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City of St. Catharines 2016 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2016 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for City of St. Catharines (released March 31th, 2017). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 167. The total salaries on the list is $20,730,842.55, with the average salary for someone on the list of $124,136.78. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other municipalities can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,689,810.27
Total Salary earned by the top 25: $3,922,234.71

Here is the top 25 salary earners:
1. Dan Carnegie $217,354.21
2. Shelley Chemnitz $181,185.94
3. Bryan Shynal $181,185.94
4. David Wood $169,645.39
5. Michael La Plante $158,927.80
6. Rodney Edmands $158,076.00
7. David Upper $156,491.13
8. Lawrence Jones $155,981.80
9. Kristine Douglas $155,481.03
10. James Riddell $155,481.03
11. Daniel Dillon $154,135.53
12. David Alderman $153,503.07
13. Nicole Auty $153,388.02
14. Ryan Madill $153,144.67
15. Jeanette Pillitteri $150,936.24
16. Martin Urlocker $150,729.39
17. Joel Chatterton $149,487.24
18. John Tasane $148,256.21
19. Patrick Mc Kinnon $147,108.72
20. Timothy Ireland $146,168.14
21. Christopher Lukey $146,127.41
22. Antony Kearsley $146,011.56
23. Rick Westfall $144,966.39
24. Kevin Hardiman $144,645.40
25. John Bigger $143,816.45

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Fire Fighters - 1st Class79$116,510.39
Communicator - 1st Class5$105,102.41
Platoon Chief4$147,371.05
Assistant Platoon Chief4$151,010.20
Senior Inspector3$123,653.95
Deputy Fire Chief2$142,640.92
Design and Construction Engineer - Water2$100,720.35
Communications Co-ordinator2$120,811.54
Training Officer2$122,762.43

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Christine Adams141Manager of Engineering and Construction$106,063.88$1,538.90
David Alderman12Captain$153,503.07$576.24
Brent Alvaro154Fire Fighters - 1st Class$103,325.42$435.00
Darryl Amos96Fire Fighters - 1st Class$117,612.30$477.83
Rany Audeh160Manager of Applications$101,352.40$1,514.03
Nicole Auty13Director of Legal Services$153,388.02$1,827.10
Ronald Baerg46Captain$132,093.00$576.24
Peter Barnowski36Captain$137,902.14$562.39
Kevin Beamer72Captain$123,002.25$498.20
Monique Belair53Deputy Fire Chief$129,300.05$633.22
Shawn Bennett59Fire Fighters - 1st Class$126,318.05$505.21
Erv Bergen95Fire Fighters - 1st Class$117,621.13$477.83
Todd Bickle84Fire Fighters - 1st Class$120,365.97$477.83
Adam Bigger42Captain$135,515.06$548.64
Chad Bigger83Fire Fighters - 1st Class$120,562.31$477.83
John Bigger25Captain$143,816.45$548.64
David Boyes40Captain$136,123.13$562.39
Kevin Boyes73Fire Fighters - 1st Class$122,937.43$491.57
Jamie Brock48Captain$131,571.69$477.83
David Brown71Fire Fighters - 1st Class$123,190.09$491.57
Nicholas Bruxer118Fire Fighters - 1st Class$112,562.56$477.83
Daniel Bucci60Fire Fighters - 1st Class$126,278.13$505.21
Sandra Burrows142Manager, Building and Development$106,063.88$1,538.90
Claudio Campagiorni136Communicator - 1st Class$107,704.14$458.93
Joshua Canning124Fire Fighters - 1st Class$111,172.31$477.83
Dan Carnegie1Chief Administrative Officer$217,354.21$10,142.15
Douglas Carr34Captain$138,187.02$562.39
Christopher Carter106Fire Fighters - 1st Class$115,046.51$491.57
Nick Carter-Flagg117Fire Fighters - 1st Class$112,572.11$463.19
Joel Chatterton17Captain$149,487.24$576.24
Shelley Chemnitz2Commissioner of Corporate Services$181,185.94$2,085.04
Gregory Clark135Fire Fighters - 1st Class$108,408.22$435.00
Peter Clifford88Fire Fighters - 1st Class$119,951.47$462.03
Kevin Coffey102Fire Fighters - 1st Class$115,755.90$477.83
Glen Cookson33Captain$138,267.52$576.24
Felicito Cristi128Manager of Programs and Cultural Services$110,201.78$564.52
