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Timmins & District Hospital 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Timmins & District Hospital (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 68. The total salaries on the list is $7,791,310.94, with the average salary for someone on the list of $114,578.10. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other hospitals can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,497,440.45

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. Bryan Bennetts $189,723.30
2. Joan Ludwig $158,478.53
3. Carlo Delorenzi $157,989.56
4. Blaise Macneil $156,492.32
5. Mike Resetar $149,094.26
6. Eldon Dutcher $140,661.88
7. Natalie Torrens $137,480.19
8. Lee-Anne Larocque $137,303.21
9. Diane Lawrence $135,953.68
10. Guy Guindon $134,263.52

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee34$107,333.12
Program Manager / chef du programme7$115,363.21
Pharmacist / Pharmacienne5$131,371.90
Information Technology Specialist / Specialiste en Informatique4$104,792.30
Picture Archive-Diagnostic Imaging Computer System Coordinator / Coordonnatrice Systeme Informatique d'Imagerie Diagnostic2$103,319.35
Staff Educator / Educatrice2$103,140.55

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Angela Aguiar53Picture Archive-Diagnostic Imaging Computer System Coordinator / Coordonnatrice Systeme Informatique d'Imagerie Diagnostic$103,042.14$450.36
Kelley Amodeo33Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$108,983.32$410.94
Bryan Bennetts1Chief Financial Officer / directeur general des finances$189,723.30$816.94
Vicky Bernard49Program Manager / chef du programme$103,528.01$472.17
Chris Bertrand66Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$100,979.18$403.82
Shawn Best23Physician Assistant / adjoint du medecin$114,334.93$0.00
Line Bissonnette57Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$102,222.42$0.00
Pierre Boucher64Information Technology Specialist / Specialiste en Informatique$101,046.29$395.43
Tammy Brown20Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$117,283.25$403.82
Natalie Carle15Program Manager / chef du programme$120,508.11$554.64
Wayne Caron61Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$101,407.48$403.82
Linda Clayton-McGillis27Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$110,653.78$410.94
Carolyn Dean28Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$110,513.59$410.94
Carlo Delorenzi3Chief, Clinical Support Services / chef service de consultation medico-sociale$157,989.56$741.56
Melany Dupuis68Picture Archive-Diagnostic Imaging Computer System Administrator / Administration Systeme Informatique d'Imagerie Diagnostic$100,460.53$0.00
Eldon Dutcher6Chief Information Officer / chef services d'information$140,661.88$661.60
Katherine Fairhurst34Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$108,867.20$23.56
Estelle Fernandes47Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$104,141.73$403.82
Eric Filion25Information Technology Specialist / Specialiste en Informatique$111,959.13$451.61
Denise Fiset43Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$105,237.08$0.00
Lise Fleury44Staff Educator / Educatrice$105,101.28$420.33
Bobbie Lynn Foley32Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$109,054.38$0.00
Lia Fontana18Program Manager / chef du programme$117,823.41$487.81
Cindy Gainsford29Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$110,015.92$410.94
Natalie Garwah24Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$112,054.66$598.10
Claire Geoffroy38Program Manager / chef du programme$106,475.01$487.81
Jocelyn Gonzales13Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$124,970.77$403.82
Lorna Green17Program Manager / chef du programme$118,423.44$543.84
Glenn Guillemette65Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$100,983.74$403.82
Guy Guindon10Manager Diagnostic Imaging, Cardio & Picture Archiving Communication System / Chef des systemes diagnostique et d'archivage et de transmission d'images$134,263.52$619.98
Linda Hocevar30Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$109,609.46$410.94
Josee Jean12Program Manager / chef du programme$125,290.77$554.64
Norma Johnston55Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$102,535.50$403.82
Shauna Lamirande56Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$102,414.64$403.82
Lee-Anne Larocque8Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$137,303.21$598.10
Marcella Lawlor-Paquette54Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$102,715.70$403.82
Diane Lawrence9Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$135,953.68$598.10
Aline Letourneau22Program Manager / chef du programme$115,493.74$534.64
Sharon Lively48Picture Archive-Diagnostic Imaging Computer System Coordinator / Coordonnatrice Systeme Informatique d'Imagerie Diagnostic$103,596.55$0.00
Anne Ludgate67Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$100,853.90$403.82
Joan Ludwig2Chief Nursing Officer / chef de services infirmieres$158,478.53$721.28
Blaise Macneil4President & Chief Executive Officer / president-directeur general$156,492.32$338.10
Leslie Mann45Information Technology Specialist / Specialiste en Informatique$104,771.04$468.10
Gregory G. Martin62Information Technology Specialist / Specialiste en Informatique$101,392.74$424.56
Susan McGaghran46Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$104,380.65$410.94
Diane Meunier36Manager / Directrice$107,199.77$496.43
Tara Miller31Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$109,606.53$410.94
Janice Nadeau50Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$103,248.65$403.82
Marilea Niskanen16Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$120,253.52$0.00
Caron E Page42Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$105,445.46$0.00
Jennifer Paul51Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$103,154.22$403.82
Vera Perron52Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$103,122.65$403.82
Brigitte Potvin14Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$120,624.64$403.82
Tim Prokopetz59Purchasing Manager / Chef de Procuration$102,084.98$491.00
Melanie Proulx58Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$102,161.11$403.82
Mike Resetar5Chief Human Resources Officer / chef general des ressources humaines$149,094.26$687.52
Ray Rivard26Finance Supervisor / superviseur des finances$111,084.37$514.59
Brenda Robertson35Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$108,331.87$408.09
Natalie Roy11Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$134,067.75$598.10
Debbie Rumball41Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$105,468.46$103.65
Deborah-Lynne Scobie60Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$101,867.44$410.94
William P. Scobie40Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$105,612.88$403.82
Brenda Smith19Unit Manager / Chef d'Unite$117,629.98$539.11
Lee-Ann Spence21Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$115,621.15$0.00
Angel St-Amour37Registered Nurse / infirmiere autorisee$106,983.87$403.82
Natalie Torrens7Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$137,480.19$598.10
Clarice Watt63Staff Educator / Educatrice$101,179.82$414.90
Claudette Yungwirth39Registered Nurse Coordinator / infirmiere autorisee Coordonnatrice$105,995.90$431.52

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