Friday, June 7, 2013

May Canadian Employment Numbers: Jobs Up 95,000, Most Private Sector

May employment numbers were excellent with jobs up 95,000 according to Stats Can, which was a little surprising to me. That contrasts with the more mediocre US numbers with only 175,000 jobs created south of the border.

Ontario's number were particularly impressive:

In May, employment in Ontario increased by 51,000, with large gains in full-time work partly offset by losses in part-time work. With this gain, the unemployment rate fell 0.4 percentage points to 7.3%, the lowest since November 2008. Year-over-year growth was 2.0%, higher than the national average of 1.4%.

I wonder if this is partially due to seasonal effects that weren't properly adjusted for. We'll see what happens next month. Still surprisingly good numbers for Ontario.

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