.05
Jason Jessel334Project Manager, Program Review / Chef de projet, examen des programmes$101,684.79$165.24
Scott Johnston154Manager, Facilities Management Unit / Chef, unite de la gestion des installations$108,388.44$169.26
Chris Jones215Research Scientist, Benthic Biomonitoring / Chercheur scientifique, surveillance biologique du milieu benthique$104,109.05$236.94
Karen Jones392Supervisor, Water Wells and Municipal Industrial Strategy for Abatement / Superviseure, puits d'eau et Strategie municipale et industrielle de depollution$100,219.28$155.80
Stephen Jones347Senior Policy Analyst$101,390.24$161.82
Denis Jugloff226Senior Regulatory Toxicologist$104,093.45$236.94
Henry Jun202Senior Policy Advisor$104,573.41$167.63
John Kaasalainen282District Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Grazyna Kalabis216Senior Regulatory Toxicologist$104,109.05$236.94
Sofya Kamenetsky177Scientific Information and Technology Coordinator, information scientifique et technologie$106,433.18$173.10
Nicholas Karellas165Senior Research Specialist Air Monitoring / Specialiste principal de la recherche, surveillance de la qualite de lair$107,503.34$244.71
Robert Kaszas21Director, Environmental Innovations / Directeur, innovation environnementale$143,070.13$215.01
Brian Kaye342Issues Project Coordinator$101,437.21$159.52
Teresa Kemp178Manager, Strategic Business Unit$106,418.89$164.77
Hollee Kew31Director, Eastern Region / Directrice, Direction regionale de l'Est$133,176.85$199.36
Mohsen Keyvani90Supervisor, Approval Services Team 5 / Superviseur, equipe des services d'autorisation 5$113,583.61$178.19
Mansour Khan229Senior Program Advisor$103,778.19$165.59
Sudhir Khanna283Emissions Trading Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
James Kinch48Manager, Ecological Standards / Chef, normes ecologiques$120,223.78$186.88
Patricia Kinch128Manager, Strategic Planning and Operations Coordinator / Chef et coordonnatrice et des operations$109,997.96$170.99
Steven Klose94Director, Standards Development / Directeur, elaboration des normes$113,409.22$181.76
Ellen Klupfel159Project Manager$108,108.17$172.45
Geoff Knapper67District Manager, Hamilton / Chef, Hamilton$116,335.12$180.94
Todd Kondrat249Group Leader, Surface Water Specialist / Chef d'equipe, specialiste des eaux de surface$102,855.42$233.16
Brenda Korbee102Assistant Director/Manager, Compliance Outreach and Reporting / Directrice adjointe/chef, conformite, liaison et production de rapports$111,735.22$173.37
Jan Kowalczyk284Senior Air Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Robyn Kurtes78Manager, Cabinet Liaison Office / Chef, Bureau de liaison avec le Conseil des ministres$115,038.50$179.67
Christina Labarge285Senior Air Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
George Lai286Drinking Water Treatment Engineering Specialist en genie, traitement de l'eau potable$102,233.04$166.23
Frederick Lam287Senior Wastewater Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Ross Lashbrook330Manager, Technical Support$101,840.78$158.36
Lucia Lau25Director, Business and Fiscal Planning / Directrice, planification operationnelle et budgetaire$134,966.67$209.31
Wendy Lavender160Manager, Source Protection and Planning / Chef, protection des sources et planification$108,087.60$165.96
Aaron Law348Senior Analyst, Best in Science / Analyste principal, programme Excellence en science$101,390.24$161.82
Steven Law288Renewable Energy Engineer / Ingenieur, energie renouvelable$102,233.04$166.23
David Lee289Senior Waste Engineer / Ingenieur principal, evaluations relatives aux dechets$102,233.04$166.23
Jacques LeGris15Director, Strategic Human Resources / Directeur, gestion strategique des ressources humaines$149,277.35$226.77
Carroll Leith366District Manager$100,654.00$157.21
Adam Leus175Brownfields Coordinator, friches contaminees$106,433.19$172.47
Jinliang Liu125Senior Science Advisor, Climate Change / Conseiller scientifique principal, changement climatique$110,168.12$177.09
Xibo Liu329Senior Water Engineer$101,922.55$165.32
