Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Brant Community Healthcare System 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Brant Community Healthcare System (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 58. The total salaries on the list is $7,623,293.12, with the average salary for someone on the list of $131,436.09. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other hospitals can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $2,292,502.06

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. Eric Irvine $335,068.00
2. James Hornell $332,880.05
3. Katherine Chorneyko $305,540.54
4. Tom Szakacs $304,788.97
5. Lina Rinaldi $211,622.08
6. Ann Hall $188,152.28
7. Anna Jocic $161,599.71
8. Timothy Armstrong $157,957.59
9. Brian Colborne $147,942.77
10. Tracy Davis $146,950.07

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Registered Nurse12$111,695.37
Value Stream Group Leader11$107,046.14
Value Stream Leader5$125,124.19
Registered Nurse Team Lead4$104,431.06
Clinical Resource Nurse2$105,961.05
Infectious Disease Consultant2$214,551.82

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Kashif Abbasi53Medical Radiation Technologist$101,637.00$0.00
Wesam Abuzaiter31Pharmacist$106,941.09$540.68
Marnie Allen17Performance Excellence Transformation Coach$126,073.60$662.50
Timothy Armstrong8Chief Information Officer$157,957.59$830.60
Peggy Baker44Clinical Resource Nurse$105,125.57$265.30
James (Gordon) Bartlett41Value Stream Group Leader$105,701.72$556.44
Katherine Chorneyko3Medical Director Laboratory$305,540.54$1,274.28
Christine Churchill14Value Stream Leader$126,073.65$662.50
Brian Colborne9Physician$147,942.77$0.00
Sandra Comand42Value Stream Group Leader$105,701.72$556.44
Elizabeth David39Value Stream Group Leader$105,701.74$556.44
Robert Davidson12Chief Human Resource Officer$143,866.05$734.47
Tracy Davis10Registered Nurse$146,950.07$0.00
Jennifer Dennis30District Stroke Best Practice Lead$107,891.35$119.64
George Dunn58Registered Nurse$100,081.87$0.00
Christine Emmett24Registered Nurse$114,065.91$461.07
Karen Faith47Registered Nurse$103,593.00$461.07
Amy Farrow22Registered Nurse$115,946.54$0.00
Shawn Gadsby34Value Stream Group Leader$106,856.25$563.96
Verne Glavin18Infectious Disease Consultant$124,314.67$0.00
Valerie Gleason51Registered Nurse Team Lead$102,362.28$461.07
Ann Hall6Pathologist$188,152.28$0.00
Alamgir Hallan48Pharmacist$103,397.28$487.69
James Hornell2President and Chief Executive Officer$332,880.05$11,408.26
Eric Irvine1Medical Director Emergency$335,068.00$0.00
Anna Jocic7Physician$161,599.71$0.00
Ella Marie Jozwiak35Value Stream Group Leader$106,856.25$563.96
Sandra Kagoma13Value Stream Leader$126,073.66$662.50
Shannon Kenny57Registered Nurse$100,086.14$453.12
Penny Lipcsik28Value Stream Group Leader$111,242.10$559.67
Barbara Longo40Value Stream Group Leader$105,701.73$556.44
Janice Mannering55Registered Nurse Team Lead$101,328.85$453.12
Donald Manning15Value Stream Leader$126,073.64$662.50
Charlotte Marshall52Registered Nurse$102,334.98$453.12
Sherry McKnight16Value Stream Leader$126,073.63$662.50
Debra Meadows50Registered Nurse Team Lead$102,393.38$461.07
Lori Petrie-Mulrain36Value Steam Group Leader$106,856.25$563.96
Wendy Pomponio20Value Stream Leader$121,326.37$641.93
Lisa Reeder27Pharmacist$111,500.92$0.00
Lina Rinaldi5Chief Operating Officer Chief Nursing Executive$211,622.08$1,108.38
Lori Ritcey25Registered Nurse$111,649.01$189.50
Michael Schmidt56Continual Service Improvement Lead$100,828.08$511.56
Mary Scott37Clinical Resource Nurse$106,796.53$0.00
Debra Sharman38Registered Nurse$106,551.65$461.07
Andrew Shi49Pharmacist$103,033.73$540.68
Erin Sleeth23Value Stream Team Leader$114,388.71$545.11
Matthew Speak11Chief Financial Officer$144,888.72$742.72
Rayvin Squires19Registered Nurse$121,588.72$453.12
Sanjeev Sreenivasan46Pharmacist$104,455.20$540.68
Tom Szakacs4Infectious Disease Consultant$304,788.97$1,274.28
Beverley Thomson32Value Stream Group Leader$106,856.27$563.96
Lara Tran45Pharmacist$104,549.26$540.68
Jennifer Visocchi29Value Stream Group Leader$110,331.79$582.52
Teresa Walchuk21Registered Nurse$116,041.89$0.00
Nancy Wheeler43Value Stream Group Leader$105,701.72$556.44
Heather Wood54Registered Nurse$101,454.60$453.12
Karen Wood26Registered Nurse Team Lead$111,639.72$453.12
Carrie Wozny33Value Stream Group Leader$106,856.27$563.96

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