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Town of Newmarket - Central York Fire Services 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Town of Newmarket - Central York Fire Services (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 121. The total salaries on the list is $13,858,766.18, with the average salary for someone on the list of $114,535.26.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other municipalities can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,516,362.51
Total Salary earned by the top 25: $3,413,812.78

Here is the top 25 salary earners:
1. Ian Laing $178,352.20
2. Arthur W. L. Bellar $161,079.74
3. William Lorimer $157,638.51
4. Daniel S. Palmer $157,378.23
5. Robert R. Comeau $156,429.96
6. Russell G. Robinson $152,506.20
7. Jeff Lee $144,361.00
8. Robert I. Leathen $137,830.41
9. John L. Chaisson $136,849.31
10. Richard R. Roylance $133,936.95
11. Kevin Saunders $131,362.88
12. James F. Bolsby $129,875.97
13. Allan Weddel $128,883.57
14. John Hopkinson $128,474.38
15. Rodney T. Beckett $127,965.15
16. Scott P. Donohue $127,348.81
17. Frank Huberty $127,348.80
18. Brent D. Heppell $127,114.98
19. Kevin J. I. Madill $127,114.98
20. Alexander R. Doak $125,209.93
21. Dan R. Waters $124,657.64
22. Gordon L. Davidson $123,932.15
23. Peter Buys $123,685.90
24. Paul A. Horton $122,360.37
25. Paul S. Cooke $122,114.76

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title. 
Fire Fighter 1st Class85$107,920.74
Platoon Chief4$157,150.67
Training Officer2$116,509.79
Deputy Fire Chief2$131,829.82

