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Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 73. The total salaries on the list is $11,290,949.18, with the average salary for someone on the list of $154,670.54. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other hospitals can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $2,985,367.13

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. Sheila Jarvis $447,690.20
2. Julia Hanigsberg $413,147.88
3. Dr. Golda Milo-Manson $348,027.54
4. Darcy Fehlings $305,274.22
5. Dr. Peter Rumney $274,406.08
6. Tom Chau $272,252.89
7. Evdokia Anagnostou $238,501.08
8. Laura C. McAdam $234,504.59
9. Judy Hunter $230,308.80
10. Dr. Sharon Smile $221,253.85

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title. 
Physician / Medecin10$181,671.95
Psychologist / Psychologue5$112,307.12
Operations Manager / Gestionnaire, Exploitation4$115,446.64
Senior Scientist / Scientifique Principal3$115,199.72
Clinician Scientist / Scientifique clinicienne2$170,915.23
Senior Director / Directeur principal2$114,012.73
Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne2$107,148.24
Vice President Program and Services / Programme President Vice et des Services2$200,045.18

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Keith Adamson28Senior Director, Collaborative Practice / Directeur principal, Pratique collaborative$136,494.77$487.75
Evdokia Anagnostou7Clinician Scientist / Scientifique clinicienne$238,501.08$762.19
Gregory Appleton67Senior Network Administrator / Administrateur Principal Reseau$102,464.59$344.29
Marilyn Ballantyne27Chief Nursing Executive / Chef Executif Infirmiers$140,995.66$504.30
Ron Batac71Manager Occupational Health Safety and Wellness / Gestionnaire de securite au travail Sante et bien-etre$100,832.98$316.04
Jessica A. Brian33Clinician Investigator / Investigatrice clinicienne$124,087.18$443.16
Jason Carmichael31Director, Business Development / Directeur, Developpement des affaires$130,391.36$452.46
Rob Carmichael13Chief Of Dentistry / Chef de la medecine dentaire$204,382.45$782.93
Tom Chau6Vice-President of Research and Director of the Bloorview Research Institute / Vice-president de la recherche et directeur de l'Institut de recherche Bloorview$272,252.89$8,369.16
Jackie Chiang21Physician / Medecin$170,043.38$358.60
Alison Cocking56Manager, Clinical Information Systems / Gestionnaire, Systemes d'Information Clinique$112,275.36$389.14
Cynthia J. Curran48Senior Director / Directeur principal$115,192.40$393.40
Linda Davenport22Senior Director, Information Systems / Directrice principale, Systemes d'information$161,973.02$508.72
Ana Di Mambro66Clinical Educator / educateur clinique$102,794.83$364.65
Enza Dininio24Director, Finance / Directrice, Finances$142,460.20$508.72
Darcy Fehlings4Physician Director / Medecin directrice$305,274.22$948.09
C. Gnanasabesan Aloysius68Respiratory Therapy Coordinator / Coordonnateur de Therapie Respiratoire$102,182.69$351.54
Pamela Green53Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$113,911.98$408.22
Robert Hancock29Senior Director, Facility Management / Directeur principal, Gestion des installations$134,617.20$480.83
Julia Hanigsberg2President and Chief Executive Officer / Presidente-directrice generale$413,147.88$12,254.88
Nathan Ho41Director, Pharmacy / Directeur, Pharmacie$120,711.52$399.91
Dr. Andrea Hoffman17Physician / Medecin$192,724.13$669.24
Amy Hu70Clinical Pharmacy Service Coordinator / Coordonnateur des services de pharmacie clinique$101,025.51$328.28
Ryan Hung14Physician / Medecin$203,724.19$669.24
Judy Hunter9Vice President, Human Resources and Organization Development / Vice-presidente, Ressources humaines et Developpement organisationnel$230,308.80$8,231.62
Sheila Jarvis1Senior Advisor / Conseiller Principal$447,690.20$969.87
Elizabeth Jimenez20Physician / Medecin$179,785.70$550.29
Nicholas Joachimides39Manager, Patient Safety / Gestionnaire, Securite des Patients$121,826.94$360.52
Anne Kawamura16Physician / Medecin$197,175.29$586.87
Michelle Keightley23Senior Clinician Scientist / Clinicien-Chercheur Principal$152,734.10$557.29
