Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Second Homicide in Hamilton in 2015, Renee Neganiwina

Surly Hamiltonian has been tracking all homicides in Hamilton, but I've been late on reporting Hamilton's second homicide of 2015. This CBC Hamilton article covers the main points. The victim is a female, 26 year old Renee Neganiwina. Her live in boyfriend Joseph Snelgrove (38), is now in jail.

It seems unclear what the cause of death was. There was a fire, but that may have covered up the murder. The murder likely took place at the site of the fire, a home at 561 Kenilworth Avenue North, near Dofasco. That is in ward four.

With March pretty much done, that's two murders in three months for 2015. That rate pretty much matches the 8 murders in all of 2014 in the city of Hamilton.

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