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Kingston General Hospital, 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Kingston General Hospital (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 237. The total salaries on the list is $30,118,832.60, with the average salary for someone on the list of $127,083.68. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other hospitals can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $3,332,960.77
Total Salary earned by the top 25: $6,154,617.81

Here is the top 25 salary earners:
1. Leslee Thompson $515,991.11
2. Dr. David Zelt $350,319.26
3. James Flett $348,900.45
4. Dr. Sandip Sengupta $343,273.43
5. Dr. Alexander Boag $323,622.14
6. Dr. Timothy Childs $322,549.57
7. Dr. John Rossiter $318,863.17
8. Dr. David Lebrun $305,220.85
9. Dr. Michael Rauh $269,585.63
10. Dr. David Lillicrap $234,635.16
11. Dr. Chris O'Callaghan $226,609.36
12. Shannon Graham $224,052.38
13. Dr. L. John Schreiner $197,661.00
14. Troy Jones $196,843.55
15. J'Neene Coghlan $196,843.50
16. Denise Cumming $196,490.27
17. Dr. Iain Young $194,923.53
18. Brenda Carter $192,623.60
19. Dr. Lois Shepherd $191,305.76
20. Dr. Patricia Farmer $190,776.31
21. Andrew Kerr $186,917.56
22. Dr. Chandra Joshi $160,063.27
23. Gregory Salomons $159,955.50
24. Xiangyang Mei $158,442.26
25. Dr. Heather Ostic $148,149.19

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title. 
Registered Nurse / Infirmiere57$107,662.61
Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme18$112,031.76
Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente14$105,694.16
Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne10$109,896.41
Pharmacist / Pharmacien9$105,274.31
Pathologist - Pathology / Pathologiste8$260,237.06
Medical Radiological Technologist / Technologue en radiation medicale5$108,722.87
Program Operational Director / Directeur operationnel du programme4$138,130.07
Clinical Lead, Quality & Safety - Pharmacy / Responsable de clinique en qualite et securite de la pharmacie4$106,810.57
Clinical Nurse Specialist / Infirmiere clinicienne specialisee4$116,461.77
Registered Nurse First Assistant / Infirmiere autorisee et adjointe chirurgical4$111,938.17
Registered Nurse / Infirmier4$125,600.93
Physicist / Physicien4$154,857.36
Infection Control Practitioner / Praticien de controle des infections3$100,902.96
Manager, Clinical Laboratory Services / Gestionnaire des services de laboratoire clinique3$111,777.05
Administrative Coordinator / Coordonnatrice administrative3$112,769.71
Executive Vice President & Chief Nursing Executive / Vice-presidente directrice et chef de direction en soins Infirmieres2$127,603.22

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Arlene Adams134Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$109,020.90$379.05
Mary Jane Agravante-Bugna121Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$111,817.74$372.48
Valerie Andrecyk129Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$109,854.31$0.00
Ruth Barbara231Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanent$100,510.41$402.39
Kenneth Beckett82Decision Support Consultant / Conseiller d'aide a la decision$116,851.82$489.27
Daryl Bell119Professional Practice Leader - Spiritual Care\ Chef de pratique professionnelle des soins spiritual$112,224.87$471.33
Michael Bell54Program Operational Director / Directeur operationnel du programme$124,506.00$524.49
Elizabeth Benoit110Analyst- Clinical System / Analyste de systemes cliniques$113,557.72$387.72
Jennifer Bird216Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$101,621.80$394.20
Dr. Alexander Boag5Pathologist - Pathology / Pathologiste$323,622.14$786.24
Kelly Bodie76Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$116,851.85$489.27
Karen Bourgault142Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$107,726.11$394.20
Sandra Bowman197Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$103,197.07$379.05
Pamela Branscombe227Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$100,776.16$374.29
Veronique Briggs47Director, Pharmacy Services / Directeur, Services de pharmacie$130,294.20$547.33
Ella-Mae Brown154Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$106,830.83$0.00
Georgia Buck224Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$100,862.54$402.39
