Thursday, August 13, 2015

Breakdown of Hamilton's Four Murders, Shariek Douse Added

Breakdown of Hamilton 2015 homicides to this date with the fourth murder, Shariek Douse. All murders have been in the lower city. Three. male victims and one female victim. All suspects are males. Of the four killings, two are shootings.

Date of MurderVictim Victim's Age Cause of Death City Ward Suspect
January 8th, 2015Nathan Miller 20 Shooting 3 (28 Madison Avenue) Male 15, Jemaal Wilson, 20, Shamoiey Akindejoye 21
March 25th, 2015Renee Neganiwina 26 Fire? 4 (561 Kenilworth Avenue) Joseph Snelgrove, 38
May 15th, 2015William McConville 40 Beating 2 (Stinson and Victoria) Gordon Eugene O'Hara, 33, and Joshua Vernon O'Hara, 27
August 12th, 2015Shariek Douse 18 Shooting 2 (MacNab Street North and Simcoe Street) N/A

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