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Christopher Airey80Fire Fighter 1st Class$106,021.96$242.62
James A. Allen29Training Officer$120,697.84$294.42
Jeffrey T. Ashton119Fire Fighter 1st Class$101,330.49$242.63
Corin J. M. Bechthold-Coon82Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,739.42$242.63
Rodney T. Beckett15Captain$127,965.15$294.42
Arthur W. L. Bellar2Platoon Chief$161,079.74$328.79
Jason Beuving65Fire Fighter 1st Class$108,682.12$242.62
James F. Bolsby12Captain$129,875.97$286.86
David Viateur Boucher93Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,103.72$236.35
Andre L. Bourrie31Fire Fighter 1st Class$119,561.53$242.62
Amber Kathryn Bowman99Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,633.73$236.37
Francis Boyden39Fire Fighter 1st Class$116,324.53$242.62
Darryl Bryan77Fire Fighter 1st Class$106,529.09$242.63
William K. Buckindale94Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,988.56$242.63
Andrew Gordon Burdette47Fire Fighter 1st Class$113,010.21$242.61
Francesco Burgio108Fire Fighter 1st Class$103,489.69$236.35
William A. Burkholder63Fire Fighter 1st Class$109,113.05$256.67
Peter Buys23Captain$123,685.90$280.55
Jeffrey R. Caldwell53Fire Fighter 1st Class$111,565.51$242.63
Adriano D. Cassullo85Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,610.01$242.63
John L. Chaisson9Chief Fire Prevention Officer$136,849.31$23.22
Robert R. Comeau5Deputy Fire Chief$156,429.96$379.29
Allen W. Cook110Fire Fighter 1st Class$103,173.03$242.63
Gordon J. Cook76Fire Fighter 1st Class$106,561.99$242.63
Paul S. Cooke25Captain$122,114.76$286.83
Justin Daniel Cooper121Fire Fighter 1st Class$100,167.52$236.35
Todd William Courtney114Fire Fighter 1st Class$102,563.32$236.35
Mark Jason Cox107Fire Fighter 1st Class$103,713.30$236.35
Vincent C. Crane27Fire Fighter 1st Class$121,590.23$242.63
Kevin Arther Cunnington92Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,147.47$236.34
Gordon L. Davidson22Captain$123,932.15$294.42
Richard Davis34Fire Fighter 1st Class$118,361.67$256.67
Simon R. Day101Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,418.53$242.62
Brant Dealy61Fire Fighter 1st Class$109,555.77$242.63
Jamie Dears72Fire Fighter 1st Class$107,647.77$242.63
Alexander R. Doak20Captain$125,209.93$294.42
Scott P. Donohue16Captain$127,348.81$286.83
Chris Andrew Dudka52Fire Fighter 1st Class$111,727.70$242.63
Jason L. Dunkerley56Fire Fighter 1st Class$110,375.95$250.20
Claude Duval50Training Officer$112,321.75$272.98
Bradley J. Fairbrass98Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,730.19$242.61
William L. Gardner58Fire Fighter 1st Class$110,088.00$256.66
Dino Garofalo109Fire Fighter 1st Class$103,469.15$242.63
Andrew W. Gibb62Fire Fighter 1st Class$109,429.44$242.62
Kenneth R. Gibb84Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,620.47$242.63
Corey R. Hanna105Fire Fighter 1st Class$103,901.58$242.63
Michael Greg Head97Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,901.64$236.37
Jonathan D. Healy66Fire Fighter 1st Class$108,503.23$242.63
Philip M. Henrich54Fire Fighter 1st Class$111,269.55$242.61
Brent D. Heppell18Captain$127,114.98$286.83
Stephen Michael Ronald Hodge79Fire Fighter 1st Class$106,045.21$236.35
John Hopkinson14Captain$128,474.38$286.85
Paul A. Horton24Captain$122,360.37$286.83
Frank Huberty17Captain$127,348.80$286.83
Corey D. Huigenbos36Fire Fighter 1st Class$117,597.56$242.63
Thomas D. Hunter33Captain$119,324.86$280.56
Michel P. Jacques113Fire Fighter 1st Class$102,580.78$242.63
Cory Jewer115Fire Fighter 1st Class$102,088.94$242.62
Steven R. Johnson43Fire Fighter 1st Class$113,976.62$242.60
Michael Joy38Captain$116,578.63$275.75
David R. J. Knights96Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,940.05$242.63
Ian Laing1Fire Chief$178,352.20$432.33
Corey James Lawrence103Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,291.46$236.35
Shane Lawrence95Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,966.14$242.60
Robert I. Leathen8Captain$137,830.41$286.83
Jeff Lee7Captain$144,361.00$286.84
R. Paul Leslie74Deputy Fire Chief$107,229.67$262.65
Ryan C. Linklater37Fire Fighter 1st Class$116,889.63$242.64
Melanie Anne Linn100Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,524.39$236.36
William Lorimer3Platoon Chief$157,638.51$323.23
Jerry Madaleno78Fire Fighter 1st Class$106,265.86$242.63
Jason Madigan49Fire Fighter 1st Class$112,354.41$234.15
Kevin J. I. Madill19Captain$127,114.98$286.83
Sean Michael Mahoney106Fire Fighter 1st Class$103,885.52$236.37
Giorgio Mallia86Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,578.52$236.35
Quinn H. Marshall57Fire Fighter 1st Class$110,281.59$242.61
Steve Andrew Martin81Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,876.60$236.36
Matthew Joseph McKendry67Fire Fighter 1st Class$108,371.62$242.63
Stephen F. McNaught40Fire Fighter 1st Class$115,332.37$256.66
Jeff Meijs48Fire Fighter 1st Class$112,705.58$242.60
Liam Milliken59Fire Fighter 1st Class$110,071.48$242.62
Robert S. Mitchell30Captain$119,698.48$286.83
Philip John Montgomery75Fire Fighter 1st Class$107,188.56$242.63
William Andrew Moses88Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,470.22$236.35
John A. Mumford28Fire Fighter 1st Class$121,318.40$242.61
John David Neisen73Fire Fighter 1st Class$107,351.66$242.63
Austin S. Noble35Captain$117,839.58$286.83
James H. Odell117Fire Fighter 1st Class$101,860.54$236.35
Daniel S. Palmer4Platoon Chief$157,378.23$327.40
Thomas C. Palmer41Fire Fighter 1st Class$114,962.73$256.67
Bradley M. Paterson64Fire Fighter 1st Class$109,069.93$256.67
Kristy Leanne Paterson70Fire Fighter 1st Class$107,774.37$236.36
Alexander C. Patrick111Fire Fighter 1st Class$103,090.94$242.61
Tuker A. Payment69Fire Fighter 1st Class$107,778.78$236.37
Gord H. Pearce104Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,257.36$236.35
Michael P. Petrova42Captain$114,866.70$280.56
Scott Thomas Plamondon116Fire Fighter 1st Class$102,020.27$236.35
Scott Robert Porter71Fire Fighter 1st Class$107,752.79$242.66
Robert J. Preston89Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,278.79$242.63
Jeff L. Rempel46Fire Fighter 1st Class$113,133.23$242.60
Mark S. Robinson44Fire Fighter 1st Class$113,569.95$256.67
Russell G. Robinson6Platoon Chief$152,506.20$327.40
Richard R. Roylance10Captain$133,936.95$294.43
Kevin Saunders11Captain$131,362.88$294.42
Kevin C. Saxton60Fire Fighter 1st Class$109,956.15$242.61
Ryan W. Schell32Fire Prevention Officer$119,490.50$280.56
Jason D. Shepstone102Fire Fighter 1st Class$104,295.48$242.62
Matthew John Raymond Shier91Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,150.78$236.36
Alex Simard51Fire Fighter 1st Class$112,168.48$236.35
Scott Jonathan Tadema120Fire Fighter 1st Class$100,806.39$236.35
Gregg Tremblay45Fire Fighter 1st Class$113,569.95$256.67
Robert J. Turbach90Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,278.79$242.63
Timothy John Tustin118Fire Prevention Inspector$101,839.42$242.63
Phillip Allan Vanduzen68Fire Fighter 1st Class$108,108.41$242.63
Darren Alexander Walters83Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,739.42$242.63
Dan R. Waters21Captain$124,657.64$286.84
Allan Weddel13Captain$128,883.57$294.42
Peter J. Werry26Captain$121,802.98$286.83
Christopher J. Williams112Fire Fighter 1st Class$102,654.09$236.37
Joseph S. Williams55Fire Fighter 1st Class$110,938.03$242.63
Michael James Woodhouse87Fire Fighter 1st Class$105,473.05$236.35

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