Monday, June 10, 2013

Ontario Energy Prices Going Up Again

There's an article in the Globe today (paywalls be damned) about a recent court ruling that could allow Ontario Power Generation to get a 6.5% hike for their power. Originally the Ontario Energy Board allowed only a 1% increase, and complained about the number of employees at OPG:

But the Ontario Energy Board only allowed it to make a one-per-cent hike and ordered it to find $145-million worth of savings over two years. The board ruled that OPG salaries were too high and that it had too many people in its employ.

Ontario Power Generation does have a lot of employees, making a lot of money. Here's an earlier post on the most recent sunshine data (7960 workers) for OPG, complete with all the data, rankings and the top ten, along with the total number in salaries paid to those on the sunshine list (hint it is ten figures).

It will interesting to see if this hike will now actually happen on top of of already high electricity prices. Stay tuned.

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