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Health Sciences North 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Health Sciences North (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 218. The total salaries on the list is $26,628,263.16, with the average salary for someone on the list of $122,148.00. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other hospitals can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $2,548,297.49
Total Salary earned by the top 25: $5,035,795.82

Here is the top 25 salary earners:
1. Chris Bourdon $380,165.54
2. Denis Roy $360,982.41
3. Andrew Knight $275,278.89
4. Joseph Pilon $270,879.06
5. Janet McElhaney $225,583.30
6. Jason Prpic $222,748.97
7. David McNeil $217,473.57
8. Sarah Strasser $208,286.46
9. Konrad Leszczynski $199,759.20
10. Mark Hartman $187,140.09
11. Tai Yeung $186,461.30
12. Deborah Saunders $182,502.80
13. Debbie Barnard $178,388.69
14. Paul St. George $177,000.21
15. Grace St. Jean $173,312.22
16. Rhonda Watson $170,446.57
17. Gaston Roy $167,382.45
18. Shuying Wan $162,618.38
19. Xiaofang Wang $162,618.37
20. Daniel Provost $162,618.36
21. Viviane Lapointe $159,057.75
22. Miriam McDonald $155,189.70
23. Robert Lepage $150,000.24
24. David Boyle $149,997.12
25. Maureen McLelland $149,904.17

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title. 
Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee44$107,606.07
Pharmacist / Pharmacienne13$120,288.12
Pharmacist / Pharmacien8$120,143.22
Perfusionist / Perfusionniste4$111,088.33
Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne4$104,043.22
Physicist / Physicien4$159,032.09
Nurse Technician / Infirmiere technicienne3$104,084.29
Psychological Associate / Associee en psychologie3$101,723.62
Financial Consultant / Conseillere financiere2$100,761.03
Team Leader / Chef d'equipe2$114,565.04
Nurse Clinical Leader / Infirmiere-chef clinique2$107,976.92
Manager, Inpatient Mental Health, Acute / Gestionnaire, Soins actifs de sante mentale2$109,302.40
Director, Medical & Rehabilitation / Directrice, Medecine et readaptation2$121,523.10
Manager, Laboratory / Gestionnaire, Laboratoire2$108,335.82
Vice President and Chief Financial Officer / Vice-president et agent en chef des finances2$156,425.51

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Robert Anderson30Medical Director, Simulation Laboratory / Directeur, Laboratoire de simulation$136,000.02$0.00
Nancy Andrews191Manager, Privacy Office / Gestionnaire, Bureau de la protection de la vie privee$101,370.87$250.22
Louis Andrighetti34Director, Regional Cancer Program / Directeur, Programme cancerologie$133,749.52$331.93
Craig Armstrong85Perfusionist / Perfusionniste$115,146.77$251.91
Joanne Aubin148Manager Quality Assurance / Gestionnaire en assurance de la qualite$106,856.43$264.18
Natalie Aubin76Administrative Director, Mental Health Administration / Directrice Administrative, Sante mentale$120,009.85$296.70
Linda Ayerst218Nurse Technician / Infirmiere technicienne$100,067.55$235.11
Nancy Bajc174Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$103,206.98$225.99
Sue Bale97Manager, Community Mental Health / Gestionnaire, Services communautaires de sante mentale$109,302.59$272.59
Diane Barbeau94Manager, Human Resources / Gestionnaire, Ressources humaines$109,582.64$283.20
Debbie Barnard13Vice President,Quality and Patient Safety and Process Improvement Administration / Vice Presidente, Qualite et securite des patients - Administration de l'amelioration des processus$178,388.69$432.56
Cindy Barron214Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,266.93$0.00
Jody Belanger149Coordinator, Pharmacy / Coordonnateur des services, Pharmacie$106,539.81$214.97
Katharine Berger207Manager, Patient Food Services / Gestionnaire Dietique pour patient$100,772.60$251.21
Janice Blaffert169Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$103,744.36$0.00
Kathleen Blanchette172Manager, Cardiac Rehabilitation / Gestionnaire, Readaptions cardiaque$103,656.62$270.98
