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Lambton College 2016 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Update: Click here for the 2017 Lambton College Sunshine List (released March 2018)

Here is the 2016 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Lambton College (released March 31th, 2017). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 73. The total salaries on the list is $8,594,768.07, with the average salary for someone on the list of $117,736.55.

The 2015 Lambton College Sunshine List is available here.

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Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,670,911.57

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. Judith Morris $252,727.06
2. Margaret Dragan $186,696.32
3. Donna Church $166,139.40
4. Spencer Dickson $166,139.40
5. Robert Kardas $166,139.40
6. Chris Slade $153,833.26
7. Mehdi Sheikhzadeh $150,484.09
8. Jon Milos $146,636.68
9. Terry Babbey $141,057.98
10. Yvonne Clarke $141,057.98

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Professor, Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program4$104,758.98
Professor, Chemical Production and Power Engineering Technology3$104,638.56
Professor, Sports and Recreation Management Program2$105,933.80
Professor, Mathematics and Physics2$105,559.10
Professor, Social Sciences2$105,559.10

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Dan Abraham40Professor, Carpentry Programs$106,915.07$126.96
Al Arbour13Dean, Technology, Energy and Apprenticeship$130,506.39$125.44
Terry Babbey9Director, Information Technology$141,057.98$138.48
Angela Barclay44Professor, Sports and Recreation Management Program$106,308.51$84.24
Patrick Bennett23Registrar$112,766.09$289.08
Lisa Bicum50Professor, English and Humanities$105,559.10$119.76
Cindy Buchanan14Senior Director, Marketing, Communications and Brand Management$129,410.84$338.37
Margaret Carter43Professor / Coordinator, Chemical Production and Power Engineering Technology$106,576.64$84.24
David Chamberlain29Professor, Business And Technology$110,175.02$126.96
Colleen Charlton18Manager, Talent Acquisition and Labour Relations$122,324.81$297.42
Lori Charron70Professor / Coordinator, Nursing$101,511.39$84.24
Donna Church3Vice President, Academic$166,139.40$402.72
Yvonne Clarke10Dean, Business, Creative Design, Liberal Studies and English$141,057.98$138.48
Robin Coatsworth-Puspoky51Professor, Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program$105,559.10$126.96
Mary Jane Comiskey16Dean, Health Sciences And Community Services$126,081.73$102.78
James Cooper20Professor / Coordinator, Computer Science$117,453.68$84.24
William Cuthbert28Professor, Mechanical Technician And Industrial Maintenance Programs$110,425.12$84.24
Anne Marie Dalton30Manager, Academic Skills and Employment Ontario Programs$109,680.47$111.54
Janice Davidson49Professor, Office Administration Program$105,644.45$126.96
Spencer Dickson4Vice President, Corporate Performance and Employee Relations$166,139.40$161.76
Barbara Dobson39Professor / Coordinator, Pre Health, Pre Technology and Pre Nursing Programs$107,055.98$126.96
Nicole Domonchuk27Professor / Coordinator, Autism And Behaviour Science Program$110,635.67$84.24
Margaret Dragan2Vice President, Finance and Administration$186,696.32$175.68
Robert Free35Counsellor$108,466.88$126.96
Brett Goldsmith52Professor, Accounting$105,559.10$126.96
Mary Ann Gordon48Professor, Early Childhood Education Program$105,985.85$84.24
Kevin Graham33Technologist, Fire Science Programs$108,759.90$91.44
Kurtis Gray45Director, Student Success$106,192.59$108.00
Carolyn Grayson53Professor, Chemical and Biological Sciences$105,559.10$84.24
Michael Grey68Professor, Chemical Production and Power Engineering Technology$102,210.28$126.96
Leonard Head64Professor, Mechanical Technology$104,178.95$126.96
Bernd Kaiser32Professor / Coordinator, Chemical Technician Programs$109,019.35$84.24
Robert Kardas5Vice President, Student Success and Campus Services$166,139.40$322.56
Shahram Karimi36Professor / Industrial Research Chair$107,225.57$119.76
Steven Knight73Professor / Coordinator, Fire Science Programs$100,205.54$119.76
Catherine Large12Director, Financial Services$132,139.00$327.48
Marc Lavergne66Associate Registrar, Student Records, International Registration and Scheduling$103,887.32$257.52
Audrey Markham Sloat54Professor, Hospitality and Tourism Management$105,559.10$84.24
Rodney Marsh34Professor / Coordinator, Community Integration Through Cooperative Education Program$108,669.34$126.96
Shari Mc-Cutcheon38Manager, Compensation and Benefits$107,086.55$261.48
Charles Middleton55Professor, Economics$105,559.10$126.96
Andrzej Mika56Professor, Mathematics and Physics$105,559.10$126.96
Jon Milos8Director, Entrepreneurship$146,636.68$84.24
David Mitton21Manager, Information Technology Operations$117,452.58$116.64
Judith Morris1President And Chief Executive Officer$252,727.06$608.64
Robert Morton57Professor, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology$105,559.10$84.24
Mary Murphy Mc-Henry31Professor / Coordinator, Child and Youth Worker Program$109,339.27$84.24
Karen Murray71Professor, Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program$101,059.02$84.24
Kelly Murray-Scott15Director, Financial Planning$128,277.56$308.09
Lisa Myers65Professor / Coordinator, Criminal Justice Program$104,003.50$126.96
Sundar Narayan47Professor, Chemical Production and Power Engineering Technology$106,146.31$84.24
Marilyn Neville69Professor / Coordinator, Hospitality and Tourism Management$101,746.81$84.24
Khaled Nigim24Professor / Coordinator, Instrumentation and Control Engineering Technology$111,534.91$126.96
Andre Ouellette46Manager, Learning and Training Solutions, Campus Administrator Fire And Public Safety Centre Of Excellence$106,171.25$108.84
Rick Overeem11Director, Learning Innovation Centre, Continuing Education And Online Learning and Educational Pathway Initiatives$140,892.76$345.36
Susan Patrick58Professor, Sports and Recreation Management Program$105,559.10$126.96
Tim Pearce19Director, Campus Services$117,501.66$117.36
Chris Perkins26Professor / Coordinator, Sports and Recreation Management Program$111,031.27$126.96
Janet Raiger41Professor, Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program$106,858.70$126.96
Rochelle Roberts22Professor / Coordinator, Personal Support Worker Program$113,025.02$126.96
Anna-Lucy Robinson59Professor, Social Sciences$105,559.10$91.20
Patricia Sealy60Professor, Bachelor Of Science In Nursing Program$105,559.10$126.96
Mehdi Sheikhzadeh7Dean, Applied Research and Innovation$150,484.09$140.73
Greg Shortt42Professor / Coordinator, Massage Therapy Program$106,586.55$126.96
Chris Slade6Senior Dean, International and Computer Studies$153,833.26$372.72
Tim Sparks72Professor, Fire Science Programs$100,617.53$126.96
Brad Swales61Professor, Social Sciences$105,559.10$126.96
Brent Thomas17Director, Facilities Management$125,579.32$317.28
Monique Van Hooft37Professor, Massage Therapy Program$107,133.50$126.96
Donald Vanderklok62Professor, Mathematics and Physics$105,559.10$84.24
Sherri Veilleux25Professor / Coordinator, Office Administration Program$111,215.30$84.24
Brian Warner67Professor / Coordinator, Steamfitter Program$102,357.30$126.96
Simon Yiu63Professor, Chemical Production and Power Engineering Technology$105,559.10$84.24 

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