Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bank of Canada Lowers Canadian GDP Growth Predictions

The Bank of Canada has cut its predictions for upcoming GDP growth. From the Globe and Mail article:

"But offsetting the higher inflation, the bank lowered its economic growth forecasts for the rest of the year. It expects real gross domestic product to post annualized growth of 2.3 per cent in the third quarter and 2.4 per cent in the fourth quarter, down from 2.6 per cent and 2.5 per cent, respectively, in the April projections. It sees GDP growth of 2.1 per cent for all of 2014, down from 2.3 per cent previously, although its 2015 growth projection remains at 2.4 per cent."

Predictions of US GDP growth for 2014 have also been ratcheted down of late. So 2014 is now down to 2.1% instead of 2.3%. There's certainly a possibility of 2014 being below 2%. Obviously Alberta and Saskatchewan will grow a lot, however what happens with Ontario and Quebec will be key. Curiously Quebec did very well in the first quarter, but we don't know Ontario's number yet. In the 2014 budget document, Ontario is predicting 2.1% GDP growth overall for 2014.

I'm a bit surprised about 2015 GDP growth staying at 2.4%. I expect as we get closer to 2015, that estimate will go down.

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