Tiina Bloomfield140Process Improvement Lead, Critical Care / Responsable de lamelioration des processus, Soins critiques$107,410.05$269.64
Helen Bosley155Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$105,265.83$272.52
Chris Bourdon1Vice President and Chief of Staff / Vice-president et medecin-chef$380,165.54$5,577.60
Steffany Bourque165Manager, Systemic (Chemo) Therapy / Gestionnaire, Traitements systemiques (chimiotherapie)$104,060.76$256.03
Cindy Bowers196Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$101,002.18$276.36
David Boyle24Medical Director, Surgical / Directeur medical, Soins chirurgicaux$149,997.12$0.00
Danielle Brabant-Kirwan82Clinical Microbiologist / Microbiologiste clinique$117,017.31$210.88
Frances Brisebois37Clinical Supervisor, Pharmacy / Superviseure clinique, Pharmacie$131,702.68$333.88
Colleen Bronicheski102Manager, Medical Rehabilitation / Gestionnaire, Medecine et readaptation$109,302.40$272.59
Silvija Bulic28Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$137,872.27$0.00
Kenneth Burns68Pharmacist / Pharmacien$121,438.26$312.45
Sandra Cameron39Medical Director, Medicine and Emergency Care Program / Directrice medical, Medecine et programme des soins d'urgence$131,339.82$339.60
Shelley Carpenter-Wright41Director, Human Resources / Directrice, Ressources humaines$128,592.51$318.76
Renald Carrier79Coordinator, Perfusion / Coordonnateur des services de perfusion$118,411.23$259.33
Natalie Carscadden161Manager Occupational Health and Safety Prevention / Gestionnaire, Sante et prevention de securite au travail$105,013.63$258.92
Adam Chappell56Pharmacist / Pharmacien$123,206.02$312.45
Claude Charbonneau67Pharmacist / Pharmacien$121,643.20$312.45
Shannon Clarke190Clinical Manager, Endoscopy | Gestionnaire clinique, Endoscopie$101,382.46$251.11
Mary Coady211Supervisor, Hemodialysis / Superviseur d'hemodialyse$100,510.03$249.74
Michael Conlon52Director, Epidemiology Research / Directeur de la recherche en epidemiologie$124,026.51$307.14
Amanda Conrad115Clinical Manager, Addiction Services / Gestionnaire clinique, Services de toxicomanie$109,296.69$266.88
Anthony Conti181Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,577.75$0.00
Christina Corsi-Groulx209Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,721.47$0.00
Carole Costello127Manager, Diagnostic Imaging / Gestionnaire, Imagerie diagnostique$108,667.06$269.16
Carole Courtemanche204Manager, Registration / Gestionnaire, Inscription$100,787.08$251.21
Lise Coutu156Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$105,168.70$225.99
Katherine Craig137Executive Coach & Lead Consultant, Medical Director / Conseiller de direction et responsable, directeur medical$108,131.93$0.00
Wendy Crowther-Rakochy192Psychological Associate / Associee en psychologie$101,333.87$254.66
Anthony Cunningham103Manager, Respiratory Services / Gestionnaire, Services respiratoires$109,302.40$272.59
France Daoust203Financial Consultant / Conseillere financiere$100,787.09$251.21
Filomena Davidson129Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$108,434.33$222.15
Danielle Delfrate55Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$123,425.80$312.45
Mathew Demarco57Pharmacist / Pharmacien$123,203.17$312.45
Natalie Despatie175Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$103,013.79$222.15
Noel Devost195Team Leader / Chef d'equipe$101,085.55$233.28
Lisa Dicosmo87Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$114,226.07$312.45
Jo-Anna Dolling27Medical Geneticist / Geneticienne medicale$140,322.30$0.00
Mark Dowdall173Clinical Manager, Utilization Management / Gestionnaire clinique, Gestion de l'utilisation$103,292.88$254.71
Sandra Duhamel35Director, Decision Support / Directrice, Soutien decisionnel$133,749.52$331.93
Jeffrey Dunn170Manager, Plant Administration / Gestionnaire des installations$103,701.72$251.21
Catherine Dupuis-Tonkovic163Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$104,456.54$222.15
Michael Durocher69Analyst Programmer / Analyste programmeur$120,802.46$192.45
