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City of Sault Ste. Marie 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for City of Sault Ste. Marie (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 60. The total salaries on the list is $6,941,430.70, with the average salary for someone on the list of $115,690.51. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other municipalities can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,449,960.17

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. Nuala M. Kenny $180,771.07
2. Jerry Dolcetti $156,391.09
3. Larry Girardi $156,390.84
4. Michael Figliola $146,025.63
5. Nicholas Apostle $141,307.64
6. Malcolm S. White $141,307.64
7. Joseph M. Fratesi $134,818.90
8. Micheal Nadeau $134,356.77
9. Peter Niro $130,218.85
10. Donald J. Elliott $128,371.74

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title. 
1st Class Firefighter10$103,687.02
Platoon Chief4$112,245.87
Commissioner of Finance and Treasurer2$119,139.52

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Nicholas Apostle5Commissioner of Community Services$141,307.64$1,546.19
Jeffrey Barban49Manager Housing Programs$104,208.33$1,152.75
James Beach23Platoon Chief$114,250.60$852.41
Melanie Borowicz-Sibenik20Assistant City Solicitor / Senior Litigation Counsel$115,349.72$1,270.55
Jacob Bruzas54Manager of Audits & Capital Planning$102,836.53$1,123.73
George Bumbacco40Captain$106,489.89$781.68
Brian Campbell33Captain$109,861.91$830.62
Roger N. Caron29Supervisor Building Services$111,148.21$881.48
Joseph Cheeseman31Captain$110,197.17$814.29
Frank F. Coccimiglio19Manager of Information Systems$115,420.86$1,270.55
Stuart Cole421st Class Firefighter$106,377.93$732.73
Michael Dionisi26Captain$112,494.55$830.62
Jerry Dolcetti2Commissioner of Engineering / Planning$156,391.09$1,706.17
John Douglas601st Class Firefighter$100,010.58$714.61
Donald J. Elliott10Director of Engineering Services$128,371.74$1,400.78
Norman J. Fera38Manager of Community Centres$107,853.22$1,143.85
Damon Ferris18Platoon Chief$116,575.23$874.18
Michael Figliola4Fire Chief$146,025.63$5,555.82
Joseph M. Fratesi7Chief Administrative Officer$134,818.90$2,673.42
William Freiburger25Commissioner of Finance and Treasurer$112,998.81$1,145.65
Alexlander Gardiner561st Class Firefighter$101,575.53$714.59
T. Chris Gillespie28Captain$111,392.04$830.62
Larry Girardi3Commissioner of Public Works and Transportation$156,390.84$6,351.16
Tim Gowans58Manager - Purchasing$100,998.54$1,119.86
Robert Greve551st Class Firefighter$101,920.35$714.59
Dan Grigg32Captain$110,161.06$830.61
Susan Hamilton Beach12Deputy Commissioner of Public Works and Transportation$127,662.67$1,401.14
Peter Johnson46Deputy Fire Chief$104,474.60$1,402.00
Nuala M. Kenny1City Solicitor$180,771.07$3,806.17
Brian Kozack36Captain$109,134.61$830.62
Jeffrey Lajoie24Captain$113,452.56$830.61
Shawn Lamorie591st Class Firefighter$100,279.08$714.60
David Lang57Platoon Chief$101,405.13$526.43
Michael Lebel11Superintendent of Public Works$128,324.05$1,957.39
Peter A. Liepa51City Tax Collector$104,208.31$1,152.75
Paul Makkonen531st Class Firefighter$103,362.30$722.18
Frank Mancuso441st Class Firefighter$105,292.12$765.34
Stanley Martynuck22Captain$115,159.35$845.14
Joseph May17Platoon Chief$116,752.53$874.19
Donald McConnell21Planning Director$115,349.70$1,270.55
Paul Milosevich16Assistant Fire Chief / Fire Prevention & Public Education$117,978.26$1,271.09
Micheal Nadeau8Commissioner of Social Services$134,356.77$1,471.28
Anthony Niro431st Class Firefighter$106,377.84$781.69
Peter Niro9Commissioner of Human Resources$130,218.85$1,426.36
Michael Paul Pagnucco35Captain$109,358.37$830.62
Christine Pascall41Manager of Accounting$106,481.39$1,172.22
Richard Pihlaja34Captain$109,648.93$830.63
Steven Quesnele391st Class Firefighter$106,892.33$765.35
Robert Rushworth14Manager - Emergency Medical Services$120,684.31$1,270.99
Shelley J. Schell13Commissioner of Finance and Treasurer$125,280.23$1,371.43
Terry Schildroth37Captain$109,022.69$830.62
Don Scott50Manager - Transit & Parking$104,208.33$1,153.11
Michael Simon27Captain$111,821.61$830.60
Scott Smith30Captain$110,645.17$830.60
James St. Jules15Assistant Fire Chief - Support Services Division$118,685.71$1,270.99
Andy Starzomski47Manager Traffic and Communications$104,208.48$1,153.11
Catherine Taddo52Land Development & Environmental Engineer$104,208.31$1,152.75
Rachel Tyczinski48Deputy City Clerk & Quality Improvement Manager$104,208.34$1,152.75
Malcolm S. White6City Clerk$141,307.64$1,546.19
Raymond Zorzi451st Class Firefighter$104,782.16$725.18

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