Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ontario Judiciary 2013 Sunshine Lists

Here is some statistics and analysis of Ontario 2013 sunshine data (released in March 2014) for Ontario judiciary. The total number of individual on these sunshine lists is 635. The total amount of salaries earned by those on the list is $120,456,449.52. The the average salary for a judiciary employee on the lists is $189,695.20.

The following statistics for each judiciary, show the number of employees, the average salary for someone on the list and the total salaries for those on the list for the judiciary. The link for each judiciary goes to detailed data for each judiciary, including individual sunshine list information, as well as the top ten for salary for each institution.

 2, $0.00, $0.00
Ontario Court of Justice  616, $190,344.97, $117,252,501.66
Superior Court of Justice  17, $188,467.52, $3,203,947.86

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