Friday, June 7, 2013

Whitehead Suspending from Hamilton Police Board

Pretty strange news about Councilor Terry Whitehead being suspended from the Hamilton Police Services Board. From the pertinent Spec article:

"Whitehead was suspended because his fellow police board members requested an investigation by the Ontario Civilian Police Commission. Under police board legislation, any member under investigation by the commission is automatically suspended for the duration of the probe. 

Whitehead says he is facing several allegations about his behaviour, including that he insulted board member Mayor Bob Bratina, threw down papers that hit another board member, and contravened policy by speaking to the media about board matters."

So was Bratina one of the fellow police board members? Just how much in pocket of Police Chief De Caire are the other police board members? Will another councilor take Whitehead's place temporarily?

A lot of weirdness and not good news for reining in next year's police budget. I guess good news if you're De Caire as now you don't have to deal with any dissent during future police board meetings with Whitehead gone. Depressing.


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