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Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 135. The total salaries on the list is $15,929,793.85, with the average salary for someone on the list of $117,998.47. Lat year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other hospitals can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $2,231,425.53
Total Salary earned by the top 25: $4,262,582.42

Here is the top 25 salary earners:
1. Dr. Mark Henderson $317,109.78
2. Dr. William McCready $299,591.52
3. Rhonda Crocker-Ellacott $258,945.53
4. Dr. Stewart Kennedy $235,199.64
5. Peter McGhee $206,614.81
6. Banskumar Arjune $187,004.23
7. Patrick Rapley $186,461.28
8. Rod Morrison $185,850.00
9. Andree Robichaud $178,250.00
10. Peter Myllymaa $176,398.74
11. Derek Gascoigne $165,876.50
12. Anne-Marie Heron $152,012.75
13. Chisholm Pothier $147,000.14
14. Susan Buob-Corbett $139,503.07
15. Lawrence Bertoldo $134,267.62
16. Catherine Andrews $132,687.21
17. Aaron Skillen $129,655.85
18. Peter Voros $129,531.06
19. Lisa Beck $129,531.05
20. Dawn Bubar $129,531.04
21. Nancy Persichino $129,531.04
22. Cathy Covino $129,531.03
23. Janet Northan $129,531.03
24. Arlene Thomson $129,531.03
25. Tracie Smith $123,436.47

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)31$105,862.97
Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)14$106,272.23
Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)11$107,144.84
Charge Nurse / Infirmier(iere) responsable6$105,867.77
Manager Surgical Units / Gestionnaire, Services de chirurgie4$102,400.69
Psychological Associate / Associe(e) en psychologie4$104,780.42
Administrative Coordinator / Coordonnatrice administrative2$118,345.61
Senior Medical Physicist / Physicien(ne) medical(e) principal(e)2$186,732.76
Psychologist / Psychologue2$117,217.01
Respiratory Therapist / Therapeute respiratoire2$101,592.27

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Allyson Adduono62Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$105,703.19$463.30
Christine Ainsworth48Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$110,195.34$375.96
Sean Albanese72Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$104,404.74$414.08
Michelle Allain126Bioethicist / Bioethicienne$101,137.11$444.44
Ashley Alliett68Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$104,876.97$1,009.65
Catherine Andrews16Administrative Coordinator / Coordonnatrice administrative$132,687.21$0.00
Banskumar Arjune6Senior Medical Physicist / Physicien(ne) medical(e) principal(e)$187,004.23$535.24
Carina Barrie89Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$103,096.25$451.89
Laura Lee Barrie105Manager Surgical Units / Gestionnaire, Services de chirurgie$102,301.96$449.15
John Barro41Director Information Services / Directeur, Services d'information$114,529.93$1,101.60
Barbara Baxter59Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$105,990.28$0.00
Kathryn Bean26Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$123,424.53$463.30
Lisa Beck19Director Emergency, Trauma, & Critical Care / Directrice, Urgences, Traumatologie et soins intensifs$129,531.05$568.03
Tyler Belanger92Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$102,857.15$334.04
Lawrence Bertoldo15Pharmacy Clinical Lead / Chef clinique, Pharmacie$134,267.62$448.04
Debra Bishop54Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$106,881.18$463.73
Vivian Bloskie28Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$119,807.91$375.96
Dawn Bubar20Senior Director Informatics / Directrice principale de linformatique$129,531.04$568.03
Susan Buob-Corbett14Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$139,503.07$0.00
Lauranne Burdick80Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$103,938.96$382.53
Gail Butvin69Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$104,791.21$0.00
Tina Caccamo70Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$104,450.21$0.00
Beatris Cacciatore76Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$104,155.66$118.72
Carole A. Cameron120Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$101,782.56$447.18
Sherri-Anne Capulak Tinnes123Psychological Associate / Associe(e) en psychologie$101,255.17$412.54
Amy Carr90Manager, Human Resources & Organizational Development / Gestionnaire, Ressources humaines et developpement organisationnel$102,973.39$1,049.15
Georgia Carr98Manager. Laboratory / Gestionnaire, Laboratoire$102,691.08$799.15
Robert Chony55Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$106,856.46$414.08
Adrianno Copetti78Director, Health Information Systems / Directeur, Systeme d'information de la sante$104,089.89$303.20
Cathy Covino22Senior Director Quality & Risk Management / Directrice principale de la gestion de la qualite et des risques$129,531.03$1,572.39
Rhonda Crocker-Ellacott3Executive Vice President, Patient Care Services & Chief Nursing Executive / Vice-presidente directrice des Services de soins aux patients et infirmiere en chef$258,945.53$3,541.95
Ursula Danner57Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$106,401.54$468.86
Michael Del Nin107Manager Decision Support / Gestionnaire, Soutien decisionnel$102,301.95$449.15
Lindsay Diana134Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$100,202.25$375.96