Ginette Dutrisac50Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$124,951.02$312.45
Lorie Eastick114Manager, Organizational Excellence / Gestionnaire, Excellence organisationnelle$109,297.06$267.24
Sheila Elford180Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,607.28$0.00
Jolanta Fabiilli176Psychological Associate / Associee en psychologie$102,987.93$266.10
Irma Falvo177Supervisor, General Pharmacy / Superviseur, Pharmacie$102,941.15$214.97
Laura Fisher135Perfusionist / Perfusionniste$108,303.19$168.48
Tracey Foley164Nurse Technician / Infirmiere technicienne$104,098.88$157.28
Kristy Fram66Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$121,763.16$64.80
Brenda Fraser119Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$109,072.22$225.03
Darren Gaudette186Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,180.10$0.00
Roger Germain212Registered Nurse / Infirmier autorise$100,409.52$225.99
Janet Gibb58Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$123,061.65$0.00
Michael Gibson147Manager, Information Technology Support and Telecom / Gestionnaire, Soutien informatique et telecommunications$106,958.37$264.43
Kim Giroux152Manager Health Records Administration / Gestionnaire, Administration archives medical$106,129.02$261.91
Maureen Goggins194Nurse Clinical Leader / Infirmiere-chef clinique$101,183.33$235.11
Lisa Grace104Manager, Family & Child / Gestionnaire, Famille-enfance$109,302.40$272.59
Debbie Gray42Director, Critical Care / Directrice, Soins critiques$128,048.38$317.51
Laura Green121Manager, Respiratory Care Unit / Gestionnaire, Unite des soins respiratoires$109,003.88$270.98
Joanne Guizzo130Clinical Manager, Complex Diabetes / Gestionnaire clinique, Soins complexes pour diabetiques$108,335.83$267.39
Joanne Hall61Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$122,767.66$225.72
Lori Hancock64Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$122,392.94$312.45
Patrick Harkins33Director, Infrastructure / Directeur, Infrastructure$133,749.54$331.93
Mark Hartman10Vice President, Northeast Cancer Centre / Vice-president, Centre de cancerologie du Nord-Est$187,140.09$490.71
Mary Hawley118Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$109,165.86$54.93
Lois Haywood198Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,892.69$222.15
Nancy Horan158Manager, Violence Intervention and Prevention Program / Gestionnaire, Programme d'intervention et de prevention en matiere de violence$105,053.41$258.92
Nina Hoyt162Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$104,809.72$272.04
Mary Huska178Clinical Bioethicist / Biothecienne clinique$102,860.64$253.46
Mary Jago125Clinical Manager, Mental Health Child & Adolescents / Gestionnaire clinique, Sante mentale pour enfants et adolescents$108,921.84$270.98
Douglas Jaworski153Pharmacist / Pharmacien$105,911.50$249.99
Darren Jermyn105Manager, Stroke Strategy / Gestionnaire, Strategie de prevention des accidents cerebrovasculaires$109,302.40$272.59
Tova Jessup90Perfusionist / Perfusionniste$112,770.23$251.91
Carolyn Jodouin117Director, Finance / Directrice, Finances$109,235.36$267.15
Bruce Kennedy141Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$107,350.22$225.03
Cynthia Kennedy80Manager, Reprocession / Gestionnaire, Traitement du materiel$118,146.03$226.98
Carol Kirkwood95Administrative Director, Surgical Program / Directrice administrative, Programme chirurgical$109,529.10$266.88
Pamela Kirwan43Director, Laboratory And Pathology / Directrice, Laboratoire et Pathologie$128,048.37$317.51
Andrew Knight3General Practitioner Oncology / Medecin generaliste en oncologie$275,278.89$440.04
Kari Kostiw144Coordinator, Heart Failure Disease Management Clinic / Coordinatrice, Clinique de stabilisation de l'insuffisance cardiaque$107,166.96$269.12
Kevin Labelle131Manager, Regional Cancer Program / Gestionnaire Programme cancerologie$108,335.83$267.39
Lisette Lacoste47Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$125,936.58$0.00
Debra Lahti167Manager, Family & Child Administration / Gestionnaire, Services administratifs de la famille - enfance$103,964.22$256.33
