Monday, June 10, 2013

Is Recent Police Shooting Hamilton's Sixth Homicide in 2013?

This blog has been attempting to keep track of all the homicides in Hamilton for 2013. This isn't always easy. We still don't know whether Tim Bosma was killed within Hamilton's borders. If so he is the fifth homicide.

The recent police shooting near the Linc, as outlined in this Spec article is also not black and white with regards to Hamilton homicides. Does a police killing count as a homicide? Does it for Statistics Canada statistics?

I'm going to count what is known legally as justified homicide as a homicide. So this case (name not known yet) would be number six. Which is one more than the five last year (although that number is one I got from the Spec so I'm not sure what they count as homicides and whether the comparison is apples to apples).

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