Mark Cunningham43Captain$135,139.30$562.39
Raymond Currie115Fire Fighters - 1st Class$113,810.95$463.19
Bruce Davey122Fire Fighters - 1st Class$111,969.86$491.57
Brock Davison107Fire Fighters - 1st Class$115,039.82$463.19
Lance Dempsey52Fire Fighters - 1st Class$129,764.72$505.21
Robert Denhollander26Platoon Chief$142,179.55$630.11
Ben Dick161Fire Fighters - 1st Class$101,305.55$435.00
Craig Dietsch94Fire Fighters - 1st Class$118,047.68$477.83
Mark D'Ilario149Fire Fighters - 1st Class$104,893.03$463.19
Daniel Dillon11Director of Transportation and Environmental Services$154,135.53$1,783.88
Francois Donati49Chief Fire Prevention Officer$130,784.38$378.38
Kristine Douglas9Director of Financial Management Services$155,481.03$1,958.60
Samantha Downing162Design and Construction Engineer - Water$100,720.35$1,118.48
John Dunn121Fire Fighter - 3rd Class$112,162.94$463.19
Edward Dywan56Captain$127,937.41$562.39
Rodney Edmands6Captain$158,076.00$576.24
Liana Everett140Communicator - 1st Class$107,244.91$431.55
Eric Farlow110Fire Fighters - 1st Class$114,636.95$477.83
Tracey Fraser150Communicator - 1st Class$104,448.86$415.23
Steven Frech112Fire Fighters - 1st Class$114,071.74$491.57
Richard Friesen77Fire Fighters - 1st Class$121,894.90$491.57
Ray Garrigan76Fire Fighters - 1st Class$122,068.22$491.57
Douglas Gearing55Fire Fighters - 1st Class$128,363.01$505.21
Arcangelo Giampa109Fire Fighters - 1st Class$114,771.23$477.83
Craig Gidley90Fire Fighters - 1st Class$118,983.08$505.21
Michael Gilbert85Fire Fighters - 1st Class$120,264.84$491.57
Donna Gill27Chief Communications Officer$141,639.29$630.11
Brandon Green74Captain$122,757.74$562.39
Mark Green163Manager of Environmental Services$100,720.35$531.66
Terry Groocock41Captain$136,060.96$562.39
Kevin Hardiman24Platoon Chief$144,645.40$616.66
Zachary Hargraves123Fire Fighters - 1st Class$111,187.42$463.19
Gordon Harold29Captain$140,063.88$530.05
Andrew Harpwood114Fire Fighters - 1st Class$113,887.36$463.19
Fred Heikoop91Fire Fighters - 1st Class$118,713.14$505.21
Steve Helsby133Fire Fighters - 1st Class$108,943.83$463.19
Wayne Herridge65Fire Fighters - 1st Class$124,568.18$477.83
Quinn Hofland62Fire Fighters - 1st Class$125,874.75$505.21
Jonathon Hoogendoorn130Fire Fighters - 1st Class$109,564.84$463.19
Benjamin Hould108Fire Fighters - 1st Class$114,817.24$463.19
Gregory Hyde125Fire Fighters - 1st Class$110,999.34$463.19
Timothy Ireland20Platoon Chief$146,168.14$630.11
Adam Johnstone101Fire Fighters - 1st Class$115,896.76$477.83
Lawrence Jones8Deputy Fire Chief$155,981.80$670.02
Antony Kearsley22Captain$146,011.56$562.39
Muhammad Khan164Design and Construction Engineer - Water$100,720.35$1,509.78
Kevin Koch111Fire Fighters - 1st Class$114,125.73$477.83
Derek Kohut54Fire Fighters - 1st Class$128,558.60$477.83
Michael La Plante5Assistant Platoon Chief$158,927.80$589.36
Douglas Langendoen120Fire Fighters - 1st Class$112,338.34$491.57
Lars Larson66Senior Inspector$124,555.60$479.45
Tommy Ledrew157Communicator - 1st Class$102,789.56$431.55
Jamie Lee147Fire Fighters - 1st Class$105,622.15$435.00
Christopher Leonard51Senior Inspector$129,930.04$542.18
Brian Lobbezoo151Communication Technician$104,380.42$463.19
Steve Lukacs80Fire Fighters - 1st Class$121,366.60$477.83
Mark Lukasik139Fire Fighters - 1st Class$107,280.63$477.83
Christopher Lukey21Assistant Platoon Chief$146,127.41$602.84
Aaron Lynett138Fire Fighters - 1st Class$107,669.54$435.00
Chris Mac Aulay97Fire Fighters - 1st Class$117,005.97$463.19
Brian Mac Nevin79Fire Fighters - 1st Class$121,444.07$477.83
Ryan Madill14Captain$153,144.67$566.52
James Magee127Fire Fighters - 1st Class$110,323.64$463.19
Jacob Martin137Fire Fighters - 1st Class$107,693.36$435.00
Anthony Martuccio129Manager of Facilities and Energy$109,796.31$1,159.43
Steven Mc Aulay156Fire Fighters - 1st Class$103,159.00$435.00