Jacqueline Lambe183Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,272.05$222.15
Claire Landry206Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,781.57$203.57
Kimberley-Anne Landry139Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$108,032.36$235.11
Sarah Landry62Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$122,598.01$64.80
Catherine Langlois106Manager, Inpatient Mental Health, Acute / Gestionnaire, Soins actifs de sante mentale$109,302.40$272.59
Viviane Lapointe21Chief Communications & Community Engagement / Chef des Communications et de l'Engagement communautaire$159,057.75$411.48
Guy Laurin46Team Leader / Chef d'equipe$128,044.53$229.86
Andrea Lee36Director, Medical & Rehabilitation / Directrice, Medecine et readaptation$133,749.52$331.93
Robert Lepage23Medical Director, Emergency Medicine / Directeur de la medecine d'urgence$150,000.24$0.00
Jacqueline Leroux205Process Improvement Lead, Finance / Responsable de l'amelioration des processus, Finances$100,787.07$251.21
Konrad Leszczynski9Manager, Physics, Northeast Cancer Centre / Gestionnaire, Physique, Centre de cancerologie du Nord-Est$199,759.20$448.48
Doris Lister208Financial Consultant / Conseillere financiere$100,734.97$251.21
James Lloyd83Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$116,873.94$223.75
Stephen Lloyd107Manager, Information Technology Business Intelligence Integration and Development / Gestionnaire, Developpement et integration de l'informatmatique decisionnelle, Technologie de linformationl'informatmatique decisionnelle, TI$109,302.40$272.59
Alynn Maclean168Manager Cardiodiagnostics / Gestionnaire, Services de cardiodiagnostics$103,964.20$256.33
Danielle Maillet188Manager, Medical Imaging / Gestionnaire dimagerie medicale$101,505.89$250.22
Matthew Mallory63Pharmacist / Pharmacien$122,416.43$64.80
Stephanie Martin89Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$113,170.97$0.00
Wayne Matheson29Psychologist / Psychologue$137,283.34$0.00
Kristen Matthews65Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$121,910.66$64.80
Shelley Matthews200Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,801.71$222.15
Carole Mayer44Director, Supportive Care / Directeur, Soins de soutien$128,048.37$317.51
Miriam McDonald22Director, Pharmacy / Directrice, Pharmacie$155,189.70$396.48
Janet McElhaney5Research Chair, Microbiology / Chaire de recherche en microbiologie$225,583.30$583.20
Matt McKague59Pharmacist / Pharmacien$123,005.17$312.45
Stephanie McKague84Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$116,319.97$312.45
Maureen McLelland25Associate Vice President, Nursing Administration / Vice-presidente associee, Administration infirmiers$149,904.17$372.63
David McNeil7Vice President and Chief Nursing Officer / Vice-president et infirmier en chef$217,473.57$5,355.93
Debbie McQuarrie72Director, Materials Management / Directrice, Gestion du materiel$120,554.96$298.02
Roberto Medaglia75Manager, Operations and Technical Lead / Gestionnaire des operations et responsable technique$120,310.20$311.04
Paula Mokohonuk179Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,649.31$222.15
Nikki Morley197Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,945.47$0.00
Amber Murray216Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,092.13$222.15
Pamela Nelson32Advanced Clinical Systems Strategist / Stratege de systemes clinique avance$133,749.67$331.93
Tiffany Niro70Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$120,801.41$312.45
Karl Nurmi213Manager, Housekeeping / Gestionnaire, Entretien menager$100,287.17$249.74
Pamela O'Bumsawin78Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$119,216.00$225.99
Michael Oliver26Physicist / Physicien$148,273.26$317.06
Kenneth Onuska49Clinical Biochemist / Biochimiste clinicien$125,528.68$301.11
Deirdre Oreilly154Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$105,386.77$0.00
Stephanie Paquette108Clinical Manager, Community Mental Health / Gestionnaire clinique, Services communautaires de sante mentale$109,302.40$272.59
