Monday, March 9, 2015

The HSR's $200 Million Bus Barn

Raise the Hammer has a great article comparing the cost of the recently proposed HSR bus barn per bus to other bus buildings in Canada. The tl:dr? Hamilton's is three times the cost per bus compared to the others.

Something seems strange about this project and I'm glad people are pointing it out. $200 million is more than the cost of Tim Horton's Field and more importantly as others have pointed out one quarter of the proposed cost of LRT.

Andrew Dreschel had an article in the Spec today about the HSR brain trust and how council wasn't given the heads up on the bus barn and other funding that would be requested from the province. Surly Hamiltonian has always maintained that the city needs to make sure the province funds $800 million for the LRT captial costs, otherwise that money will be spent elsewhere in the GTA. The province is broke and the city can't give the province an out from funding LRT.

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