Nancy Burge152Clinical Lead, Quality & Safety - Pharmacy / Responsable de clinique en qualite et securite de la pharmacie$107,083.88$458.82
Tara Burt232Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$100,318.76$372.48
Julie Caffin35Program Operational Director / Directeur operationnel du programme$142,819.04$599.49
Jewell Cameron95Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$116,666.46$402.39
Darlene Campbell68Manager, Infection Prevention & Control / Gestionnaire, Prevention et controle des infections$117,315.84$490.89
Robert Campeau181Human Resources Advisor / Conseiller en ressources humaines$104,270.17$435.32
Pauline Carapucinha230Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$100,519.38$379.05
Tricia Carasco189Pharmacist\ Pharmacien$103,897.71$437.10
Brenda Carter18Regional Vice President, Cancer Services / Vice-presidente regionale des services de cancerologie$192,623.60$791.90
Lana Cassidy92Hospital Performance Advisor - Financial / Conseillere en rendement de l'hopital, financier$116,851.77$589.27
Dr. Michael Chan28Clinical Chemist / Chimiste clinicien$146,311.92$306.24
Sharen Chapman104Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$115,532.07$484.32
Nicole Chenier-Hogan77Advanced Practice Nurse - Surgery Program / Infirmiere en pratique avancee en programme de chirurgie$116,851.85$689.27
Dr. Timothy Childs6Pathologist - Pathology / Pathologiste$322,549.57$686.40
Paula Christie90Clinical Nurse Specialist / Infirmiere clinicienne specialisee$116,851.79$366.51
J'Neene Coghlan15Vice President & Chief Financial Officer / Vice-presidente et directrice generale des finances$196,843.50$801.48
Wilma Cohrs78Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$116,851.85$489.27
Aideen Collin210Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$101,861.96$372.48
Sonya Cornelius226Infection Control Practitioner / Praticien de controle des infections$100,825.19$414.47
Eileen Correia123Registered Nurse First Assistant / Infirmiere autorisee et adjointe chirurgical$111,452.04$437.10
Bernardine Cowperthwaite102Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne$116,077.98$487.11
Silvie Crawford43Executive Vice President & Chief Nursing Executive / Vice-presidente directrice et chef de direction en soins Infirmieres$137,115.44$582.82
Dr. Susan Crocker42Cytogeneticist / Cytogeneticienne$140,161.70$588.77
Suzette Cruz62Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$121,498.50$379.05
Denise Cumming16Executive Director -University Hospitals Kingston Foundation / Directrice administrative de l'avancement conjoint$196,490.27$824.25
Stephanie L. Currie168Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$105,404.27$372.48
Sarah Dacosta167Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$105,473.75$442.19
Catherine Dain83Clinical Nurse Specialist / Infirmiere clinicienne specialisee$116,851.82$489.27
Dr. Roger Deeley26Vice President Health Sciences Research / Vice-president de recherche en sciences de la sante$147,548.53$4,200.00
Barbara Delaney44Senior Radiologist Technologist - Computerized tomography Scanner / Technologue principale en radiologie - tomodensitometre$135,027.04$361.68
Victoria Del-Mei105Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$115,466.72$484.32
Joyce Devette-McPhail38Director - Clinical Laboratories / Directrice des laboratoires cliniques$142,313.93$596.25
David Dewal233Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$100,315.65$62.26
Steve Ditmore63Cardiology Perfusionist / Perfusionniste en cardiologie$121,070.62$495.83
Jacqueline Donaldson74Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$116,851.87$489.27
Charity Drope220Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$101,260.14$372.48
Luc Drouin185Medical Radiological Technologist / Technologue en radiation medicale$104,051.88$341.58
William Durnford69Manager, Leadership Philanthropy / Gestionnaire de la philanthropie de la direction$117,264.96$492.51
Buffy Emmons236Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$100,292.36$30.77
Catherine Ewart234Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$100,312.48$752.39
Jeff Fanning29Registered Nurse / Infirmier$144,600.05$373.75
Dr. Patricia Farmer20Pathologist - Pathology / Pathologiste$190,776.31$513.66
Roberta Faroldi204Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$102,210.42$379.05
Kathy Faul120Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$112,204.10$379.05