Janine Paradis185Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,201.76$222.15
Theresa Paradis132Manager, Laboratory / Gestionnaire, Laboratoire$108,335.83$267.39
Lorna Pedneault201Consultant, Organizational Excellence / Consultante de l'excellence organisationnelle$100,787.11$251.21
Cindy Peet109Manager, Information Security & Infrastructure / Gestionnaire, Securite informatique et infrastructure$109,302.40$272.59
Suzanne Pelletier142Manager, Infection Control / Gestionnaire, Controle des infections$107,251.90$272.59
Heather Pepper189Clinical Manager, Orthopaedics / Neurosurgery / Gestionnaire clinique, Orthopedie et Neurochirurgie$101,465.77$249.67
Ben Petersen31Vice President and Chief Financial Officer / Vice-president et agent en chef des finances$135,850.80$444.22
Debra Pham91Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$111,202.42$0.00
Joseph Pilon4Senior Vice President and Chief Operating Officer / Vice-president principal et chef des operations$270,879.06$700.56
Crystal Pitfield100Manager, Emergency / Gestionnaire, Service des urgences$109,302.41$272.59
Danielle Porlier193Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$101,195.60$222.15
Daniel Provost20Physicist / Physicien$162,618.36$355.20
Jason Prpic6Medical Director, Paramedic / Directeur medical, Ambulancier paramedicaux$222,748.97$0.00
Grama Ravi40Medical Director, Critical Care / Directeur medical, Soins critiques$131,339.82$339.60
Debbie Regan171Manager, Ambulatory Care Unit / Gestionnaire, Unite des soins ambulatoires$103,666.97$244.64
Janet Riehl122Clinical Manager, Cardiology / Gestionnaire clinique, Cardiologie$109,003.88$270.98
Jill Riva202Process Improvement Lead, Mental Health / Responsable de l'amelioration des processus, Sante mentale$100,787.10$251.21
Alison Robinson215Manager, Emergency Planning / Gestionnaire, Planification d'urgence$100,174.02$248.20
Lynn Rolston184Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,214.09$225.99
Daniel Ross110Manager, Clinical & Financial Applications Support / Gestionnaire, Soutien aux applications cliniques et financieres$109,302.40$272.59
Denis Roy2President and Chief Executive Officer / President-directeur general$360,982.41$12,907.20
Gaston Roy17Vice President, Organizational Performance, Chief Information Officer and Chief Privacy Officer / Vice-president au Rendement organisationnel, Chef de l'information et de la protection de la vie privee$167,382.45$439.19
D. Scott Ryan150Manager, Admission & Discharge Coordination / Gestionnaire, Coordination et planification des conges$106,150.23$261.91
Lisane Ryan187Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,010.66$222.15
Anna-Maria Santi199Psychological Associate / Associee en psychologie$100,849.07$253.12
Deborah Saunders12Medical Director, Dental Oncology / Directrice medicale, Oncologie dentaire$182,502.80$0.00
Alice Sauve99Manager, Pre-Admission Clinic / Gestionnaire, Clinique de preadmission$109,302.42$272.59
Linda Scherzinger123Manager, Medical & Rehabilitation / Gestionnaire, Medecine et readaptation$109,003.88$270.98
Sasha Shank60Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$122,854.99$64.80
Elizabeth Skelton51Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$124,053.07$312.45
Brenda Slywchuk77Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$119,841.70$0.00
Lisa Smith45Administrative Director, Medicine and Emergency Care Program / Directrice administrative, Medecine et programme des soins d'urgence$128,048.37$317.51
Thomas Smith160Clinical Manager Crisis Intervention / Gestionnaire clinique, Intervention en cas de crise$105,053.33$258.92
Anthony Speck38Administrative Director Medical Imaging / Directrice administrative dimagerie medicale$131,556.50$327.03
Tammy Spicer146Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$106,977.55$222.15
Lyne Squires111Manager, Inpatient Mental Health, Acute / Gestionnaire, Soins actifs de sante mentale$109,302.40$272.59
Julie St. Denis217Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,069.47$0.00