Rudy Lo247Manager, Fiscal Planning and Strategies Unit / Chef, Unite des strategies et de la planification budgetaire$103,205.42$161.26
Susan Lo3Assistant Deputy Minister, Chief Drinking Water Inspector / Sous-ministre adjointe, inspectrice en chef de l'eau potable$186,310.05$273.61
Eric Loi76Senior Engineer, Industrial Specialist / Ingenieur principal et specialiste industriel$115,355.76$187.50
Chris Lompart137Manager, Land Use Policy / Chef, politiques d'utilisation du sol$109,509.86$170.99
Michael Longpre9Senior Environmental Officer$161,843.93$176.66
Zijin Lu365Senior Air Engineer$100,773.64$162.30
Edmond Lui290Senior Water Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Frank Luisser336Engineer, Air Pollution Control$101,617.51$163.99
Leo Luong138Manager, Water Policy / Chef, politiques de gestion des eaux$109,509.86$170.99
Eugene Macchione122Manager, Registrations and Application Evaluation / Chef, enregistrement et evaluation des demandes$110,445.18$171.08
Laurie Mace111Manager, Service Integration / Chef, Integration des services$110,965.68$173.19
Cammy Mack45Deputy Chief Drinking Water Inspector/Director / Inspectrice en chef adjointe de l'eau potable / directrice$122,083.63$186.99
Jennifer Mackey240Senior Program Advisor$103,329.71$164.31
Christina MacLean158Senior Advisor, Stakeholder Relations / Conseillere principale, relations avec les intervenants$108,177.56$172.62
Karen Macpherson146Manager, Toxic Organics / Chef, matieres organiques toxiques$109,007.11$170.99
Syed Mahmood47Manager, Approval Services / Chef, services relatifs aux autorisations environnementales$120,700.38$191.19
Heather Malcolmson38Director, Source Protection Programs / Directrice, programmes de protection des sources$124,853.07$190.16
Madhu Malhotra116Assistant Director/Manager, Strategic Analysis / Directrice adjointe / chef, analyse strategique$110,838.32$173.19
Lynne Judy Malloy42Director, Indigenous Relations / Directrice, relations avec les Autochtones$122,486.61$215.01
Ramanathan Manoharan77Senior Wastewater Specialist$115,355.76$187.50
Bozena Manowski291Senior Wastewater Engineer / Ingenieure principale en traitement de l'eau$102,233.04$166.23
Ling Mark19Director, Land and Water Policy / Directrice, politiques d'utilisation du sol et de gestion des eaux$144,590.69$223.02
Marius Marsh394Soil Specialist, Brownfields / Specialiste des sols, friches contaminees$100,132.71$94.55
Priya Mathur354Senior Policy Coordinator$101,319.05$173.03
Stephen Maude132Senior Policy Advisor$109,538.48$173.07
Michelle McChristie359Regional Issues Coordinator$101,108.40$162.22
Daniel Ryan McDonald117Manager, Technical Support$110,838.32$173.19
Angela McGonigal257Assistant Director, South West Region / Directrice adjointe, region du Sud-Ouest$102,439.53$153.89
Kathy McKague101Director, Environmental Monitoring and Reporting / Directrice, surveillance environnementale et production de rapports$111,805.93$175.47
Barbara McMurray149Project Manager$108,946.76$177.12
Shannon McNeill251Senior Policy Coordinator/Executive Assistant / Coordonnatrice principale des politiques/attachee de direction$102,610.50$148.98
Rachel Melzer183Senior Policy Advisor$106,070.78$171.78
Stephen Mercer292Senior Air Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Bryan Merritt201Manager, Regulations Enforcement Operations / Chef, activites d'application de la reglementation$104,685.54$162.34
Header Merza324Senior Noise Engineer$102,130.92$165.81
Kelly Miki293Engineer, Air Pollution Control / Ingenieure, lutte contre la pollution de l'air$102,233.04$166.23
Frank Miklas40Director, Northern Region / Directeur, region du Nord$123,712.54$190.16
Trudy Millard103Senior Advisor, Outreach and Program Support / Conseillere principale, liaison et soutien en matiere de programme$111,518.04$169.35
Denton Miller294Senior Noise Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Janet Mills88Manager, Customer and Business Services / Chef, services a la clientele et services operationnels$113,616.05$177.38
