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Chatham-Kent Health Alliance 2015 Sunshine List, Rankings and Statistics

Here is the 2015 sunshine list (salary disclosure) for Chatham-Kent Health Alliance (released March 24th, 2016). The total number of individuals on the list for this year is 62. The total salaries on the list is $7,199,253.05, with the average salary for someone on the list of $116,116.98. Last year's list is available here.

Sunshine lists and statistics for other hospitals can be found here

Total Salary earned by the top ten: $1,577,431.25

Here is the top 10 salary earners:
1. Colin Patey $285,000.48
2. Sarah Padfield $187,613.48
3. Wilma Kirenko $164,237.44
4. Annette O'Neil $156,464.75
5. Nancy Snobelen $132,618.42
6. Paula Reaume-Zimmer $130,863.05
7. Beth Hall $130,863.04
8. Zoja Holman $130,863.03
9. Janet Deactis $129,801.85
10. Karen Waymouth $129,105.71

Here's the number and average salaries for those positions with more than one person with that job title.
Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee25$108,244.67
Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne8$106,071.94
Pharmacist / Pharmacienne3$103,954.75
Registered Nurse First Assistant / Infirmiere autorisee-premiere assistante2$105,014.22

Here is the full sunshine list. Name is followed by salary ranking in the organization, position, salary and benefits.
NameSalary RankingPositionSalaryBenefits
Deborah Ancocik16Director, Employee Services & Labour Relations / Directrice, Services aux employes et Relations du travail$118,641.57$525.06
Diana Anderson35Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$106,301.88$0.00
Lee Ann Armstrong57Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$101,130.48$385.63
Lisa Bisschop14Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$122,869.08$378.91
Kelly Bogaert47Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,765.66$385.63
Mary T. Caron49Registered Technologist / Technologue agreee$102,657.16$316.04
Claudette Cartier28Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$109,146.71$192.96
Lori Dalton39Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$105,453.74$459.41
Janet Deactis9Integrated Director, Occupational Health & Safety / Directrice integree, Sante et securite au travail$129,801.85$574.09
Gary Deroo20Pharmacy Clinical Practice Leader / Chef de la pratique de la pharmacie clinique$117,358.17$446.76
Denise Eastcott23Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$111,390.51$0.00
Becky Ann Elgie56Integrated Clinical Manager, Outpatient & Outreach, Canadian Mental Health Association / Gestionnaire clinique integree, Patients externes et intervention, Association canadienne pour la sante mentale$101,296.90$431.88
Andrea Emrich44Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$103,328.83$378.91
Dianne Forsyth-Debruyn61Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,220.19$320.17
Susan Gillespie62Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,202.48$379.09
Eleanor Groh12Director, Surgery / Women & Children's Health / Directrice, Chirurgie / Sante des femmes et des enfants$126,901.00$579.31
Beth Hall7Director, Support Services / Directrice, Services de soutien$130,863.04$579.06
Cynthia Harper-Little18Director, Diagnostic Imaging / Directrice, Imagerie diagnostique$118,397.25$525.06
Shane Helgerman11Director, Medicine / Rehabilitation / Complex Continuing Care / Intensive Care Unit / Directeur, Medecine / Readaptation / Soins continus complexes / Soins intensifs$127,128.68$562.80
Lisa High38Director, Emergency & Sydenham Campus / Directrice, Service des urgences et complexe de Sydenham$105,724.32$471.24
Zoja Holman8Director, Communications & Organizational Development / Directrice, Communications et Developpement organisationnel$130,863.03$579.31
Courtney Jacques37Registered Nurse First Assistant / Infirmiere autorisee-premiere assistante$105,729.26$0.00
Tammy Johnston59Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,686.04$0.00
Nancy Kay17Director, Pharmacy / Directrice, Pharmacie$118,641.57$525.06
Wilma Kirenko3Vice-President & Chief Nursing Executive / Vice-presidente et directrice des soins infirmiers$164,237.44$712.24
John Koegler36Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$106,272.59$378.91
Jolene Kresan13Director, Laboratory Services / Directrice, Laboratoire$123,758.46$525.06
Jackie Lalonde43Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$103,394.01$378.91
Kimberly Marlatt41Registered Nurse First Assistant / Infirmiere autorisee-premiere assistante$104,299.18$384.01
Lory Meloche53Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$101,912.85$385.63
Elizabeth Mifflin48Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$102,731.38$393.89
Deborah Moore46Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,876.68$385.63
Marianne Murphy52Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$102,256.93$385.63
Janet Newham30Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$107,049.96$459.41
Jill Nooyen51Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$102,302.84$451.69
Lisa Northcott19Director, Quality, Effectiveness & Professional Practice / Directrice, Qualite, Efficacite et Pratique professionnel$117,432.72$520.19
Annette O'Neil4Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$156,464.75$385.63
Colleen O'Neill58Clinical Manager, Operating Room / Endoscopy / Day Surgery / Gestionnaire Clinique, Bloc operatoire / Endoscopie / Chirurgie de jour$100,914.13$441.84
Natalie Oulds21Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$115,699.76$378.93
Veronica Oulds15Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$121,031.73$385.63
Sarah Padfield2Chief Operating Officer / Directrice de l'exploitation$187,613.48$812.88
Colin Patey1President & Chief Executive Officer / President-directeur general$285,000.48$1,235.31
Kelly Phenix22Registered Technologist, Diagnostic Imaging / Technologue agreee$112,497.94$316.05
Corinne Pollard31Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$107,048.55$469.17
Debbie Pope-Ferguson26Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$109,256.77$385.63
Pamella Rankin40Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$104,764.91$385.63
Shelly Reaume25Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$109,780.90$0.00
Paula Reaume-Zimmer6Integrated Director, Mental Health Services / Directrice integree, Services de sante mentale$130,863.05$579.31
Michael Roberts55Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$101,393.50$0.00
Carol Robinson24Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$110,045.75$378.91
Michelle Lynn Roy32Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$106,823.19$405.65
Aaron Ryan54Director, Finance & Decision Support / Directeur, Finances et Soutien decisionnel$101,538.04$448.39
Sherri Saunders29Integrated Executive Director & Transformation Team Lead / Directrice generale integree et chef de lequipe de transformation$108,813.61$480.72
Curtis Smith33Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$106,565.02$457.52
Nancy Snobelen5Director, Integrated Services / Directrice, Services integres$132,618.42$579.31
Shelly Stroud34Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$106,406.33$0.00
Jessie Tedford60Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$100,384.40$0.00
Delynn Teetzel42Nurse Practitioner / Infirmiere praticienne$103,968.18$451.69
Janet Thompson50Pharmacist / Pharmacienne$102,309.69$405.84
Jo-Anne Tourlouse45Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$103,137.06$385.63
Amanda Vaillancourt27Registered Nurse / Infirmiere autorisee$109,183.26$378.91
Karen Waymouth10Director, Health Information Services / Privacy Officer / Directrice, Services d'information sur la sante / Agent de la protection de la vie privee$129,105.71$570.46

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