Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Guelph General Hospital 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Guelph General Hospital (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 43. The total salaries on the list is $5,260,648.34, with the average salary for someone on the list of $122,340.66. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other hospitals can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,717,035.95

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. Truong Nguyen $305,606.92
2. Marianne Walker $304,336.64
3. Eileen Bain $174,720.00
4. Gavin Webb $159,900.00
5. Rod Carroll $152,529.05
6. Mary Quigley $137,422.17
7. Joyce Rolph $123,756.07
8. Michelle Bott $123,756.04
9. Scott Hutchings $118,386.78
10. Angela Weber $116,622.28

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Registered Nurse / Infirmiere Diplomee6$111,452.21
Pharmacist / Pharmacien3$102,459.36
Registered Nurse (First assist) / Infirmiere Diplomee3$102,839.68
Senior Director Patient Services / Directeur Principale2$123,756.05
Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere Practicien2$115,800.39

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Eileen Bain3Vice President Patient Services and Chief Nursing Executive / Vice-President$174,720.00$720.24
Michelle Bott8Senior Director Patient Services / Directeur Principale$123,756.04$510.20
Rod Carroll5Vice President Human Resources and Support Services / Vice President$152,529.05$628.56
Jeffrey Carter22Director Materials Management / Directeur$109,351.52$451.32
Siobhan Chisholm13Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere Diplomee$112,970.73$466.95
Robert Clayborne15Director Laboratory Services / Directeur$112,453.62$463.32
Kim Crawford26Director Emergency / Directeur$108,392.13$447.52
G. Jean Ferguson38Manager Informatics / Chef de la gestion de l'information$101,830.43$419.36
Jennifer Griffin20Director Intraoperative Services / Directeur$112,339.42$463.32
Patrick Hood35Pharmacist / Pharmacien$102,725.47$406.28
Scott Hutchings9Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere Practicien$118,386.78$466.95
Seema Jolly12Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere Practicien$113,214.00$466.95
Janet King43Registered Nurse / Infirmiere Diplomee$100,023.34$359.34
Melissa Kwiatkowski37Director Strategy / Risk / Directeur$101,890.54$352.90
David Levett29Registered Nurse (First assist) / Infirmiere Diplomee$106,921.15$423.37
Laura Lynne Lobo32Senior Informatics Analyst / Analyste en informatique senior$105,118.33$389.76
Julie Lomas34Pharmacist / Pharmacien$103,232.36$406.28
Susan Macneil16Director Food Services and Environmental Support / Directeur$112,453.61$463.32
Andrea Mann17Director Pharmacy Services / Directeur$112,453.61$463.32
Kimberly Marshall40Registered Nurse (First assist) / Infirmiere Diplomee$101,218.21$0.00
Dale Maw28Senior Director E Health / Directeur$107,570.29$427.62
James McIntosh42Medical laboratory Technician / Techniciaen de labratoire medical$100,195.01$315.93
Douglas Mitchell18Director Decision Support / Directeur$112,453.60$463.32
Patricia Mlekuz24Director Medicine / Directeur$109,322.95$451.32
Beata Mlodzinski41Registered Nurse (First assist) / Infirmiere Diplomee$100,379.67$186.66
Truong Nguyen1Pathologist / Pathologiste$305,606.92$1,034.40
Holly Northfield27Registered Nurse / Infirmiere Diplomee$108,242.41$354.21
Melody Pershad36Registered Nurse / Infirmiere Diplomee$102,427.25$353.19
Ann Petros39Pharmacist / Pharmacien$101,420.24$406.28
Mary Quigley6Registered Nurse / Infirmiere Diplomee$137,422.17$0.00
Cheryl Rodgers25Informatics Analyst / Analyste en informatique$108,725.01$154.13
Joyce Rolph7Senior Director Patient Services / Directeur Principale$123,756.07$510.20
Merle Seegmiller19Director Ambulatory Care and Cardio Respiratory Services / Directeur$112,453.59$463.32
Dana Seguin33Registered Nurse / Infirmiere Diplomee$103,975.82$0.00
Mike Mukesh Sharma14Director Diagnostic Imaging / Directeur$112,453.65$463.32
Melissa Skinner11Director Quality and Professional Practice / Directeur$114,593.79$472.62
Rick Smith30Director Facilities / Directeur$106,546.81$439.70
Karen Suk-Patrick23Director Organizational Development, Employee Health Services / Directeur$109,351.47$451.32
Janet Trowbridge21Director Surgery / Directeur$110,894.00$457.50
Marianne Walker2President and Chief Executive Officer / President et PDG$304,336.64$1,253.88
Gavin Webb4Vice President Chief Financial Officer, Chief Information Officer / Vice President$159,900.00$659.40
Angela Weber10Registered Nurse / Infirmiere Diplomee$116,622.28$353.19
Krista Zima31Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere Praticien$106,018.36$422.91

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