Scott Milne339Manager, Regional Water Compliance / Chef, conformite en matiere d'eau potable, regions de l'Est et du Nord$101,533.38$158.60
Ian Mitchell295District Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Michael Moroney69District Manager, Sarnia / Chef, Sarnia$116,124.74$181.32
David Morse139Manager, Organic Contaminants / Chef, polluants organiques$109,509.86$170.99
Ranjani Munasinghe296Senior Waste Engineer / Ingenieure principale, evaluations relatives aux dechets$102,233.04$166.23
Robert Musgrove364Senior Agency Coordinator$100,863.30$161.29
Garth Napier24Director, Program Planning and Implementation / Directeur, planification et mise en uvre des programmes$135,008.43$209.53
Alejandro Nava Ocampo217Senior Research Toxicologist / Chercheur principal, toxicologie$104,109.05$236.94
Andrew Neill297Senior Waste Engineer / Ingenieur principal, evaluations relatives aux dechets$102,233.04$166.23
Peter Nettleton252Senior Project Scientist, Modelling / Scientifique principal, modelisation$102,551.91$147.57
Milica New34Director, West Central Region / Directrice regionale du Centre-Ouest$132,621.37$200.13
Jerry Ng206Executive Assistant / Adjoint de direction$104,253.74$161.59
Quynh Nguyen341Senior Air Engineer$101,446.64$166.23
Paul Nieweglowski11Assistant Deputy Minister, Operations Division / Sous-ministre adjoint, Division des operations$155,560.78$238.26
Brian Nixon49Director, Environmental Intergovernmental Affairs / Directeur, affaires intergouvernementales et environnement$119,722.18$191.01
Mohammed Nizamuddin298Senior Wastewater Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Jacob Noordhof239Senior Advisor, Outreach and Program Support / Conseiller principal, liaison et soutien en matiere de programmes$103,346.22$167.27
Thomas Norma North169Manager, Program Development$107,191.96$167.52
James Nowlan198Manager, Global Air Issues / Chef, questions internationales concernant la qualite de l'air$104,865.99$165.39
Dickson Odame-Osafo299Senior Waste Engineer / Ingenieur principal, evaluations relatives aux dechets$102,233.04$166.23
Cheryl O'Donnell181Senior Policy Coordinator$106,255.63$172.22
Joseph Odumeru16Director, Laboratory Services / Directeur, services de laboratoire$145,300.12$226.77
Carolyn O'Neill59Manager, Great Lakes Office$117,468.29$183.41
Kathleen O'Neill Carter28Director, Strategic Policy / Directrice, politiques strategiques$133,787.22$206.31
Tania Onica244Senior Regulatory Toxicologist$103,245.05$236.94
Ernest Opoku-Boateng370Senior Analyst$100,459.35$163.05
Nancy Orpana300Senior Review Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Lee Orphan36Director, Southwest Region / Directeur regional du Sud-Ouest$132,562.79$199.82
Marny Paget152Manager, Accommodation, Assets and Business Services / Chef, services de gestion des locaux et des biens et services operationnels$108,600.62$167.69
Louisa Paiva153Manager, Resourcing and Program Delivery Support / Chef, ressources et soutien a la prestation de programmes$108,570.08$132.47
Michelle Palmer323Water Modeller / Modelisatrice, qualite de l'eau$102,137.12$223.51
Fariha Pannu91Supervisor, Approval Services Team 2 / Superviseure, Services relatifs aux autorisations, equipe 2$113,583.61$178.19
Marcel Parent144Assistant Director, Central Region / Directeur adjoint, region du Centre$109,201.84$171.46
Andrea Parks82Senior Program Advisor$113,919.50$150.47
Neil Parrish84Special Project Manager$113,850.40$187.53
Ian Parrott41Manager, Local Air Quality / Chef, Qualite de l'air a l'echelle locale$122,551.88$193.94
Andrew Paterson218Research Scientist, Inland Lakes / Chercheur scientifique, lacs interieurs$104,109.05$236.94
Sarah Paul26Director, Standards Development / Directrice, elaboration des normes$134,198.80$203.75
Heather Pearson32Director, Air Instrument and Program Design / Directrice, conception d'instruments et de programmes en matiere de politiques atmospheriques$133,149.24$202.89
Stephen Petro168Supervisor, Sport Fish and Biomonitoring Unit / Superviseur, Unite du poisson gibier et de la surveillance biologique$107,299.26$205.87