Andrea Docherty30Director, Regional Cancer Program / Directrice, Programme regional de cancerologie$118,579.56$1,069.64
Mike Douglas71Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$104,421.16$375.96
Brian Drombolis87Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$103,350.20$382.53
Crystal Edwards96Manager Surgical Units / Gestionnaire, Services de chirurgie$102,696.93$1,049.15
Deborah Emery35Manager Pharmacy / Gestionnaire, Pharmacie$115,635.45$506.94
Dianne Fisher Olibris124Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$101,250.71$396.69
Grace Fox53Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$107,018.45$463.73
Carolyn Freitag38Director Strategy & Performance Management / Directrice, Strategies et gestion du rendement$115,605.71$506.94
Derek Gascoigne11General Manager Northwest Supply Chain / Gestionnaire, Chaine dapprovisionnement du Nord-Ouest$165,876.50$727.61
Kevan Gillson46Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$111,181.64$375.96
Dawne Gleeson130Charge Nurse / Infirmier(iere) responsable$100,769.29$390.09
Charlene Gosgnach100Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$102,651.93$406.05
Heidi Greenwell106Manager Health Records / Gestionnaire, Archives medicales$102,301.96$449.15
Rita Grenier Buchan85Manager Nursing Resource Team / Gestionnaire, Equipe de ressources en soins infirmiers$103,522.17$449.15
Terri Gurney99Manager Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory / Gestionnaire, Laboratoire de catheterisme cardiaque$102,691.05$449.15
Adele Hancharik101Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$102,555.83$0.00
James Harper119Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$101,957.99$375.96
Edith Hart128Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$101,073.16$410.62
Angela Heintzman43Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$113,081.97$414.08
Dr. Mark Henderson1Executive Vice President, Patient Care Services & Regional Vice President Cancer Care Ontario / Vice-president directeur des Services de soins aux patients et vice-president regional d'action Cancer Ontario$317,109.78$3,804.52
Anne-Marie Heron12Executive Director Capital Planning & Operations / Directrice generale de la planification des immobilisations et des operations$152,012.75$665.20
Sherry Lynn Hill93Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$102,842.33$0.00
Sharon Howk Ventrudo64Psychological Associate / Associe(e) en psychologie$105,485.29$422.26
Susan Hughes118NEODIN Application Administrator / Administratrice dapplications NEODIN$102,065.15$10.04
Suzanne Inman116Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$102,160.74$382.53
Sharon Jaspers58Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$106,038.38$468.86
Patricia Jones66Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$105,231.09$375.96
Jessica Kantymir-Paquet47Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$110,978.43$414.08
Dr. Stewart Kennedy4Executive Vice President, Medical & Academic Affairs / Vice-president directeur aux affaires medicales et universitaires$235,199.64$3,453.40
Caterina Kmill103Regional Director, Regional Stroke Program / Directrice regionale, Programme regional de traitement des accidents cerebrovasculaires$102,301.97$449.15
Kristen Kovac73Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$104,348.83$456.97
Heather Kozak56Psychological Associate / Associe(e) en psychologie$106,760.19$422.26
Rose Lazinski110Occupation Health Nurse & Absence Management Lead / Infirmiere specialisee en hygiene de travail & Responsable de la gestion des absences$102,301.94$449.15
Lise Lozier94Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$102,739.96$375.96
Deborah Luby95Manager Medical Services / Gestionnaire, Services medicaux$102,705.40$449.15
Liane Macaskill108Manager Surgical Units / Gestionnaire, Services de chirurgie$102,301.95$449.15
Dawn Macdonald112Manager Surgical Units / Gestionnaire, Services de chirurgie$102,301.93$449.15
Eila Maclean36Director Financial Services / Directrice, Services financiers$115,635.45$506.94
Shirley Maki132Registered Nurse First Assist / Infirmiere autorisee, premiere assistante en chirurgie$100,676.45$427.48
Paul Manary49Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$109,366.57$414.08
Rosemarie Marasco-Mackenzie44Charge Nurse / Infirmier(iere) responsable$112,898.35$391.32
Dr. William McCready2Interim President & Chief Executive Officer / President et directeur general interimaire$299,591.52$7,650.00
Peter McGhee5Director Medical Physics Program / Directeur, Programme de physique medicale$206,614.81$796.43
Hilary McIver109Manager Infection Control / Gestionnaire, Controle des infections$102,301.95$449.15
Amanda H. McMahan29Psychologist / Psychologue$119,618.01$478.26
Mary Jane Melita60Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$105,752.67$463.30
Brian Mellis82Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$103,752.96$375.96
Kelly Meservia-Collins45Director Academics & Interprofessional Education / Directrice, Etudes et formation interprofessionnelle$112,704.53$994.06
Cheri Mikkola129Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$100,972.44$375.96
Michele Miller31Director Diagnostic Imaging / Directeur, Visualisation diagnostique$118,579.56$519.64
