Monday, June 17, 2013

Lloyd Ferguson's Temporary Police Services Board Unlawful According to the Province

A bit strange that apparently the province has ruled that councilor Lloyd Ferguson can't replaced the suspended Terry Whitehead on the Hamilton Police Services Board.

I'm guessing a solution would be for Whitehead to resign and open up the spot for Ferguson. That may stop the proceedings, which could be good for Whitehead but he probably wants to remain on the board. It really does seem like the inmates are running the asylum at the police services board and giving a lot of support to chief Glenn De Caire.

I'm guessing at this point that council would prefer to not to reappoint De Caire to another term, but that's the police services board decision. If De Caire were not to be appointed to another term I would have to think another city would think twice about having as their chief someone who has been so defiant towards council, so the stakes are high for De Caire.

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