Vincent Pileggi301Senior Water Engineering Advisor / Conseiller technique principal en eaux usees$102,233.04$166.23
Dawn Pilgrim231Project Manager$103,583.72$162.35
David Poirier203Senior Laboratory Scientist, Aquatic Toxicology / Chercheur principal de laboratoire, toxicologie aquatique$104,435.78$236.94
Stanislav Popov386Financial Management Coordinator de la gestion financiere$100,252.95$163.05
Dilek Postacioglu387Senior Program Support Coordinator principale du soutien en matiere de programmes$100,252.95$163.05
Kristina Potapczyk95Assistant Director$113,377.96$169.16
Guy Potter371Supervisor, Investigations and Enforcement Branch Eastern Region / Superviseur, Direction des enquetes et de l'application des lois, region de l'Est$100,295.19$155.80
Nafiseh Pourhassani302Senior Waste Engineer / Ingenieure principale, evaluations relatives aux dechets$102,233.04$166.23
Mary Margare Powrie388Senior Program Advisor$100,252.95$163.05
Indra Prashad43Director, Indigenous Drinking Water Projects Office / Directrice, Bureau des projets de gestion de l'eau potable pour les communautes autochtones$122,254.28$189.42
Karen Puhlmann50Manager, Divisional Priorities and Program Services / Chef, priorites et services en matiere de programmes de la Division$119,677.39$186.88
Robert Putzlocher303District Project Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Mark Rabbior51Senior Manager, Issues and Media Relations / Chef, questions d'interet et relations avec les medias$119,677.39$186.88
Richard Raeburn-Gibson29Director, Operation Integration / Directeur, integration des operations$133,787.22$206.31
Sarah Raetsen349Issues Management and Project Advisor / Conseillere en gestion des questions d'interet et en projets$101,390.24$161.82
Nadia Ramlal119Senior Program Advisor$110,612.81$172.65
Michele Ratsch185Manager, Organizational Dynamics / Chef, dynamique organisationnelle$105,915.24$160.22
Sharon Reid140Manager, Northern Environmental Initiatives Office / Chef, Initiatives environnementales pour le Nord$109,509.86$170.99
Eric Reiner166Senior Organic Chemistry Research Scientist / Scientifique principal, recherche en chimie organique$107,503.34$244.71
Wen Ren35Director, Resource Recovery Policy Branch / Directrice, Direction des politiques de recuperation des ressources$132,621.37$200.13
Jason Rice395Regional Project Engineer / Ingenieur de projet regional$100,046.35$148.09
John Ritchie369Manager, Strategy and Analysis / Chef, strategie et analyse$100,477.22$154.57
Glynn Robinson133Senior Policy Coordinator$109,538.48$173.05
Vasily Rogojin260Senior Hydrogeologist / Hydrogeologue principal$102,397.94$233.16
Blair Rohaly85Manager, Registry Development / Chef, Elaboration des registres$113,822.62$177.80
Zeljko Romic350Senior Program Support Coordinator$101,390.24$162.02
Vincenza Ronaldi60Manager, Customer Services, Program Support and Outreach / Chef, services a la clientele, soutien aux programmes et liaison$117,468.29$183.41
Kristen Routledge30Director, Communications$133,787.22$206.31
Ralph Ruffolo219Senior Laboratory Scientist, Chromatograph / Scientifique principal de laboratoire, chromatographie$104,109.05$236.94
James Rusak333Group Leader, Water Chemistry Laboratory / Chef d'equipe, laboratoire d'analyse chimique de l'eau potable$101,694.71$165.54
Orna Salamon18Assistant Deputy Minister, Chief Drinking Water Inspector / Sous-ministre adjointe, inspectrice en chef de l'eau potable$145,299.21$226.77
Abbygail Salb343Air Emission Modelling Engineer / Ingenieure, modelisation des emissions atmospheriques$101,424.07$163.43
Carol Salisbury143Senior Policy Advisor$109,501.26$173.08
Richard Saunders304District Project Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Debra Scanlon99Manager, Source Protection Approvals / Chef, approbations concernant la protection des sources d'eau$112,580.34$170.69
Jason Schaefer305Deloro Project Engineer / Ingenieur, projet Deloro$102,233.04$166.23
Andre Schnell306Pollution Control Engineering Advisor$102,233.04$166.23