Judy Fenlon186Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$104,013.49$0.00
Tracy Fitzgerald66Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$117,865.59$0.00
James Flett3Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer / Vice-president directeur et directeur general des operations$348,900.45$9,681.48
Rana Fowler71Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$116,852.86$490.33
Lee Ann Fox94Clinical Nurse Specialist / Infirmiere clinicienne specialisee$116,851.67$489.27
Sarah Fyfe150Manager - Financial Reporting / Gestionnaire, Rapports financiers$107,352.95$450.69
Paul Garbe126Registered Nurse First Assistant / Infirmiere autorisee et adjointe chirurgical$110,841.08$437.10
Rebecca Gardiner196Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$103,221.68$434.37
Pauline Gill122Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$111,689.22$447.48
Christopher Gillies27Director - Medical Affairs / Directeur des affaires medicales$146,354.37$614.16
Janet Giroux72Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne$116,851.88$489.27
Mavis Gough149Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$107,412.61$62.62
Shannon Graham12Vice President & Chief Human Resources Officer / Vice-presidente et directrice generale des ressources humaines$224,052.38$9,312.24
Gary Greene84Manager - Plant Operations & Maintenance / Gestionnaire d'operations d'installation et de l'entretien$116,851.82$489.27
Monica Griffin162Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$105,901.21$602.39
Amy Guy145Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$107,593.20$394.20
Gunther Ha163Pharmacist - Pharmacy Services / Pharmacien$105,797.06$437.10
Paula Halligan194Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$103,301.49$372.48
Tyler Hands112Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$113,033.01$474.57
Karen Hanewich118Privacy Officer & Freedom of Information Coordinator\Responsable de la confidentialite et la liberte du coordonnateur de l'information$112,224.90$471.33
Veronica Harris-McAllister178Manager, Health Sciences Research / Gestionnaire, Recherche sciences de la sante$104,488.90$440.57
Danielle Hart101Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne$116,079.00$687.11
Reg Hart80Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$116,851.84$489.27
Thomas Hart81Manager, People Services / Gestionnaire Services aux citoyens$116,851.83$489.27
Debbie Hartman184Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$104,141.13$402.39
Teresa Harvey209Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$101,939.36$386.61
Mark Hazell179Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$104,442.64$372.48
Minerva Hewett46Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$132,758.29$372.48
Laurel Hey192Medical Radiological Technologist / Technologue en radiation medicale$103,755.98$341.58
Michelle Hinton223Manager-Finance & Administration / Gestionnaire Finances et administration$100,866.72$416.13
Jill Holland-Reilly79Director of Volunteer Services and Corporate Accessibility / Directrice de services benevoles$116,851.85$489.27
Lisa Hope228Infection Control Practitioner / Praticien de controle des infections$100,616.91$404.55
Cathryn Hoy109Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$114,197.56$447.48
Kelly Hubbard166Manager - Imaging Services / Gestionnaire, Services d'imagerie$105,579.67$444.21
Gary Hutchison59Registered Nurse / Infirmier$122,900.22$372.48
Linda Jackson206Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$102,058.35$679.05
Chetankumar Jariwala195Manager, Clinical Laboratory Services / Gestionnaire des services de laboratoire clinique$103,224.05$432.24
Evelyn Java171Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$105,260.62$379.05
Susanne Jeffery106Clinical Nurse Specialist / Infirmiere clinicienne specialisee$115,291.79$489.27
Richard Jewitt33Program Operational Director / Directeur operationnel du programme$142,819.05$599.49
Susan John217Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$101,612.93$379.05
Caitlin Jones136Pharmacist / Pharmacien$108,785.50$437.10
Troy Jones14Vice President & Chief Information Officer / Vice-president et directeur general de l'informatique$196,843.55$801.48
Dr. Chandra Joshi22Physicist / Physicien$160,063.27$662.52
Andrea Keller124Administrative Coordinator / Coordonnatrice administrative$111,180.00$404.55