Nancy Killey35Director, Organization Development and Learning / Directrice, Developpement Organisationnel et Apprentissage$122,758.05$436.60
Gillian King44Senior Scientist / Scientifique Principal$117,351.05$13,522.84
Louise Kublick57Director, Client and Family Integrated Care / Directeur, Client et Family Care Integrated$111,718.49$387.46
Andrea Lauzon54Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere Praticienne$113,076.80$403.67
Leanne Louie73Assistant Controller / Controleur adjoint$100,107.71$326.38
Allan Macdonald64Senior Consultant Process Improvement / L'amelioration des Processus Senior Consultant$106,540.82$380.40
Andrea Macdonald52Operations Manager / Gestionnaire, Exploitation$113,963.49$393.40
Molly Malone60Psychologist / Psychologue$110,126.94$391.80
Joanne Maxwell69Project Manager - Clinical Adoption / Chef de projet - Adoption clinique$101,784.30$353.15
Laura C. McAdam8Physician / Medecin$234,504.59$687.83
Lori McKinnon38Director, Decision Support / Directeur, aide a la decision$122,651.45$334.05
Tracey Millar32Director, Human Resources / Directrice, Ressources humaines$129,105.48$436.60
Dr. Gilbert Miller42Physician / Medecin$119,985.92$371.80
Dr. Golda Milo-Manson3Vice President, Medicine and Academic Affairs / Vice-presidente, Medecine et Affaires universitaires$348,027.54$8,536.47
Douglas Miron58Senior Consultant Organizational Development and Learning / Consultant Senior Developpement organisationnel et apprentissage$110,367.13$389.40
Angelina Orsino19Physician / Medecin$181,341.38$535.34
Sonia Pagura26Senior Director, Quality, Safety and Performance / Directrice principale, Qualite, Securite et Rendement$142,460.01$508.72
Kathryn Parker30Senior Director, Academic Affairs and Simulation Lead / Directrice Principal, Affaires universitaires et responsable de l'apprentissage par simulation$131,459.60$455.96
Melanie Penner15Clinician Investigator / Chercheur clinicien$198,701.85$652.08
Martha Pilkington55Senior Director / Directeur principal$112,833.05$381.38
Ritu Puthen72Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$100,384.50$356.51
Janet Quintal61Psychologist / Psychologue$110,073.78$391.80
Lise Quirin37Director, Volunteer Resources / Directrice, Ressources Benevoles$122,758.04$436.60
Sandra Ramdial62Operations Manager, Clinical Technology / Operations Manager, technologie clinique$109,977.52$384.10
Nicholas Reed65Clinician Scientist / Scientifique clinicienne$103,329.39$345.78
Thomas Rhee59Psychologist / Psychologue$110,127.68$390.96
Dr. Peter Rumney5Physician Director / Medecin directeur$274,406.08$836.55
Stephen Ryan50Senior Scientist / Scientifique Principal$114,124.06$407.31
Diane Savage18Vice President Program and Services / Programme President Vice et des Services$187,328.98$4,268.64
Jacqueline Schleifertaylor11Vice President Program and Services / Programme President Vice et des Services$212,761.38$0.00
Irene Simpson43Operations Manager / Gestionnaire, Exploitation$117,605.99$408.22
Naomi Slonim63Psychologist / Psychologue$109,761.17$394.90
Dr. Sharon Smile10Physician / Medecin$221,253.85$669.24
Andrea Snider40Psychologist / Psychologue$121,446.03$433.87
Darryl Stere46Director, Technical Services / Directeur, Services Techniques$115,637.98$403.68
Ian Stevenson36Director, Centralized Equipment Pool / Directeur, Parc central d'equipement$122,758.05$436.60
Mary Stewart34Clinical Neuropsychologist / Neuropsychologue Clinicienne$123,161.40$439.87
Ben Sybring12Vice President, Corporate Services / Vice-president, Services generaux$210,222.93$8,165.58
Dr. Jonathan Tolkin45Physician / Medecin$116,181.09$286.00
Shawna E. Wade25Senior Director, Inpatient Rehab and Complex Continuing Care / Directrice principale, Readaptation pour patients hospitalises et Soins continus complexes$142,460.02$508.72
Karen Ward47Operations Manager / Gestionnaire, Exploitation$115,217.06$1,864.36
Elaine Widgett49Operations Manager / Gestionnaire, Exploitation$115,000.00$411.57
Virginia Wright51Senior Scientist / Scientifique Principal$114,124.05$407.31

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