Rhonda Schop225Senior Laboratory Scientist, Microbiology / Scientifique principale de laboratoire, microbiologie$104,107.13$236.94
Barbara Schurman363Great Lakes Advisor$100,990.15$163.05
James Scott174Manager, Integrated Policy / Chef, politiques integrees$106,564.76$166.47
Ronald Seca188Manager, Service Delivery / Chef, prestation des services$105,717.91$165.18
Harpreet Segaric351Senior Policy Coordinator$101,390.24$161.62
Jeffrey Sergeant107Contracts Project Manager, Deloro / Chef de projet, contrats, Deloro$111,155.93$163.05
Bijal Shah307Senior Air Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Timothy Sharp79Manager, Performance Improvement Unit / Chef, unite de l'amelioration de la performance$114,397.71$178.65
Mohammad Aas Sheikh121Manager, Information Management Service Integration / Chef, integration des services de gestion de l'information$110,513.05$163.12
Thomas Shevlin308Senior Noise Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Vittoria Sifo156Senior Divisional Coordinator principale des questions d'interet pour la Division$108,289.90$162.02
Albert Simhon243Senior Advisor, Microbiology / Conseiller principal, microbiologie$103,251.77$167.91
Wayne Simpson309Senior Wastewater Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Elizabeth Smith171Senior Engineering Specialist principale en genie$107,012.20$187.50
Ian Smith37Director, Environmental Monitoring and Reporting / Directeur, surveillance environnementale et production de rapports$126,720.38$196.23
Kara Smith194Deloro Project Engineer / Ingenieure, projet Deloro$105,324.43$166.23
Adam Socha150Team Leader, Investing in Science / Chef d'equipe, investissement dans la science$108,946.76$177.12
Uwayemi Sofowote361Air Monitoring Research Scientist / Scientifique principal, recherche en surveillance de la qualite de l'air$101,025.59$230.04
Gregory Sones14Director, Sector Compliance / Directeur, mise en conformite des secteurs$154,506.15$232.13
Edward Soo310Senior Air Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Marta Souckova352Senior Analyst$101,390.24$162.42
Eleanor Stainsby237Senior Analyst$103,381.22$162.22
Michael J. W. Stickings199Director, Environmental Intergovernmental Affairs / Directeur, affaires intergouvernementales et environnement$104,839.87$163.74
Alissa Sugar389Senior Project Manager$100,252.95$163.05
Derek Sullivan311Senior Air Review Engineering Coordinator / Ingenieur principal, evaluations relatives aux emissions$102,233.04$166.23
Teresa Switzer141Manager, Spectroscopy and Physical Chemistry / Chef, spectroscopie et chimie physique$109,509.86$170.99
Abdulreza Tabe-Mohammadi312Drinking Water Treatment Engineering Specialist en genie, traitement de l'eau potable$102,233.04$166.23
Yajun Tan327Senior Waste Engineer / Ingenieur principal, evaluations relatives aux dechets$101,993.87$165.39
Becky Taylor17Director, Transition Team / Directrice, equipe de transition$145,300.12$226.77
Heather Taylor7Assistant Deputy Minister, Corporate Management / Sous-ministre adjointe, gestion interne$169,611.07$261.45
Peter Taylor189Manager, Technical Support$105,598.84$163.67
Trevor Taylor233Investigations Officer$103,568.88$173.68
Dean Therrien195Senior Program Advisor$105,290.62$163.05
John Thibeau74Crew Chief, Great Lakes$115,613.23$187.27
Janis Thomas220Surface Water Pathogen Scientist, Source Protection / Scientifique, pathogenes des eaux de surface, protection des sources$104,109.05$236.94
Sandra Thomas255Issues Project Coordinator$102,508.57$162.09
Brian Thorburn68Program Coordinator, Great Lakes Field Operations / Coordonnateur de programme, operations regionales relatives aux$116,171.94$209.19
Mary Thorburn353Special Projects Coordinator, Canada Ontario Agreement / Coordonnatrice des projets speciaux, Accord Canada-Ontario$101,390.24$162.02
Saneth Tieu313Senior Air Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
William Tiffin62Manager, Program Development$117,170.79$183.04
Nicholas Ting314Engineer, Air Pollution Control$102,233.04$166.23
Aaron Todd186Supervisor, Terrestrial Assessment and Field Services / Superviseur, evaluation des ecosystemes terrestres et services regionaux$105,815.14$159.93