Paul St. George14Vice President and Chief Financial Officer / Vice-president et agent en chef des finances$177,000.21$405.99
Grace St. Jean15Associate Vice President, Clinical Programs / Vice-presidente associee, Programmes cliniques$173,312.22$411.48
Wilfred Steer74Pharmacist / Pharmacien$120,322.02$312.45
Sarah Strasser8Associated Vice President, Medical Director / Vice-presidente associee, directrice medicale$208,286.46$0.00
Nicole Sykes96Manager, Paramedic Base Hospital / Gestionnaire, Ambulanciers paramedicaux et base hospitaliere$109,302.63$272.59
Debbie Szymanski116Director, Medical & Rehabilitation / Directrice, Medecine et readaptation$109,296.69$266.88
Patrick Tarini73Director, Housekeeping / Directeur de l'entretien menager$120,554.96$298.02
Patrick Tessier71Director Facilities Management / Directeur, Gestions des installations$120,555.01$298.02
Lise Thomas98Manager, Oncology & Medical Unit / Gestionnaire, Unite doncologie et de soins medicaux$109,302.52$272.59
Laura Thompson101Manager, Occupational Health & Safety Prevention / Gestionnaire, Sante et securite au travail$109,302.41$272.59
Annette Tracey126Manager, Medical Imaging Program / Gestionnaire, Programme dimagerie medicale$108,704.97$269.16
Joanne Tramontini159Clinical Manager Children's Treatment Centre / Gestionnaire clinique, Centre de traitement pour enfants$105,053.34$258.92
Adele Trebinskie120Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$109,021.51$0.00
Angela Tucar145Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$107,018.74$0.00
Tara Tyson182Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,462.41$215.93
Boji Varghese81Medical Director & Advisor / Directeur medical et conseiller$117,499.72$0.00
Loreen Veno134Manager, Laboratory / Gestionnaire, Laboratoire$108,335.81$267.39
Ginette Vezina-Repele88Director, Medical & Academic Affairs / Directrice, Affaires medicales et universitaires$113,293.27$279.77
Ann Villeneuve143Manager, Clinical Change Management / Gestionnaire, Gestion du changement$107,246.51$264.73
Steven Volpini54Director, Applications / Gestionnaire, Applications$123,728.78$306.84
Thi Vu93Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$110,313.13$59.20
Wendy Wahamaa48Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$125,698.81$0.00
Patricia Walsh138Nurse Technician / Infirmiere technicienne$108,086.44$0.00
Shuying Wan18Physicist / Physicien$162,618.38$355.20
Xiaofang Wang19Physicist / Physicien$162,618.37$355.20
Kimberly Warren53Director, Family & Child / Directrice, Famille-enfance$123,728.80$306.84
Catherine Watson151Manager, Withdrawal Management Services / Gestionnaire, Services de gestion du sevrage$106,143.02$261.91
Jayme Watson124Manager, Emergency, Quality Improvement / Gestionnaire, Service des urgences et lamelioration de la qualite$109,003.87$270.98
Rhonda Watson16Vice President and Chief Human Resources Officer / Vice-presidente et agente en chef des ressources humaines$170,446.57$446.48
Jolene Wheatley210Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,636.00$222.15
Mark Whissell166Manager, Clinical Research / Gestionnaire, Recherche clinique$104,019.41$257.24
David White136Perfusionist / Perfusionniste$108,133.12$251.91
Stephanie Winn133Manager, Hemodialysis Incentre / Gestionnaire, Unite d'hemodialyse$108,335.82$267.39
Angelina Wiwczor157Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$105,095.15$271.80
Susan Wolfram86Nurse Clinical Leader / Infirmiere-chef clinique$114,770.51$235.11
Angela Wootton92Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$111,046.15$0.00
Mary Yanchuk112Process Improvement Lead, Surgical / Responsable de lamelioration des processus, Chirurgical$109,302.40$272.59
Tai Yeung11Senior Physicist / Physicien principal$186,461.30$0.00
Breighan Zanetti128Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$108,485.80$0.00
Lisa Zeman113Manager, General Internal Medicine / Gestionnaire, Medecine interne generale$109,302.40$272.59

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