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Municipality of Clarington 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Municipality of Clarington (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 70. The total salaries on the list is $8,822,844.85, with the average salary for someone on the list of $126,040.64.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other municipalities can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,771,295.73

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. Franklin Wu $236,288.05
2. Marie Marano $192,060.12
3. Andrew C. Allison $186,501.90
4. Nancy M. Taylor $178,674.32
5. Gordon D. Weir $171,152.32
6. Joseph P. Caruana $169,159.23
7. Anthony S. Cannella $164,990.42
8. David J. Crome $161,450.42
9. Murray Dennis $161,181.91
10. Frederick Horvath $149,837.04

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Fire Captain12$119,884.49
First Class Firefighter4$110,904.56
Operations Supervisor4$110,923.50
Facility Supervisor4$102,704.90
Capital Works Engineer2$107,604.31
Deputy Fire Chief2$148,055.86

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
George Acorn28Manager of Facilities$122,414.43$1,894.07
Ron Albright17Assistant Director of Engineering$138,059.89$2,179.96
Andrew C. Allison3Municipal Solicitor$186,501.90$2,733.85
Sean Bagshaw55Capital Works Engineer$107,611.16$1,705.52
Leslie Benson27Transportation and Design Manager$126,334.71$1,930.96
Mark A. Berney11Deputy Fire Chief$148,232.60$2,179.96
Grant E. Bradley15Fire Captain$142,731.29$987.20
C. Stephen Brake26Manager of Operations$128,415.34$2,035.64
Rosalie Brent51Manager of Accounting Services$108,266.48$1,716.63
Timothy M. Calhoun30Senior Fire Training Officer$120,533.67$1,043.07
Anthony S. Cannella7Director of Engineering Services$164,990.42$2,506.85
Catherine Carr53Manager of Internal Audit$107,752.22$1,720.48
Joseph P. Caruana6Director of Community Services$169,159.23$2,506.85
L. Donald Chambers44Fire Captain$112,542.89$988.01
Norman A. Clark59Manager of Construction$104,753.94$1,690.04
E. Curry Clifford25Corporate Initiatives Officer$128,831.16$2,035.64
Carl L. Coatham18First Class Firefighter$137,307.56$857.26
Randal B. Cowan40Fire Captain$113,954.72$987.20
Leonard D. Creamer43Manager Municipal Law Enforcement$112,547.42$1,730.01
David J. Crome8Director of Planning Services$161,450.42$2,404.87
Jeffrey J. Dawson33Fire Captain$117,159.15$974.15
Richard G. Day65First Class Firefighter$101,693.25$857.26
Murray Dennis9Fire Captain$161,181.91$987.20
Murray Devitt46Operations Supervisor$111,871.52$1,716.63
Gary E. Dusseldorp45Fire Captain$111,922.56$966.91
David Ferguson57Purchasing Manager$107,099.67$1,709.14
Ken C. Ferguson63Facility Supervisor$103,813.85$1,589.92
Adrian Foster41Mayor$113,659.73$2,091.13
June Gallagher66Deputy Clerk$100,822.55$1,599.01
Robert Gardner67First Class Firefighter$100,772.93$832.99
Robert Genosko39Operations Supervisor$114,047.16$1,716.63
Lori A. Gordon23Deputy Treasurer$129,877.36$2,035.64
C. Anne Greentree13Municipal Clerk$146,362.63$2,190.54
Robert J. Groen61Building Services Supervisor$103,939.15$1,677.93
William Hesson12Deputy Fire Chief$147,879.13$2,179.96
Frederick Horvath10Director of Operations$149,837.04$2,336.90
Leonard Hunter69Facility Supervisor$100,372.54$1,578.40
Linda Kent21Library Director and Chief Executive Officer$132,605.20$1,906.30
Faye Langmaid22Manager of Special Projects$131,403.59$2,035.64
Peter A. Lomax36Fire Captain$114,356.35$987.20
Marie Marano2Director of Corporate Services$192,060.12$2,733.85
Robert A. McCutcheon38Fire Captain$114,128.35$982.73
Kenneth D. Mercer34Leadhand$117,084.74$685.02
Sharon Meredith42Recreation Services Manager$113,164.76$1,869.68
Gary Oliver31Fire Captain$119,838.15$987.20
Kenneth L. Ostler32Fire Training Officer$119,691.95$987.20
Jane I. Pascoe47Executive Assistant to the Chief Administrative Officer$110,881.31$1,608.73
Carlo Pellarin20Manager Development Review$133,734.36$2,035.64
Clint Peters49Operations Supervisor$110,132.65$1,716.83
Richard Pigeon16Chief Building Official$142,251.80$2,179.96
Larry Postill54Operations Supervisor$107,642.68$897.64
Basia Radomski50Corporate Communications Officer$108,293.33$1,673.44
Randolf Reinert35Senior Fire Prevention Officer$115,967.70$1,027.95
Karen Richardson56Capital Works Engineer$107,597.46$1,654.04
Carlos Salazar24Manager Community Planning and Design$129,212.51$2,035.64
George R. Schroor14Mechanical Technician$143,800.13$877.55
Paul Shcherbak58Fire Captain$106,148.21$987.20
Cynthia Strike68Principal Planner$100,413.15$1,638.21
Mark R. Sutherland60Facility Supervisor$104,224.76$1,583.07
Nancy M. Taylor4Director of Finance$178,674.32$2,506.85
Mark O. Ulrich37Fire Captain$114,253.35$985.52
Robert G. Van Dyk19Information Technology Manager$137,002.23$2,041.28
Rick Vanderkooi48Fire Captain$110,396.98$966.91
Gordon D. Weir5Director of Emergency Services / Fire Chief$171,152.32$2,506.85
Danny A. Welsh64Facility Supervisor$102,408.44$1,583.78
Lisa Wheller52Human Resources Supervisor$107,941.07$1,716.63
Darryl White62First Class Firefighter$103,844.49$846.41
Peter Windolf29Manager of Park Development$121,423.43$1,869.68
Franklin Wu1Chief Administrative Officer$236,288.05$1,829.75
Huanjin Zheng70Database Administrator$100,123.33$1,577.19

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