Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Perth & Smiths Falls District Hospital (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 13. The total salaries on the list is $1,574,371.95, with the average salary for someone on the list of $121,105.53. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other hospitals can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,264,264.93

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. Beverley McFarlane $204,999.60
2. Nancy Shaw $133,516.68
3. Brian Allen $133,516.64
4. Michele Bellows $133,516.64
5. Diana McDonnell $114,407.11
6. Susan Roberts $112,755.00
7. Susan Bamber $111,259.32
8. Debi McEwen $110,705.40
9. Wendy McPhee $105,088.28
10. Peter Roney $104,500.26

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Registered Nurse3$106,734.95

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Brian Allen3Vice President Financial & Support Services$133,516.64$1,113.40
Susan Bamber7Registered Nurse$111,259.32$0.00
Michele Bellows4Vice President Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Executive$133,516.64$1,113.40
David Evans11Manager Human Resources$104,116.75$813.72
Kimberly Kehoe13Manager Laboratory$102,133.02$1,048.08
Ingrid Koehler12Registered Nurse$103,857.25$0.00
Diana McDonnell5Director Lanark County Mental Health$114,407.11$742.60
Debi McEwen8Director Lanark County Support Services$110,705.40$100.00
Beverley McFarlane1President & Chief Executive Officer$204,999.60$1,742.68
Wendy McPhee9Registered Nurse$105,088.28$0.00
Susan Roberts6Patient Care Manager Medicine, Surgery, Rehabilitation$112,755.00$952.90
Peter Roney10Chief of Staff$104,500.26$0.00
Nancy Shaw2Vice President Clinical Services$133,516.68$1,113.40

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