Liam Mc Grath89Fire Fighters - 1st Class$119,330.49$477.83
Patrick Mc Kinnon19Fire Fighters - 1st Class$147,108.72$477.83
Mandi Mc Lellan158Fire Fighters - 1st Class$102,265.34$477.83
Nathan Melin38Fire Prevention Officer$137,455.17$525.89
Kenneth Merry99Fire Fighters - 1st Class$116,911.01$477.83
Corey Miller134Fire Fighters - 1st Class$108,721.72$463.19
Tracey Miller126Manager of Business Process Improvement$110,791.66$1,563.74
Jack Minke78Fire Fighters - 1st Class$121,566.52$491.57
Justine Morris70Communications Co-ordinator$123,446.23$514.91
Tom Napper64Fire Fighters - 1st Class$125,176.31$477.83
Donald Nesbitt131Fire Fighters - 1st Class$109,505.83$473.57
Bonnie Nistico-Dunk143City Clerk$106,063.88$1,538.90
Robert Oleksiw35Captain$138,114.43$542.98
Trevor Parker67Captain$124,539.49$542.98
Hartmut Penner159Captain$101,465.59$553.39
Michael Petro45Captain$132,519.91$562.39
Jeffery Phelps75Fire Fighters - 1st Class$122,542.43$491.57
Judy Pihach144Manager, Planning Services$106,063.88$1,538.90
Jeanette Pillitteri15Director of Corporate Support Services$150,936.24$1,934.26
Catherine Presse155Communicator - 1st Class$103,324.56$431.55
James Riddell10Director of Planning and Building Services$155,481.03$1,958.60
Joe Rodrigues103Fire Fighters - 1st Class$115,562.88$457.55
Craig Rohoman152Fire Fighters - 1st Class$104,355.47$463.19
Heather Salter39Deputy Solicitor / Deputy Clerk$136,478.01$1,696.36
Gerald Saxton69Fire Fighters - 1st Class$124,230.67$477.83
Kyle Saxton30Captain$139,618.63$562.39
Michael Sforza50Captain$130,391.78$548.64
Larry Shapley113Fire Fighters - 1st Class$114,071.27$463.19
Donald Sherren93Training Officer$118,096.17$535.08
Bryan Shynal3Commissioner of Operations$181,185.94$2,085.04
Randy Sider58Fire Fighters - 1st Class$126,665.91$477.83
Jeffery Silcox-Childs153Manager of Parks, Cemeteries, Forestry and Horticulture$103,646.93$554.55
Matthew Simatovic105Fire Fighters - 1st Class$115,116.98$477.83
Christopher Slota81Fire Fighters - 1st Class$120,981.14$491.57
Gregory Smith63Fire Fighters - 1st Class$125,845.41$505.21
Stephen Solski37Executive Director, Performing Arts Centre$137,551.69$1,866.90
James Somerville100Senior Inspector$116,476.21$501.17
Gary Stevenson87Fire Fighters - 1st Class$120,011.36$469.01
Laura Stewart92Communications Co-ordinator$118,176.85$501.17
Dean Stoltz32Captain$138,511.43$486.56
David Stringer165Manager of Geomatics$100,720.35$1,509.78
Chantal Switzer166Human Resources Manager$100,720.35$531.66
Kevin Tait31Chief Training Officer$138,541.22$616.66
John Tasane18Assistant Platoon Chief$148,256.21$574.72
Brian Thiessen167Manager of Plans Examination$100,720.35$1,509.78
Shawn Tombolini28Captain$141,061.44$576.24
Philip Topa86Fire Fighters - 1st Class$120,016.26$477.83
Stephen Tope116Fire Fighters - 1st Class$113,690.69$505.21
Bret Turner98Fire Fighters - 1st Class$116,922.13$505.21
David Upper7Platoon Chief$156,491.13$630.11
Martin Urlocker16Assistant Platoon Chief$150,729.39$589.36
Michael Vail61Captain$126,054.55$548.64
Randy Van Berkel104Fire Fighters - 1st Class$115,527.50$463.19
Christopher Van Tuyl119Fire Fighters - 1st Class$112,380.05$463.19
Karthik Venkataraman132Manager of Infrastructure and Operations$109,241.73$1,555.10
Ryan Villers68Fire Fighters - 1st Class$124,456.29$477.83
Jason Visser57Training Officer$127,428.69$548.64
John Vriens44Captain$133,210.71$576.24
Zachary Welch146Fire Fighters - 1st Class$105,836.20$463.19
Stacey Wells145Assistant City Solicitor II$106,023.09$1,538.90
Rick Westfall23Captain$144,966.39$562.39
Edward Wilson82Fire Fighters - 1st Class$120,916.61$491.57
David Wood4Director of Fire and Emergency Services$169,645.39$818.50
Brian York148Director of Economic Development and Government Relations$105,532.53$1,142.36
Michael Zason47Captain$132,027.74$562.39

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