Saturday, November 7, 2015

October 2015 Canada Employment Up 41.5K, Ontario 29.2K

Statscan released their employment data for October and the numbers were good for both Canada and Ontario. Jobs rose by 41,500 in Canada, with full-time up 9,000 and part-time up 35,400. However the caveat is that these included jobs associated with the election in October and thus the number is pushed up artificially. We'll have to wait for the November numbers for more of a true number.

Ontario also had a very good number, with jobs up by 29,200. Full-time jobs were up by 26,800 with part-time jobs up by 1,300. Again we will have to wait, as Ontario likely had around 40% of the election hiring. For Ontario jobs are still slightly down since June, which is a fairly stagnant period of employment growth, especially with the increasing population.

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