Robert Tooley55Manager, Inorganic Chemical Analysis / Chef, analyse des produits chimiques inorganiques$118,348.93$184.79
Cheryl-Ann Tracey65Program Manager, Investigations and Enforcement / Chef de programme, enquetes et application des lois$116,570.10$180.94
Beverly Tuazon179Senior Program Advisor$106,348.98$172.92
Clara Tucker221Research Scientist, Watershed Management Specialist / Chercheuse scientifique, specialiste de la gestion des bassins versants$104,109.05$236.94
Mirek Tybinkowski46Engineering Specialist, Strategic Analysis$122,071.82$198.36
Mathew Uza180Senior Advisor$106,348.98$172.92
Julie Uzonyi337Analytical Technologist$101,580.22$123.44
Hitesh Vaja315Senior Wastewater Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Lorna Jean Van Dusen340Senior Review Engineer$101,461.52$163.50
Ellen Van Steenburgh173Program Manager, Environmental Science Facilitation and Reporting Unit / Chef de programme, Unite de facilitation des sciences environnementales et de production de rapports$106,571.04$164.75
Richard Vickers39Director, West Central Region / Directeur, Direction regionale du Centre-Ouest$123,712.55$188.91
John Vidan10Director, Partnerships$158,088.27$251.06
James Virtue326Senior Program Support Coordinator$102,024.05$162.49
Jennifer Volpato316District Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Rudolf Wan92Supervisor, Approvals Services Team 3 / Superviseur, equipe des services d'autorisation 3$113,583.61$178.19
Patricia Wang Ah Fat317Senior Review Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Melanie Ward97Manager, Program Review / Chef, examen des programmes$112,784.55$167.95
James Warner362Senior Environmental Officer$101,009.24$194.97
Greg Washuta318District Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Melissa Weber234Manager, Program Planning and Development / Chef, planification et elaboration des programmes$103,518.03$229.91
Kevin Webster123District Manager, Toronto / Chef, Toronto$110,301.47$170.99
Susan Weir-Swindells224Senior Laboratory Scientist, Microbiology / Scientifique principale de laboratoire, microbiologie$104,107.95$236.94
Ann Weselan110Director, Drinking Water Programs / Directrice, programmes lies a l'eau potable$111,027.85$173.74
Mark White230Supervisor, Operational Improvement and Business Delivery / Superviseur des ameliorations operationnelles et de l'execution des operations$103,667.47$155.46
James Whitestone5Assistant Deputy Minister, Environmental Programs Division / Sous-ministre adjoint, Division des programmes environnementaux$179,636.18$268.12
Erik Wiersma161Assistant Director/Environmental Forensics / Directeur adjoint, investigations environnementales$108,063.79$161.26
Matthew Williamson126Manager, Strategic Enforcement and Intelligence / Chef, application strategique des reglements et renseignement$110,079.61$170.99
Jennifer Winter172Manager, Water Monitoring / Chef, surveillance de la qualite de l'eau$106,698.53$166.79
Margaret Wojcik319Senior Waste Engineer / Ingenieure principale, evaluations relatives aux dechets$102,233.04$166.23
Savio Wong320Emissions Trading Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Alexander Wood4Executive Director, Ontario Climate Change Directorate / Directeur general, Direction generale de l'action en matiere de changement climatique pour l'Ontario$180,617.09$273.35
Robert Wrigley142District Manager, London / Chef, London$109,509.86$170.99
Paul Yang222Senior Laboratory Scientist, Mass Spectrometry / Scientifique principal de laboratoire, spectrometrie de masse$104,109.05$236.94
Huaxia Yao223Research Scientist, Watershed Monitoring / Chercheur scientifique, surveillance des bassins versants$104,109.05$236.94
Yuefeng Zhang321Senior Wastewater Engineer$102,233.04$166.23
Greg Zimmer100Supervisor, Registration/Application Assessment / Superviseur, enregistrement et evaluation des demandes$112,120.64$174.36
Dejan Zivkovic322Senior Noise Engineer$102,233.04$166.23 

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