Sunday, June 26, 2016

Town of Halton Hills 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Town of Halton Hills (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 44. The total salaries on the list is $5,576,010.55, with the average salary for someone on the list of $126,727.51.

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Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,646,333.74

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. David Smith $224,871.27
2. A. Brent Marshall $190,044.22
3. Terry Alyman $171,377.04
4. Edward Desousa $163,280.29
5. Chris Mills $163,280.29
6. Jane Diamanti $155,505.50
7. John Linhardt $155,505.50
8. John Martin $142,726.23
9. Harry Olivieri $142,726.23
10. Suzanne Jones $137,017.17

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title. 
Fire Captain7$115,574.41
Acting Fire Captain5$107,019.07

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Terry Alyman3Commissioner of Community & Corporate Services$171,377.04$1,242.30
Shawn Barnes36Firefighter$109,572.32$746.33
David Bouskill39Acting Fire Captain$103,707.87$746.33
Mark Burger40Acting Fire Captain$103,147.86$746.33
Steven Burke15Manager of Planning Policy$124,670.52$951.90
Armando Cabral29Fire Captain$115,393.08$871.40
Geoffrey Cannon16Deputy Director of Library Services$124,670.52$951.90
R. Murray Colquhoun17Manager of Information Services$124,670.52$951.90
Linda Cook38Senior Financial Analyst$104,069.51$750.28
Todd Cronkright34Manager of Design and Construction$111,299.19$849.30
Christopher Cullen32Acting Fire Captain$113,349.14$746.33
Edward Desousa4Commissioner of Finance & Town Treasurer$163,280.29$1,242.30
Jane Diamanti6Director of Library Services$155,505.50$1,182.24
James English37Firefighter$105,842.06$746.33
Adam Farr18Manager of Development Review$124,670.52$951.90
Simone Gourlay30Manager of Purchasing$115,382.98$883.34
Steven Grace27Program Manager Water Resource$115,936.60$883.34
James Stephen Hamilton19Manager of Facilities$124,670.52$951.90
Charles Hancock12Fire Captain$127,878.70$871.40
Warren Harris13Acting Commissioner of Community & Corporate Services$127,551.62$970.77
Tony Iavarone26Manager of Corporate Communication$116,073.85$883.34
Suzanne Jones10Town Clerk$137,017.17$1,041.32
Slavica Josipovic11Chief Building Official$133,397.40$1,016.88
Samantha Kleinschmidt14Manager of Recreation Services$124,671.13$951.90
Moya Leighton24Manager of Accounting$119,683.67$911.86
John Linhardt7Executive Director of Planning & Chief Planning Official$155,505.50$1,182.24
A. Brent Marshall2Chief Administrative Officer & Fire Chief$190,044.22$1,367.67
Bryce Marshall42Fire Captain$101,656.54$775.93
John Martin8Deputy Chief - Operations$142,726.23$5,136.60
Todd McClements35Fire Captain$111,173.89$871.40
Steven McKnight21Fire Captain$121,129.07$871.40
Chris Mills5Commissioner of Planning & Infrastructure$163,280.29$1,242.30
Brian Nelles41Firefighter$102,462.36$646.69
Wendy O'Donnell28Manager of Finance$115,395.14$883.34
Harry Olivieri9Deputy Chief - Prevention & Education$142,726.23$7,221.00
Robert Quinton23Fire Captain$120,254.42$871.40
Thomas Robertson33Fire Captain$111,535.20$871.40
Paul Sargeant44Acting Fire Captain$100,142.70$746.33
David Smith1Chief Administrative Officer$224,871.27$1,614.02
Richard Spear25Superintendent of Public Works$116,851.97$887.03
Damian Szybalski22Manager of Sustainability$120,841.72$888.70
Kevin Usher43Firefighter$100,999.25$746.33
Maureen Van Ravens20Manager of Transportation and Development Engineering$122,177.18$933.31
Pat Woods31Acting Fire Captain$114,747.79$746.33

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