Rodney Miller111Manager Labour Relations / Gestionnaire, Relations de travail$102,301.94$749.15
Rod Morrison8Executive Vice President, Health Human Resources, Planning & Strategy / Vice-president directeur, Ressources humaines en sante, strategies et planification$185,850.00$2,400.00
Peter Myllymaa10Executive Vice President, Corporate Services & Operations / Vice-president directeur, Services generaux et operations$176,398.74$3,190.04
Janet Northan23Director Strategic Partner Relations & Special Projects / Directrice, Partenariats et relations strategiques, et projets speciaux$129,531.03$568.03
Anna Oberg133Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$100,625.92$375.96
Holly O'Keefe81Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$103,858.32$455.61
Joanne Oldale83Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$103,700.15$382.53
Catherine Omeljaniuk50Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$109,313.65$414.08
Erminia O'Neill67Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$105,147.52$382.53
Cathy Paroschy-Harris40Director, Preventive Oncology / Directrice, Oncologie preventative$114,529.98$501.60
Helen Pedri77Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$104,132.73$145.85
Sarah Pellerin65Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$105,286.22$375.96
Dawna Maria Perry32Director, Nursing / Directrice, Soins infirmiers$118,579.56$1,069.64
Nancy Persichino21Director Women & Children's Program / Directrice, Programmes pour femmes et enfants$129,531.04$568.03
Chisholm Pothier13Vice President, Communications & Engagement / Vice-president(e) des communications et de lengagement$147,000.14$3,058.40
Dennis Poulin131Respiratory Therapist / Therapeute respiratoire$100,729.04$322.53
Ann Prescott75Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$104,257.97$375.96
Debra Prete42Charge Nurse / Infirmier(iere) responsable$114,296.64$383.93
Darcy Price114Manager Mental Health & Mental Health Assessment Team / Gestionnaire, Sante mentale et equipe devaluation en sante mentale$102,301.92$449.15
Jody Prunka27Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$120,795.77$375.96
Christina Purdon113Manager Paediatrics & Neonatal Intensive Care / Gestionnaire, Pediatrie et soins intensifs neonatals$102,301.93$449.15
Susan Quarrell135Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$100,162.58$382.53
Seija Rapino52Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$107,809.69$414.08
Patrick Rapley7Senior Medical Physicist / Physicien(ne) medical(e) principal(e)$186,461.28$535.24
Julie Riendeau39Psychologist / Psychologue$114,816.00$458.87
Terry Robertshaw61Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$105,705.05$463.30
Andree Robichaud9President and Chief Executive Officer / Presidente-directrice generale$178,250.00$6,618.24
John Ross121Manager, Corporate Patient Flow / Gestionnaire, Gestion administrative du flux des patients$101,671.21$444.44
Vincent Ruberto117Manager, Cardio Respiratory / Gestionnaire, Soins cardiorespiratoires$102,143.98$999.15
Carle Jane Sallans84Charge Nurse / Infirmier(iere) responsable$103,674.60$396.69
Julia Salomon125Patient Experience Facilitator / Facilitatrice de lexperience des patients$101,175.90$444.44
Scott Sellick34Director Supportive Care Services / Directeur, Services de soins de soutien$115,635.52$20,594.71
Kathryn Shewfelt37Director, Environmental Services / Directrice, Services de lenvironnement$115,635.45$506.94
Lea Shoppoff127Registered Nurse / Infirmier(iere) autorise(e)$101,118.05$382.53
Aaron Skillen17Director Chronic Disease & Medical Services / Directeur, Maladies chroniques et Services medicaux$129,655.85$568.03
Tracie Smith25Senior Director Communications & Engagement / Directrice principale des communications et de lengagement$123,436.47$541.31
Chris Stephenson102Respiratory Therapist / Therapeute respiratoire$102,455.51$322.53
Richard Sutherland122Charge Nurse / Infirmier(iere) responsable$101,331.30$382.48
Wayne Taylor86Manager Cardiology & General Medicine / Gestionnaire, Cardiologie et medecine generale$103,495.74$449.15
Gwen Third74Manager Complex & Chronic Disease / Gestionnaire, Maladies complexes et chroniques$104,321.15$444.44
Arlene Thomson24Director, Cardiovascular / Directrice, Cardiovasculaire$129,531.03$568.03
Ron Turner33Director, Surgical Services / Directeur, Services chirurgicaux$118,579.56$519.64
Adam Vinet97Manager, Emergency / Gestionnaire, Services des urgences$102,696.91$999.15
Peter Voros18Director Adult & Forensic Mental Health / Directeur, Sante mentale pour adultes et services psychiatriques medicolegaux$129,531.06$568.03
Cindy Walker79Administrative Coordinator / Coordonnatrice administrative$104,004.01$414.28
Dave Westerback63Psychological Associate / Associe(e) en psychologie$105,621.04$422.26
Pat Wildbore115Charge Nurse / Infirmier(iere) responsable$102,236.41$396.69
Eric Willmore88Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$103,330.97$414.08
Charlene Wilson51Pharmacist / Pharmacien(ne)$107,941.68$414.08
Wendy Winslow104Manager Critical Care Services / Gestionnaire, Services de soins critiques$102,301.97$449.15
Jeff Yahn91Nurse Practitioner / Infirmier(ere) praticien(ne)$102,923.34$748.54

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