Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Royal Ottawa Health Care Group 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Royal Ottawa Health Care Group (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 120. The total salaries on the list is $14,243,404.60, with the average salary for someone on the list of $118,695.04. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other hospitals can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,923,800.20
Total Salary earned by the top 25: $3,858,804.33

Here is the top 25 salary earners:
1. George Weber $394,768.52
2. Cal Crocker $276,650.16
3. Joanne Bezzubetz $196,990.65
4. Michelle O'Bonsawin $172,375.05
5. Susan Farrell $166,785.00
6. Margaret Robinson $149,439.91
7. Zul Merali $147,135.66
8. Nicole Loreto $145,052.02
9. Michele Todd $142,116.99
10. Anik Gosselin $132,486.24
11. Wilma Deen $132,150.56
12. Sarah Bertrim $132,038.29
13. Irit Sterner $130,011.66
14. Kimberly Corace $130,011.60
15. Verner Knott $130,011.60
16. Judy Makinen $128,905.29
17. Hans De Groot $128,889.35
18. Margaret Decorte $128,889.31
19. Andrew Jacobs $128,889.30
20. Lori Weatherall-Hay $128,775.27
21. Nicola Wright $128,527.00
22. Christopher Prince $128,192.85
23. Drew Kingston $127,985.33
24. Pamela Prince $125,863.37
25. Kimberly Kealey $125,863.35

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee45$108,946.83
Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)17$127,305.63
Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients12$107,284.48
Director, Patient Care Services / Directrice services et soins aux patients8$116,349.15
Psychologist 1 / Psychologie 13$129,554.81
Network Systems Analyst / Analyste des systemes de reseaux2$103,680.12
Pharmacist / Pharmacie2$110,907.20