Andrew Kerr21Senior Physicist / Physicien principal$186,917.56$768.90
Patricia Kimber202Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$102,351.28$385.55
Paula King208Charge Anesthesia Assistant / Adjointe principale en anesthesie$101,952.35$381.21
Kellie Kitchen36Program Operational Director / Directeur operationnel du programme$142,376.18$596.79
Colleen Knapp103Manager, Clinical Laboratory Services / Gestionnaire des services de laboratoire clinique$115,668.74$735.40
Erin Knox-Van Lier207Pharmacist / Pharmacien$101,974.67$437.10
Ronald Koob174Pharmacist / Pharmacien$104,919.42$437.10
Nancy Krock164Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$105,713.47$9.72
Mary Lackie96Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$116,567.87$379.05
Susan Lambert135Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$108,918.15$458.28
Pui Yu Lau191Pharmacist / Pharmacien$103,851.00$437.10
Sam Law130Manager Information Systems / Gestionnaire, Services d'information$109,818.18$460.98
Dr. Cindy Lawlor41General Practitioner - Oncology / Medecin generaliste en services d'oncologie$140,436.62$0.00
Kristine Layton-Matthews190Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$103,861.15$341.71
Dr. David Lebrun8Pathologist - Pathology / Pathologiste$305,220.85$712.44
Hope Lemieux139Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$108,308.68$372.48
Dr. David Lillicrap10Pathologist - Pathology / Pathologiste$234,635.16$765.24
Rodney Little51Medical Radiological Technologist / Technologue en radiation medicale$126,360.32$341.58
Dino Loricchio99Manager, Project Management Office / Gestionnaire, Bureau de gestion de projet$116,230.94$487.11
John Lott31Director - Performance Management / Directeur de la gestion du rendement$142,960.70$599.49
Kelly Luckovitch159Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$106,333.26$372.48
Patricia Lunt73Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne$116,851.88$489.27
Theresa Macbeth58Director - Communication & Strategy Management / Directrice de communication et de la gestion des strategies$122,920.44$515.85
Lynn Macdonald60Systems Programmer / Analyst 3 - Clinical System / Analyste-programmeuse de systemes cliniques$121,676.93$387.72
Laurie Mack211Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$101,857.88$469.20
Kathryn Martin93Regional Director, Stroke Network Southeast Ontario / Directrice regionale du Reseau de l'AVC du sud-est de l'Ontario$116,851.77$489.27
Rosemary Martin188Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$103,938.15$402.39
Vicky McCreary183Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$104,161.22$372.48
Susan McKenna151Clinical Lead, Quality & Safety - Pharmacy / Responsable de clinique en qualite et securite de la pharmacie$107,086.37$458.82
Allan McLuskie40Director - Facilities Management / Directeur de l'infogerance$140,895.41$591.30
Janet Mcshane116Registered Nurse First Assistant / Infirmiere autorisee et adjointe chirurgical$112,551.89$445.83
Xiangyang Mei24Physicist / Physicien$158,442.26$662.52
Morag Mercer143Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$107,658.55$372.48
Susan Merkley61Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$121,637.26$402.39
Michelle Methot153Clinical Lead, Quality & Safety - Pharmacy / Responsable de clinique en qualite et securite de la pharmacie$106,918.40$458.82
Chris Michaud55Director, Information Technology / Directeur, Technologie de l'information$124,454.12$522.55
Raymond Milton108Clinical Leader - Respiratory Therapy / Responsable de clinique en therapie respiratoire$114,365.89$480.00
Sarah Moore215Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne$101,623.49$435.99
Derrick Morey85Senior Business Systems Information Specialist / Specialiste principal en systemes administratifs d'information$116,851.81$489.27
Keith Morgan201Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$102,714.91$310.94
Micki Mulima34Director Healthy Workplace Services / Directrice des services de sante au travail$142,819.05$674.49
Patricia Mullin158Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$106,531.85$249.04
Lori Murphy131Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$109,772.05$629.05
Stacy Neilson137Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$108,741.98$372.48
Sharon Lynn Newton144Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne$107,649.46$552.85
Julia Niblett235Regional Director - Southeast Regional Cancer Program / Directrice regionale du Programme regional de cancerologie du Sud-Est$100,293.15$404.01
Joanna Noonan88Manager Occupational Health, Safety & Wellness Services / Gestionnaire de programme, Programme de services centraux de traitement$116,851.80$489.27
Dr. Chris O'Callaghan11Project Coordinator, Clinical Trials / Gestionnaire de programme, Programme de services centraux de traitement$226,609.36$950.22
Tim Olding39Physicist / Physicien$140,968.39$582.31
Jan Oliver146Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$107,590.22$375.99
Dr. Heather Ostic25General Practitioner Medical Oncology / Medecin generaliste en oncologie$148,149.19$621.24
Alistair Packman199Pharmacist / Pharmacien$103,021.35$437.10
Christina Panopoulos-Rowe91Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$116,851.79$489.27
Doug Parfett132Systems Administrator 3 - Information Technology Infrastructure / Administrateur de systemes informatique$109,744.44$398.58
Karen Pearson32Administrative Director - Diagnostic Imaging / Gestionnaire de programme, Programme de services centraux de traitement$142,819.06$599.49
Lisa Peters218Administrative Coordinator / Coordonnatrice administrative$101,410.51$404.55
Cynthia Phillips53Director, Respiratory Care & Allied Professional Practice / Directeur, soins respiratoires et Allied pratique professionnelle$125,031.13$523.98
Regina Pizzuti75Manager - Ventilator Equipment Pool / Gestionnaire du centre d'equipement de ventilateurs$116,851.86$489.27
Donnah Pocius98Manager, Clinical Laboratory Services / Gestionnaire des services de laboratoire clinique$116,438.37$487.65
Delanya Podgers156Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne$106,649.88$450.15
Kim Potter219Infection Control Practitioner / Praticien de controle des infections$101,266.79$604.55
Rockland Prosser37Director - Protection Services / Directeur des services de protection$142,313.94$596.25
Lorraine Proulx203Interprofessional Education Lead Advisor / Formation interprofessionnelle Conseiller principal$102,236.10$424.08
Laura Quaiff169Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$105,338.50$379.05
Danny Quann229Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne$100,531.72$419.79
Bonnie Ralph160Clinical Lead, Quality & Safety - Pharmacy / Responsable de clinique en qualite et securite de la pharmacie$106,153.61$458.82
Dr. Michael Rauh9Hematopathologist - Pathology & Molecular Medicine / Hematopathologiste en pathologie et medecine moleculaire$269,585.63$535.44
Laurie Reade89Manager, Accounting / Gestionnaire du service de comptabilite$116,851.80$564.27
Mary Regan175Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$104,871.54$379.05
Mario Reyes97Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$116,522.54$372.48
Tammy Richards113Registered Nurse First Assistant / Infirmiere autorisee et adjointe chirurgical$112,907.65$437.10
Megan Riordon138Pharmacist / Pharmacien$108,391.02$437.10
Eleanor Rivoire65Executive Vice President & Chief Nursing Executive / Vice-presidente directrice et chef de direction en soins Infirmieres$118,091.00$3,820.00
Leslie Roberts70Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$117,135.06$372.48
Torrie Robertson165Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$105,677.19$75.00
Dr. John Rossiter7Pathologist - Pathology / Pathologiste$318,863.17$759.66
Chris Rousseau177Manager, Maintenance, Planning, Projects & Quality / Gestionnaire de programme, Programme de services centraux de traitement$104,504.10$438.72
Lisa Ryan173Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$105,085.88$75.00
Gregory Salomons23Physicist / Physicien$159,955.50$662.52
Deborah Sapp50Director - Patient Records & Registration / Directrice du service des archives medicales et d'inscription des patients$127,322.01$736.49
Troy Savage107Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$114,847.74$482.16
Dr. L. John Schreiner13Chief - Medical Physics / Chef du service de la physique medicale$197,661.00$828.60
Chris Scott170Manager - Clinical Engineering / Gestionnaire Ingenierie clinique$105,334.86$443.13
Gerry Scott133Medical Radiological Technologist / Technologue en radiation medicale$109,355.22$341.58
Mary Seatter205Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$102,090.23$372.48