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Nicholas Addo Nkansah45Director, Occupational Health and Safety / Directeur (trice), Sante et securite au travail$115,819.43$766.40
Felicia Agyare-Kwamena42Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$116,432.99$13.98
J. Murray Airth97Clinical Systems Specialist / Specialiste des systemes cliniques$103,764.23$678.22
Dmitri Azarov99Network Systems Analyst / Analyste des systemes de reseaux$103,539.88$641.97
Lise Belanger79Manager, Labour Relations & Conflict Resolution / Directeur, relations de travail et resolution des conflits$105,461.74$696.23
Katherine Bendell118Psychologist (PhD Registered under supervised practice) / Psychologue agree (pratique supervisee)$100,216.19$578.83
Lindsay Bennett105Pharmacist / Pharmacie$101,836.80$636.16
Sarah Bertrim12Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$132,038.29$857.85
Joanne Bezzubetz3Vice President, Patient Care Services / Vice-president services et soins aux patients$196,990.65$1,178.56
Anita Bloemen84Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$104,580.65$691.60
Stephanie Brooks82Social Worker II / Travailleur Social ll$104,843.70$697.50
Barbara Brown73Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$107,159.85$352.59
Nicoleta Burcea63Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$110,302.03$687.88
Guy Capelle55Manager, Client Services / Directeur Services a la clientele$114,826.08$759.88
Joan Charbonneau66Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$108,330.23$352.59
Kathie Chisamore113Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,827.98$359.48
Christopher Clow102Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,633.87$352.59
Kelsey Collimore40Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$116,593.13$777.47
Mary Beth Colton85Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$104,580.62$621.35
David Conlin106Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$101,696.93$352.59
Kimberly Corace14Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$130,011.60$857.85
Michael Coughlin62Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$110,868.47$0.00
Cal Crocker2Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer / Vice-president(e) executif et Chef des Finances et Chef des Finances$276,650.16$1,662.39
Carol-Anne Cumming34Director, Patient Care Services / Directrice services et soins aux patients$120,230.35$798.12
Karen Daley36Director, Nursing Practice / Directrice de la pratique des soins infirmiers$119,907.49$795.05
Douglas Darling53Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$115,537.05$352.59
Hans De Groot17Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$128,889.35$857.85
Margaret Decorte18Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$128,889.31$857.85
Wilma Deen11Chief Operating Officer / Chef de lexploitation$132,150.56$871.92
Adam Dow96Network Systems Analyst / Analyste des systemes de reseaux$103,820.37$641.97
Anthony Dring108Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$101,643.35$352.59
Stephen Duffy31Director, Patient Care Services / Directrice services et soins aux patients$121,804.54$805.86
Mark Earle69Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$107,880.67$352.59
Susan Engels111Vice President Professional Practice & Chief Nursing Executive / Vice-presidente, Pratiques professionnelles et Chef executif des sciences infirmieres$100,909.36$1,095.81
Gail Farrell67Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$108,188.55$651.77
Susan Farrell5Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$166,785.00$1,102.44
Charleen Findon57Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$113,868.42$687.88
Kylie Francis56Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$114,061.26$759.58
Patricia Gallagher64Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$109,602.85$352.59
M. Joan Garrow58Director, Patient Care Services / Directrice services et soins aux patients$112,994.96$748.13
Corinne Geis100Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$103,531.08$0.00
Jeffery Gilbert119Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,143.26$359.48
Dina Glaser48Director, Pharmacy / Directrice de la pharmacie$115,819.40$766.40
Anik Gosselin10Psychologist 1 / Psychologie 1$132,486.24$1,403.86
Sharron Grant114Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,819.67$359.48
Elena Greer107Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$101,658.47$0.00
Raluca Groholschi-Miclescu86Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$104,580.62$0.00
Shelley Hale70Director, Patient Care Services / Directrice services et soins aux patients$107,669.16$711.69
Heather Hayter110Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$101,365.19$352.59
Edgar Hernandez103Information Technology Project Coordinator / La technologie de l'information coordonnateur de projet$102,607.70$678.22
Tricia Hickey59Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$112,414.41$352.59
Diane Hoffman-Lacombe65Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$109,238.19$856.99
Beverley Holmes49Clinical Nurse Specialist Electronic Medical Records / Specialiste en soins infirmiers, Dossiers medicaux electroniques$115,819.40$766.40
Jayson Hunt94Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$104,379.45$352.59
Darren Hutt75Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$106,777.79$352.59
Shelley Ireland-Snider27Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$124,392.81$359.48
Pamela Jackson46Director, Patient Care Services / Directrice services et soins aux patients$115,819.42$766.40
Andrew Jacobs19Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$128,889.30$857.85
Brent Jacobs81Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$104,940.48$352.59
Grazyna Kania116Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,594.75$592.09
Kimberly Kealey25Director, Finance / Directrice des finances$125,863.35$832.40
Katherine Kelly80Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$105,026.76$352.59
Drew Kingston23Psychologist 1 / Psychologie 1$127,985.33$1,345.08
Verner Knott15Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$130,011.60$13.98
Elizabeth Kozyra35Pharmacist / Pharmacie$119,977.59$777.78
Cynthia Lancia60Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$112,365.97$352.59
Kenneth Laprade87Advanced Practice Clinician / La pratique avancee clinicien$104,580.62$691.60
Alexander Last115Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,607.53$339.71
Kevin Latimer37Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$118,739.07$359.48
Roberta Lawson112Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,858.43$352.59
Sylvie Leblanc39Psychological Associate / Associee en psychologie$117,006.52$772.64
Nancy Lesiuk89Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$104,580.59$691.60
Nicole Loreto8Vice President, Communications and Stakeholder Relations / Vice-president, Communications et de lengagement de la collectivite$145,052.02$864.00
Ian Loughrey26Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$125,100.51$359.48
Judy Makinen16Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$128,905.29$857.85
Gwyneth Male83Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$104,792.41$352.59
Janine Male28Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$123,264.58$352.59
Nancy Manuel101Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$103,159.56$359.48
Heather Masson117Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$100,246.16$671.26
Lise Mauro93Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$104,437.34$0.00
Robert McDonnell33Director, Patient Care Services / Directrice services et soins aux patients$120,635.95$797.83
Brian McDougall76Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$106,569.69$352.59
Zul Merali7President and Chief Executive Officer Institute Mental Health Research / President et Directeur general Institut de recherche en sante mentale de l'University of Ottawa$147,135.66$0.00
Brian Merkley91Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$104,545.29$506.28
Alison Middlebro'44Electronic Medical Records & Clinical Information Lead / Chef d`equipe en Dossiers medicaux electroniques et informations cliniques$116,031.75$766.40
Katherine Morris98Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$103,607.12$352.59
Rosemarie Mousseau92Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$104,541.91$359.48
Karen Newbury77Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$106,051.73$359.48
To Nhu Nguyen51Director Patient / Client Flow / Directrice, roulement des patients / clients$115,819.39$766.40
Michelle O'Bonsawin4General Counsel, Freedom of Information Coordinator / Avocate generale et Coordonnatrice de l'acces a l'information, Services juridiques$172,375.05$2,036.87
Luis Oliver43Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$116,313.80$774.00
Joseph Ovington72Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$107,350.25$352.59
Margaret Parr95Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$104,279.91$691.60
Aranka Pataki78Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$105,786.98$0.00
Robin Pow50Director, Patient Care Services / Directrice services et soins aux patients$115,819.40$766.40
Christopher Prince22Psychologist 1 / Psychologie 1$128,192.85$1,348.51
Pamela Prince24Director Strategic Planning and Evaluation / Directrice, Planification strategique et evaluation$125,863.37$832.40
Kieron Rees29Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$123,080.37$687.88
Ann Renshaw109Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$101,414.81$352.59
Robert Richards68Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$108,180.19$352.59
Marlene Rivier41Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$116,480.93$779.53
Sandra Roberts90Manager, Patient Care Services / Directeur services et soins aux patients$104,580.59$698.00
Margaret Robinson6Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$149,439.91$0.00
Ian Salter32Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$121,322.94$352.59
Mark Scullino52Director, Supply Chain Management / Directeur Gestion de la Chaine D'approvisionnement$115,819.38$766.40
Chantal Simard104Neuropsychologist (PhD Registered) / Le neuropsychologue (PhD autorise)$102,420.90$419.58
Christine Slepanki47Director, Patient Care Services / Directrice services et soins aux patients$115,819.41$766.40
Rosemary Smith71Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$107,393.59$0.00
Irit Sterner13Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$130,011.66$857.85
Starlene Stewart120Coordinator, Patient Flow / Coordonnateur (trice), Gestion du roulement des patients$100,060.92$331.92
Dawn Telford54Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$115,145.51$0.00
Valerie Gail Thorpe88Manager, Nursing Education and Staff Development / Gestionnaire, Educations en soins infirmiers et developpement du personnel$104,580.61$691.60
Michele Todd9Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$142,116.99$961.16
Lori Weatherall-Hay20Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$128,775.27$0.00
Melissa Webb74Manager Applications / Directeur Applications$106,984.57$707.61
George Weber1President and Chief Executive Officer / President et Directeur general$394,768.52$13,966.38
Nancy Wooding61Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$111,476.57$305.96
Nicola Wright21Psychologist (PhD Registered) / Psychologue (PhD autorise)$128,527.00$765.59
Tracy Wrong30Director, Patient Safety, Quality & Clinical Risk Management / Directeur de la securite du patient, la qualite et la gestion des risques cliniques$122,715.90$866.03
Xia Zhang38Scientist / Savant$117,691.00$777.58

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