Hannah Selkirk213Pharmacist / Pharmacien$101,817.00$487.10
Dr. Sandip Sengupta4Medical Director, Clinical Laboratory Services / Directrice medicale des services laboratoires cliniques$343,273.43$905.22
Dr. Lois Shepherd19Pathologist - Pathology / Pathologiste$191,305.76$249.84
Prameet Sheth30Clinical Microbiologist / Microbiologiste Clinique$143,186.13$596.19
Ruth Shillington114Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$112,752.79$372.48
Alan Smith49Pharmacy Services Director / Pharmacie Services Directeur$129,376.45$541.92
Kimberley Smith147Professional Practice Leader - Rehabilitation Services / Chef de pratique professionnelle, les services de readaptation$107,561.89$452.85
Lisa Smith86Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$116,851.81$489.27
Rachael Smith-Tryon222Manager - Admitting, Registration & Switchboard / Gestionnaire d'admission,inscription, tableau$100,911.81$499.65
Steve Snable87Risk Management Specialist / Specialiste de la gestion de risque$116,851.81$489.27
Wendy Spofford182Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$104,215.39$379.05
Louise St. Jean64Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$119,079.41$379.05
Renee St. Pierre52Administrative Coordinator / Coordonnatrice administrative$125,718.61$0.00
Lisa Steacy198Clinical Research Manager / Gestionnaire de recherche clinique$103,113.16$420.83
Kathleen Sughrue221Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$101,197.82$386.08
Laurie Thomas148Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$107,561.35$452.19
Leslee Thompson1President & Chief Executive Officer / Presidente-directrice generale$515,991.11$11,172.00
Sharon Titley67Senior Business Systems Information Specialist / Specialiste principale en systemes administratifs d'information$117,508.84$487.65
Michelle Tryon155Pharmacist / Pharmacien$106,753.31$437.10
Kimberly Turcotte180Charge Nurse Permanent / Infirmiere responsable permanente$104,332.61$486.96
Nicole Valade141Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$107,741.11$451.77
Jan Van Zyll De Jong45Director, Total Rewards and Workforce Planning / Directeur, Remuneration et les Benefices$135,015.53$566.85
Lois Vance127Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$110,770.73$15.75
Joanne Vankoughnett176Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$104,643.74$372.48
Susan Vasily128Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne$110,100.80$463.77
Hilda Verbeek157Nurse Practitioner / Infirmieree practicienne$106,548.05$0.00
Erik Vogel125Registered Nurse / Infirmier$110,962.27$0.00
Leanne Wakelin48Director, Nursing Professional Practice / Directeur, Pratique infirmiere professionnelle$129,776.20$544.60
Terry Walker193Director - Clinical Systems & Operations / Directeur, Systemes cliniques et Operations$103,742.36$434.40
Susan Wall56Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$124,058.66$372.48
Derek Wallis187Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$103,939.02$435.99
Kathleen Wattie Barnett100Hospital Performance Advisor - Operations / Conseillere en rendement de l'hopital$116,156.43$564.27
Julie White111Manager, Marketing & Communications / Gestionnaire de la mercatique et de la communication$113,306.37$474.03
Gerry Wilson57Registered Nurse / Infirmier$123,941.17$0.00
Heather Wise140Pharmacist / Pharmacien$107,955.50$437.10
Stacey Wolfrom200Program Manager / Gestionnaire de programme$102,873.18$441.11
Henry Wong225Scientist / Scientifique$100,849.40$422.49
Krista Wood212Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$101,831.56$372.48
Jane Wright Suitor214Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$101,693.65$379.05
Jane Wylie161Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$106,070.77$0.00
Xiao Hong Xia115Registered Nurse / Infirmiere$112,619.80$372.48
Dr. Iain Young17Pathologist - Pathology / Pathologiste$194,923.53$816.72
Maureen Young237Medical Radiological Technologist / Technologue en radiation medicale$100,090.96$541.58
Andrew Zajac117Cardiac Perfusionist / Perfusionniste en cardiologie$112,274.19$445.83
Dr. David Zelt2Executive Vice President & Chief of Staff / Vice-president directeur et medecin-chef$350,319.26$0.00
Jian Dong Zhang172Senior Radiology Technologist / Technologue principale en radiologie$105,254.46$372.48

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